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Rapid Growth Sparks Manila Office Need for IT Professionals

Philippines – May 07, 2018, 13:30 PM

With demand for its solutions and services expanding

, Infor Manila is hiring as fast as it can.

"Infor Manila offers jobs with far-reaching impacts," says Edwin Martinez, VP of Development in Manila. "If you are passionate about new and emerging technologies, and how they influence the way global business operates, then Infor is the right company for you."

Vicente Dino, director of Infor Global Delivery Services (GDS) in Manila, agrees. "We are a multinational business software company with brand-name customers and a fun, egalitarian office culture."

Worldwide demand for Infor CloudSuite is growing, and with it, the corresponding demand for delivery services. Infor GDS has a large team in Manila, and the company is looking to add another 50+ enterprise application consultants, as well as several hundred IT professionals across all departments.

Why work for Infor Manila? Dino and Martinez make the case in this Q&A:

What is Infor?

Infor develops world-class business software solutions and delivers professional services for specific industries in the cloud. We are a US-based multinational company, with 16,000+ employees helping our 90,000+ customers from all over the world solve their critical business challenges.

How many employees do you have now?

Infor Manila is almost 1,900 strong, and still hiring aggressively.

How many new employees are you adding? For what roles?

To support the growth in Infor's cloud business, we plan to add hundreds of employees across Infor departments.

We are hiring:

  • Software engineers with proven expertise using various technologies such as C#, Java, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Quality assurance analysts with proven expertise in automation testing
  • Business analysts with proven expertise and exposure to ERP systems
  • Product support analysts with proven expertise giving application and technical support to Infor customers
  • Functional consultants with proven expertise in implementing ERP, human capital management, supply chain management, and financial applications
  • Technical consultants with proven expertise in designing and developing applications in Java, C++ as well as for web front-end and process flow development
  • Project managers with proven expertise in leading implementations of enterprise applications

What's changing in the profession? Different skills/knowledge?

The need for services delivery skills is growing rapidly as the mode for mission-critical business applications shifts from on-premise to remotely delivered services. Internet of things, machine learning, making good use of data to enhance productivity and business gain are also current themes that will demand and dictate new skills, knowledge, and even a paradigm shift.

What successes from this past year are you most proud of?

We are always proud of all the customer projects we complete; each one is the realization of our promise to our customers. Manila has contributed significantly to the realization of Infor's vision to be the world's first industry cloud company.

What is one thing you would have done differently?

We believe in continuous improvement. There are always a thousand things we can do differently or better. This is an integral part of our operation - to regularly review our actions and decisions as an organization, learn from it, and implement the necessary changes.

What is the office culture like?

We have a relaxed, egalitarian atmosphere. Our culture is democratic and non-hierarchical, where everyone is empowered to speak up. We promote a culture where everyone feels they are part of one community and family.

There are employee interest groups that build communities around common interest like sports, performing arts, charity work, environmental protection, etc.

The leadership team also sponsors events that reach out to families of employees, like Halloween parties.

The biggest and most popular social event is the year-end party that gathers everyone in one venue to celebrate.

Do you train new hires or looking for seasoned people?

We hire a good mix of experienced hires and fresh graduates.

What's the most important factor you consider when hiring someone?

A good balance of the right skills, competence, character, attitude, personality, and culture fit are the primary consideration when hiring. Our services organization also looks for communication skills and a customer service attitude.

How do you help new hires quickly "get" your business values?

We have training programs on Infor's core values and culture. A mentor is also assigned to new employees whenever applicable to guide and help them hit the ground running.

How do you keep your employees keen and motivated?

Our leadership team puts a premium in keeping our people motivated and engaged. Our Employee Engagement Team manages several initiatives and programs.

We provide regular bonuses for services delivered to customers. There are also rewards and recognition programs at various levels.

Do you work with area educational institutions? Do you offer internships?

Several local educational institutions recently signed up to partner with the Infor through our Education Alliance Program. But we have also run our own internship program for many years. A number of our employees are former interns. They set a goal to join Infor after completing their studies because of the enriching experience they had during their stint as interns.

Why should someone join Infor Manila?

If you are motivated by helping organizations transform, you enjoy working with customers and colleagues from different cultures, you love to use your knowledge and expertise to help companies become more effective, then Infor Manila is the right one for you.

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