Infor Product Configurator

Infor Product Configurator

Visual configurator software

Fast and accurate quoting and configurator software

Infor Product Configurator offers manufacturers and distributors the configure-price-quote (CPQ) capabilities to boost sales in any industry. This flexible solution integrates with virtually any system to accelerate product configuration, pricing, and quoting—for all your selling channels.

Our visual, rules-based configurator software captures your engineering and pricing knowledge to help turn even a new sales rep or dealer into a product expert. Eliminate order errors and become the preferred vendor in your market.  

Infor Product Configurator at a glance

  • Image-based configurator software
  • Dynamic, customizable user experience
  • Product rules and constraints engine
  • Integrates with CRM, ERP, and CAD systems
  • Multi-channel capabilities
  • Cloud-based or on-premise

Unique capabilities

With Infor Product Configurator software, manufacturers and distributors can easily build comprehensive product models that make the selection and configuration of even the most complex products intuitive and error-free. Deploy the graphical configurator for a specific sales function, or across all your applications and computing platforms.

Product Configurator
Intuitive, customizable user experience

Equip your sales team and dealers with a dynamically rendered user experience that presents the right product view and pricing, based on role, language, location, and viewing device. Customize the look and feel to simplify option selection without programming. Use our APIs for custom extensions to integrate with existing programs.

Powerful configuration engine

Instantly process rules and constraints in product models to enable guided selection of only compatible features, options, and dimensions. Use real-time visualization and accurate pricing to boost customer confidence and expedite order confirmation. Automatically generate bills of materials (BOM), routings, computer-aided design (CAD) models, and more.

Product Configurator
Image-based design studio

With a graphical user interface, you can create a visual presentation of a complex product model, with point-and-click access to details of every rule and constraint. Let sales reps, dealers, and customers iteratively develop new product configuration quotations and orders in real time, with accurately updated pricing information.


During the quoting phase, the sales network can configure a technically feasible product without technical support of the technical department. This saves time and money, and achieves a much faster responsiveness to the market.

Stefano Bertolucci Altea S.p.A,
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Powerful integrations with your existing systems

Infor Product Configurator integrates with web, client-server, or native applications on Windows, iSeries, UNIX, and mobile platforms using native APIs and web services.

Unlimited scalability for global sales expansion

Scale to any number of applications and users with multi-server, load balancing, and failover functionality. Easily equip your global sales force with advanced configure-price-quote capabilities.

Highlights and core functionality

Customize user views

Automatically present a unique product view and user experience based on the user’s role, region, and viewing device. Accelerate your sales process by always displaying the right company branding, language, currency, and pricing information.

Offer visual order tools

Use an advanced visual product catalog and enterprise level search capabilities to direct customers through identifying or creating a product that fits their unique needs. Help users form a complex order quickly, taking into account rules and compatibility constraints.

Create bid proposals, quotations, and BOMs quickly

Dramatically reduce the effort of creating documents required to distribute or manufacture a configured product or solution, including bills of materials, routings, drawings, CAD models, and sales proposals.

Iteratively develop test models

Use a combination of rules and constraints to easily harness product knowledge for custom orders. Maintain control of product models in the development, staging, and production phases.

Link to existing systems

Link Infor’s configurator software with your existing systems and applications—both in the cloud and on-premise—to give users a rich, seamless customization and ordering experience. Integrate your CRM, e-commerce sites, 3D CAD solutions, and ERP software, including Microsoft and Oracle applications.

Speed order confirmation

Provide immediate visual reference at the product, feature, and options levels for faster order confirmation. Visualization options include static imagery, dynamic 2D drawings, and 3D CAD models, in addition to rendered photo-realistic images.

Customize by sales channel

Offer role-based configuration capabilities and pricing to your sales force, customer service personnel, dealers, distributors, and customers from a single, consistent product model.

Configure and quote anywhere

Deploy and centrally manage Infor's configurator software via the web, on tablets and smartphones, and remote desktops with cloud based or on-premise deployment options.

Increase customer engagement

Guided selling through product configurator software can strengthen relationships with your customers.

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An intuitive, image-rich experience

Infor Product Configurator delivers on Infor’s beautiful, next-generation interface, and offers a familiar, consumer-grade software experience that’s designed to help you work smarter and faster.

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Infor Product Configurator: Designed for your Industry

Infor Product Configurator is a best-in-class configure-price-quote solution designed to address the specific needs of manufacturers and distributors of complex products. With its flexibility and integration capabilities, you'll eliminate the need for expensive customizations.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and defense companies need end-to-end visibility of projects, as well as stringent cost control to maintain consistency throughout their organizations. Infor Product Configurator easily integrates with existing systems to deliver visual, accurate configure-price-quote functionality in a seamless way for bid proposal management and manufacturing execution.


  • Quickly refurbish aircraft interiors
  • Design and produce custom, make-to-order MRO projects
  • Generate proposals using flexible contract models

Automotive / Specialty Vehicles

While the demand for made-to-order products, such as specialty vehicles and yachts, is generally increasing, buyers across the board are seeking greater customization. This can make it difficult for manufacturers and distributors to maintain profitability. Infor Product Configurator delivers visual, accurate configure-price-quote functionality that makes mass customization a reality.

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  • Capture sales strategies for faster guided selling of hundreds of vehicle options
  • Easily enable dealer add-ons and service during quoting
  • Quickly launch new models, product features, and pricing changes electronically

Building Products

As a manufacturer or distributor of building products, you know that delivering consumer- and contractor- influenced products is only part of the challenge. You have to profitably manage this as-promised complexity in a volatile business environment with frequent and significant shifts in demand, material costs, and regional preferences. Infor Product Configurator delivers visual, accurate configure-price-quote functionality that optimizes the selling of customized doors, windows, and furniture.

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  • Fast, visual customization of replacement doors and windows, or custom creations
  • Make it easy for wholesalers, lumber yards, retailers, and architects to sell your products and add-ons
  • Roll out new furniture fabrics, finishes, dimensions, and pricing electronically


It’s challenging to be the intermediary in the supply chain for custom products and solutions. To succeed, everyone on your sales staff must be proficient in your suppliers’ complex product lines. Infor Product Configurator is an easy-to-use, yet sophisticated tool that helps distributors in any industry meet unique customer requirements in a profitable way.

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  • Allow your reps to quickly and easily present thousands of individual components to meet efficiency standards and customer demands
  • Present a single, integrated quote, from any device, 24x7
  • Give sales reps the deeper visibility they need to quickly modify strategies and achieve better profit margins


Your ability to deliver unique fashion apparel and accessories is what defines your brand. Your capacity to do this efficiently is what drives your profitability. Infor Product Configurator allows you to manage thousands of constantly changing product variables at a profit and streamline every business process, from quoting configured products to manufacturing, delivery, and receipt of cash.


  • Manage constantly shifting apparel variables while retaining profit margins
  • Easily offer high-margin accessories and features to increase profit-per-sale
  • Better manage new and seasonal embellishments offerings

High Tech & Electronics

High tech and electronics companies are under constant pressure to introduce innovative, reliable, and inexpensive products. Short product lifecycles and indirect channels compound this challenge. Infor Product Configurator helps both manufacturers and distributors accelerate the creation and selling of new and unique products—accurately and profitably.

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  • Guide customers through thousands of product options with dependencies and technical specifications reflected
  • Provide a single, integrated quotation of all systems and subcomponents of a highly complex order
  • Quickly use an existing order to build a new customized order of electronic products

Industrial Machinery & Equipment

To succeed in a complex, capital-intensive business, you need to make your internal operations and sales more efficient and cost-effective. Infor Product Configurator offers the capabilities you need to manage the complexities inherent in manufacturing equipment, so you can increase revenue, reduce costs, and strengthen your brand.

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  • Quickly develop new products to meet demands of new market segments
  • Give dealers and distributors visualization tools to aid customer selection
  • Fulfill unique requirements for thousands of variables, including controls, mountings, and flow

Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturers can only survive over the long term if they find ways to efficiently manage the complexity and risk that’s inherent in this type of manufacturing. With Infor Product Configurator, you get capabilities to streamline quoting to cash receipt business processes so your company can thrive.

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  • Show your customers 3D images of their customized orders for faster confirmation
  • Easily offer high-margin options and add-ons during the visual configuration and ordering process
  • Quickly develop and launch new products to meet regulatory demands and avoid liability issues

Customer stories


Selux speeds up sales processes

Lighting fixture manufacturer simplifies pricing and ordering, while approaching 100% accuracy.

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Italy-based De Carlo streamlines quote processing

Manufacturer of wooden doors and windows responds faster to market requests with Infor Product Configurator.

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Plastimayd LLC reduces costs and increases sales

Manufacturer of vinyl pool liners embeds 20 years of product design and quoting knowledge in the Infor Product Configurator.

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Infor Product Configurator

New features from the latest product release.

10x highlights

  • New ION integrations to extension applications
  • Customizable user experience, tailored to role, task, and viewing device
  • Mobile interface
  • Expanded languages and localizations


  • Reduce time to market for prototypes
  • Support for CAD models and 2D drawings
  • Integration with manufacturing outputs, including 3D printing


  • Error-free quotes
  • 2D and 3D product visualization
  • Rendered photo-realistic visualizations
  • Generate dynamic proposals and warranties as Microsoft Word documents
  • Calculate costs, discounts, and prices
  • Web-enabled sales interface


  • Efficient visual catalog searching and selection
  • Multi-channel quoting and ordering
  • Kitting and light assembly for solution selling
  • Flexible promotion management capabilities


  • Centralized rules development
  • Dynamic bills of materials and routings
  • Integration to Infor and non-Infor ERP systems
  • Configurable user interface


Infor Product Configurator works together with your Infor and non-Infor applications to create a seamless customization and quoting experience. This robust CPQ product easily unifies online, client-server, or native applications on Windows, iSeries, UNIX, and mobile platforms using native APIs and web services.


Demo: Infor Configure Price Quote

This 18-minute demo explores how Infor CPQ streamlines product customization, quoting, ordering, and documentation for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers.

Demo: Configuring industrial pumps and motors

Infor Product Configurator lets you build an order from multiple products, with exact materials, layout plugs and sockets, and alignment constraints.

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