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Stephan Scholl Talks Infor History, Strategy, and the Future

United States – March 16, 2015, 10:00 AM

There’s a lot of talk currently about Infor’s move to the cloud, but for Infor President Stephan Scholl this discussion is long overdue.

In fact, Scholl says the current Infor strategy is part of a decade-long shift of leadership and rebranding.

According to Jimmy Nicholls of Computer Business Review, "Founded more than a decade ago under the name Agilisys, [Infor] has changed massively since its inception, redubbing itself after the acquisition of a German enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor in 2004. Yet an even more drastic shift occurred four years ago with the appointment of new leadership; the chief executive Charlie Phillips moving from the presidency at Oracle (where it seems half the industry has been berthed at one point or another), and Stephan Scholl and Duncan Angove joining as co-presidents. Their appointments prompted a wave of spending on software development, particularly the industry-focused products the company is so proud of. Whilst other vendors peddle generic products which you later customize, Infor's software is specified to each industry, a refreshing approach in an industry that likes to tell you ’every company is a software company.’"

Scholl notes that Infor needs to educate customers and the industry on the company’s history and current strategy: "People don’t know the history…We've been in the cloud business for a long time."

Part of this education is a road show from London to San Francisco where Scholl is helping showcase why businesses should make the move to the cloud and why Infor CloudSuite™ customers are seeing positive impacts.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to Scholl that the notion of ending the ‘tyranny of the super-user" has a broad appeal: "NetSuite has been around for 15 years," Scholl says. "They're not that big for being in business so long because they provide such a small degree of functionality. With us you don't need ten clouds."

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