Infor Partner Network - Product Partners

Infor Partner Network - Product Partners

Providing specialized solutions offered directly through Infor

Infor Product Partners provide fine-tuned compatibility with Infor solutions through application or niche market opportunities in conjunction with a specific Infor product.  Within this category we have two individual partner programs:

Solution Partners

Infor Solution Partners are companies that develop applications and technologies that integrate with Infor's core solutions to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. Integrated, best-of-breed solutions from leading companies offered directly by Infor, solution partner products are often used in industry-specific, specialized, and/or advanced technology areas. Working together, we use our combined strengths to create and deliver innovative solutions that Infor and its channel partners sell, service, and support.

Complementary Partners

Infor Complementary Partners comprise a select group of application, hardware, and technology companies that work with Infor to develop complementary offerings for our customers; our complementary partners help to extend and supplement the functionality of Infor's core solutions. Complementary partner products, interfaces, support, and services are usually offered directly by the complementary partner or through an Infor Channel Partner. By providing these partners with technical resources and current product releases, we make certain that their products and ours are compatible. As key members of our regional and local teams, complementary partners contribute to a tight knit community that works together to deliver seamless solutions to our mutual customers.

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