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Most Valuable Player spotlight: Jan Boone embodies a thirst for innovation

United States – June 04, 2018, 10:00 AM

When did you start working for Infor?

I’ve been with Infor for over 21 years now, when I started in the library division. I moved into Product Support with Smartstream a few years later in 2000.

What do you do at Infor now?

Currently I’m part of the Techstack team (Infor OS and BV support) in Europe, and part of the BI team as well. I help support a wide variety of customers, from high visibility customers like Travis Perkins to complex CSF customers, and help support Ming.le, IFS, Business Vault, and other Infor technologies.

How do you exhibit a thirst for innovation in your work?

When I joined Smartstream back in 2000, it was already a stable product. This meant I had time to pick up and learn a second product, so our team started with CPM. A lot of the technologies that I use in my work have been self-taught, including ION, Ming.le, and more.

How did you feel about your award win?

I was not aware that I was nominated so it was a big surprise when people started pinging/lyncing me. I had the all-hands call session open on my second screen but I was working on a customer issue. So I switched windows to check and I couldn’t believe it! I do wish to thank my colleagues of course, because I feel this nomination is a team achievement. It is nice to have colleagues on which we can fall back if needed.

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