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Most Valuable Player spotlight: Goutham Chand shares a passion for customer success

United States – June 04, 2018, 10:00 AM

When did you start working for Infor?

I started with GT Nexus in 2010 on the quality assurance team in Bangalore, India. Five years later, the company was acquired by Infor. So for 8+ years, I've been dedicated to GTN cloud supply chain solutions, currently as team lead on message integration quality assurance.

What do you do at Infor now?

Including my duties on the GT Nexus quality assurance team, I have been involved in UMB Migration, Processor, file flow of GTNx Messages, Vermas , Precision, and Standard/Custom Maps. I've continued to deliver numerous features to ensure quality, which has benefitted customers both internally and externally by reducing incidents. With this, I learned the impacts of our business competencies, and I continue to transform its approach by creating value for our customers.

How do you exhibit a passion for customer success in your work?

My favorite expression is "Teamwork begins by building trust", and I live for that. I coordinate with a number of teams to resolve complex issues, investigate each issue thoroughly, and ensure collaboration among the teams, until the task at hand is completed.

How did you feel about your award win?

It's been pleasure working in GT Nexus, and the message Integration (UMB) team has shown remarkable improvements in past many years. Even though we had a small UMB team, they were highly focused and highly talented people, and we've delivered the highest quality of features.

My sincerest thanks to UMB Message Integration team for providing me with the help, mentorship and autonomy to run Message Integration with the utmost confidence. I want to thank my team, peers, colleagues, and friends for believing in me. I could not have been selected as Infor MVP without team support. Thank everyone for the support I received here at GT Nexus and to let you all know that I have appreciated the friendly atmosphere in which I have worked.

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