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TMF Group Aligns Global Marketing Campaigns with Infor

United States – March 16, 2015, 09:00 AM

Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced that outsourced business services provider TMF Group B.V has deployed Infor Marketing Resource Management (MRM). TMF Group selected Infor MRM to help drive greater consistency, rigor and visibility across TMF's global marketing campaigns, and free up resources to focus on future programs. TMF Group also expects to use the application to help facilitate live feedback to inform marketing strategy and enable reporting back to the executive team.

News Points

  • In order to help achieve greater visibility and consistency across its global marketing function, TMF Group selected Infor MRM following a review of three options. Infor MRM was deemed the best fit, as it could deliver a robust and easy to use platform from which to deliver uniformity across a large number of central and regional marketing campaigns.
  • Infor MRM supports one central and four regional teams, which create approximately 400 web and e-mail campaigns for 82 countries each year.
  • TMF Group is already realizing the benefit of freeing up valuable time to focus on marketing strategy rather than manually tracking and collating data from campaigns.
  • Other key benefits include enabling greater consistency and economies of scale, tighter budget management, and a common reporting environment.
  • The dashboards within Infor MRM allow the marketing team to quickly view details of a campaign's success and present them to the business.

Customer Quote
"As a relatively small team supporting 82 countries, it is crucial that we work together in a collaborative way to maximize the impact of campaigns and ensure data is fed into future campaigns," comments Ian Bennison, Marketing Operations Director, TMF Group. "Previously this was impossible as our regional teams operated disparately. Infor MRM enables us to deliver large numbers of consistent campaigns which are complementary to the overarching strategy, and provides instant data on their impact to allow us the visibility we need to plan, measure and boost success. Through having complete confidence that Infor MRM is looking after our campaigns we can spend more time on future planning and adding value to the business."

Infor Quote
"Marketing professionals are under increasing pressure to simultaneously deliver impactful campaigns which are tailored to their customers' preferences, as well as generating demonstrable ROI - fast," comments Grant Halloran, Global Vice President and General Manager, Infor Marketing & CRM Group. "In order to scale to deliver campaigns globally across numerous channels, efficiency and visibility are key and investing in the right technology platform is crucial. TMF Group is a great example of an organization which is punching way above its weight, working to maximize the impact of hundreds of global campaigns every year with clever use of software rather than additional manpower."

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