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Southeastern Equipment Selects Infor M3 to Promote Greater Efficiency

United States – May 27, 2015, 09:00 AM

Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced that Southeastern Equipment Co., Inc. has selected Infor M3 to help automate processes and help streamline efficiency. As a regional dealer of various types of equipment, Southeastern Equipment was in need of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to help improve operations including sales, rentals, services and parts for their 20 locations. Infor M3 can help Southeastern Equipment automate many paper-driven processes, while providing financial and reporting flexibility, to help make sales and customer service more dynamic for years to come.

Prior to selecting Infor, Southeastern Equipment had relied on an aging legacy system that consisted of several homegrown modifications. As the company continues to grow its operations, the need to improve the sales process by eliminating paper-based transactions and reducing IT maintenance needs became critical. Infor was able to provide a right-sized solution to help meet the precise parameters of the organization, while also providing forward-thinking tools to aid the modernization of the IT portfolio. Once Infor M3 is live, Southeastern Equipment hopes to achieve a more succinct sales cycle, to not only save time but also to help improve decision-making that passes value along to their customers.

"Our customers count on us to provide them with high quality products and services. With Infor M3, we are investing in our future by enhancing our backend technology to better meet the growing needs of the equipment industry," said Thor Hess, Director of Corporate Development, Southeastern Equipment Co., Inc. "We are committed to providing our customers with the best value and buying experience, and Infor has demonstrated that same approach in helping us enhance our infrastructure."

One of the major factors that led Southeastern Equipment to select Infor was the ease of use and modern aesthetic of the software. Infor M3 is built with an open application program interface (API), which delivers an infrastructure that is able to connect disparate components, allowing them to work together without customizations. This lends itself well to Southeastern Equipment's ability to expand technology within their roadmap, without forcing them to license functionality that is not yet necessary. Infor M3 can provide end users with a more unified system that is easier to learn and operate. This can not only help reduce manual data entry, but it can also create a singular customer snapshot to help the sales team look up products, access customer information and process invoices with greater speed and efficiency. Southeastern Equipment hopes that the value provided by Infor M3 will be passed along to their customers by providing a more knowledgeable sales staff that utilizes a contemporary business platform. The addition of the Infor M3 e-commerce will provide customers with a more contemporary aesthetic when shopping for parts, equipment or services. The added level of backend visibility can help the organization to then gain speed when tracking assets and moving parts across all of its locations in real-time.

In addition, Southeastern Equipment will implement Infor M3's Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) CRM module. The module is designed to help provide a cohesive approach to CRM for both inside and mobile sales representatives and to help reduce the need for manual entry. The ease of use and flexibility of the software can help promote usage and accurate forecasts and activity tracking. The wide range of visibility that it provides to the sales representatives can make it an attractive alternative to a third party CRM provider. Southeastern Equipment can also benefit from Infor Ming.le™, a comprehensive social collaboration platform and Infor Business Intelligence (BI). Each solution is inherently designed to help boost the value of enterprise operations by creating a more collaborative process for managing data insights, which in turn can help drive better decision-making.

"The equipment industry is undergoing a major transition when it comes to mission critical technologies, with fewer companies relying upon paper-driven processes. Companies such as Southeastern Equipment that are able to adopt technology such as Infor M3 not only gain a modern approach but also demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to servicing customers," said Andreas Hellström, senior director, Industry & Solution Strategy, Equipment, Infor. "This investment demonstrates a thoughtful approach towards retaining customers and gaining market share through the adoption of technology best practices."

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