Infor Delivery partners

Infor Delivery partners

Delivery partners—integrate and service

Infor Delivery Partners are a select community of strategic partners with distinct qualifications who, in conjunction with Infor Services (IS), provide a complete Infor services delivery model for our customers. Delivery partners work with IS and extend Infor's reach in specific geographies, solution areas, or vertical industries. Delivery partners can also bring packaged solutions and services offerings that complement and integrate with Infor's core solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

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Global support for you and your customers

Working with Infor Services, in any location around the world and in any industry, begins with creating a climate of success that’s specific to your customer’s business. Combining knowledge, global resources, and unrestricted access to the Infor eco-system, our global team of skilled experts ensures that your customer’s Infor solutions are implemented at peak efficiency.

When your customers are ready to commence on a journey to the cloud, IS can help you transform your customer’s business with an end-to-end cloud delivery model and together, we provide expertise, guidance, and support for your customers along the way.

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