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That Sweat-Equity-As-Team-Building Thing Really Works

United States – December 29, 2016, 10:30 AM

It was really hot, even for Texas. At the end of their sweltering shift, the build leader at the Habitat for Humanity site in Austin told the group it was one of the harder build days he had ever done. The Infor volunteers were thinking: "Hard, no doubt, but it forged us into a better team."

"We got to work together in a new way," explains Rhonda Davies, project manager with Infor Services focused on Infor Rhythm, about their October volunteer build day. "Our team collaborates daily on software development and product implementation. But this build brought team members together who may work together only every now and then. It allowed us to branch out, and formulate a new type of teamwork."

The Infor Team worked on two houses: caulking, spackling, and painting, installing exterior and interior framing, putting up siding, cutting fence posts and cementing them into the holes they had dug-all those endless holes.
"Our Habitat build leader told us that our fence-building team had dug more than 200 feet of post holes and had poured tons and tons of cement," Davies said.

Y'all are tough.

Who benefits beside the Infor Team getting all those giving-back good feelings? The Kattass family will get one of the houses. Jilali and his wife, Ghizlane, and their 1-year-old son emigrated from Morocco in 2006. Jilali was a teacher there, and is a teacher now at the Renaissance Academy in Austin. Yet, with housing costs high and getting higher, they couldn't afford to buy a home on their own, or for Ghizlane to attend nursing school. Now, with Habitat's help, they can. One of Jilali's favorite aspects of the Austin Habitat program is that his new neighbors are from all corners of the world. Yet, Jilali told Austin Habitat for Humanity that one of the first things they plan to do in their new home is host a traditional Texas barbecue.

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