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New Video: COO Pam Murphy Introduces Infor Labs

United States – November 21, 2014, 13:30 PM

In a new video, COO Pam Murphy explains the thinking behind Infor Labs and lays out its functions for defining and developing optimal cloud-first ERP solutions and service delivery-encompassing security, automation, compatibility, scalability, industry focus, and return on investment.

"We set up Infor Labs not only to work with Development to define our cloud standards, but also to ensure that our applications are being built with a cloud-first principle in the design and development stage," Murphy says.

"Because of the automation that is being delivered, our Cloud Operations Team is able to provision complete industry suites in 30 minutes, or individual applications in minutes, compared to the weeks it may have taken historically to manually set up the same environment in a traditional on-premise setting."

Watch the video.

Learn more about Infor Labs.

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