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'The View from the Cloud': Charles Phillips' Q&A with Information Age

United States – October 29, 2015, 14:00 PM

Infor CEO Charles Phillips sat down with Information Age "to talk about how his vision for global supply-chain visibility from the cloud is finally coming to fruition."

In a Q&A with Cloe Green published Oct 28 and headlined "The view from the cloud: how Infor CEO Charles Phillips is setting out to build the 'social network of companies,' " Phillips notes that Infor is bringing the next era of enterprise computing, powered by the cloud, and helping companies move beyond the limits of their four walls and connecting with their business network.

Infor's acquisition of "GT Nexus is really the beginning of a new era of what we call multi-enterprise ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). A lot of brand owners that we know and love started outsourcing manufacturing to contractors, and many of them don't make anything themselves anymore, it's done by a value chain of partners," Phillips says.

"So today, it's very common for one product to be ordered by one company, built by another company, shipped by another, and then sold by a fourth company, so it's a network of partners.
"This network we created ties all these components together so everyone can see the order, knows exactly what's been ordered, where it is and knows when to pay for it.

"We're redefining the problem - everyone's been automating small steps in the process, no one's automated the whole process.

"There's nobody that competes with us precisely with all the things we're doing and we like it like that. We have created a new generation of ERP and make it cloud based on public cloud on AWS and make our apps available open source, which nobody else has done, and create multi-enterprise ERP. It's just a unique strategy."

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