Win the Business Agility Race with Cloud Technology

United States – February 17, 2016, 11:00 AM

Every enterprise relies on business agility and innovation to stay competitive. Infor's Kevin Price explains how cloud technology can help in a new diginomica article headlined 'Winning the Business Agility Race.'

Some excerpts:

How can any organization afford to sacrifice agility and innovation?

The short answer: It can't. No business survives by remaining stagnant.

Emerging technologies, new markets, and changing consumer demands require, at the least, that companies find ways to make their business newly relevant and, at most, that they undertake a complete reinvention.

What happens if their technology isn't agile? Companies spend time trying to get new applications up and running. The process can be painfully slow, especially where buy-in and training of users is concerned, and rolling out additional functionality starts the whole process over again.

By contrast, cloud applications allow organizations to be agile at their own pace. What if they want to wait to add mobile capabilities? An integrated, streamlined, cloud-based application has that functionality there waiting when they're ready. Cloud takes the focus off of IT and puts it back where it belongs: on the business.

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