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Infor CRM

Purpose-built CRM in the cloud

Anywhere, purpose-built CRM

Your customer relationships are the driving force of your business. By offering a complete view of every customer touch point across your sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams, Infor CRM enables you to maximize the impact of every interaction—across the entire customer lifecycle—whether in the office or out in the field.

The best part about Infor CRM is that it’s built for your business. Industry-specific capabilities, deep integration, and unparalleled flexibility and control in how you deploy, use, and pay for your solution offers a best-of-breed CRM solution without compromise.

Infor CRM at a glance

  • Access for everyone
  • No install mobile
  • Embedded CRM inside Microsoft® Outlook® with Infor CRM Xbar for Outlook®
  • Standard open APIs & integration options
  • Seamless integration with back office systems via Infor ION®
  • Modern architecture with adaptable platform to meet unique company and customer needs
  • Available in French, English, German, Russian, Italian, *Portuguese, *Spanish, and Chinese (* Translation available through Channel Partner)

Unique capabilities

Infor CRM is the platform of choice for companies strategically focused on customer engagements. Robust functionality, deep integration, and high flexibility in how you use and deploy your solution result in a solution that works the way you need it to.

Mobile world
CRM for the mobile world

Infor CRM Mobile extends rich functionality to smartphones and tablets, giving your mobile workforce a strong competitive advantage. Interactions with native device features such as mapping, dialing, and email further streamline the mobile user experience. Receive over-the-air updates automatically at no additional charge.

Better interactions
Better interactions

Rich customer profiles and sales productivity tools help users identify opportunities and streamline sales activities. Simultaneously, sales management tools, analytics, and proactive alerts drive accurate forecasting as well as effective team and territory management. Best-practice process automation recommends and performs winning actions that drive results.

Ultimate flexibility
Ultimate flexibility

Attain unparalleled flexibility and control in how you deploy, use, and pay for your CRM solution. Cloud, on-premise, hybrid, and mobile options accommodate your business needs. Buy, finance, or subscribe while maintaining full control of your data. Select from and mix multiple license types to lower TCO and align diverse user requirements.


Industry leading companies trust Infor CRM



We have the most advanced CRM system in retail today that gives our sales associates a tool they cannot get at any other retailer and our clients a high-touch experience they return for time and again.

Stephen Jackson CIO, Harry Rosen, Inc.,

Flexible deployment

Infor CRM was built to give you choice in your solution. Run your solution on-premise with Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Server. Opt for a hosted solution using Microsoft Windows Server and IIS. Or run your solution in the cloud hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Highlights and core functionality

Build your funnel. Build your forecast. Build your business.

Successfully compete and win in your industry with Infor CRM, which offers the right tools to help you effectively manage your sales pipeline, drive opportunities to a close, and have visibility across your sales team’s performance. Manage leads, opportunities, and activities from anywhere—at the office, on the road or on a mobile device.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Enable service and support teams to quickly resolve customer issues and deliver a quality customer experience that builds loyal, profitable customer relationships. Quickly find resolutions to problems, offer convenient self-service options to customers, and get robust reports that inform you if issues are being resolved in a timely manner.

Your solution where you need it

Infor CRM Mobile delivers rich CRM functionality across multiple mobile platforms through a customizable, browser-based application that is easy to deploy and manage. Infor CRM Mobile provides robust capabilities to the users who spend most of their time on the road and in the field. They can edit all account and contact information, view KPIs, access charts, and keep track of their schedule and activities.

Maximize your marketing impact

Deploy and track marketing campaigns using Infor CRM. You can target a particular market segment with a direct campaign, as well as track the effectiveness. From concept to conclusion, using reporting and analytics, you can monitor the responsiveness to your campaigns and track the return on your investment.

Insight that drives your bottom line

Infor CRM reporting and analytics are key to unlocking the power of your data and enable you and your team to be proactive in your daily ambitions. Powerful analytics of business and team performance help increase individual effectiveness and maximize organizational and customer intelligence. From standard, out-of-the-box CRM reporting and list management capabilities to interactive analysis tools and specialized business intelligence, you get the tools that empower analytics-based decision making at all levels of your organization.

Tech that fits your needs

Our flexible and robust configuration creates dynamic, personalized user experiences. Advanced customization accommodates unique requirements by user, team, company, and industry. Features include robust integration, sophisticated security, advanced process automation, and flexible deployment options to meet your unique business needs.

Easy and enjoyable to use

Software should look as good as it works. Otherwise, nobody's going to use it. Infor CRM engages every individual, across all teams, with a user experience that's designed to help users work faster and smarter.

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Customer stories



Hermanson raises bid quality and competitiveness, keeping customer satisfaction levels high with Infor CRM.

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Quality Solutions, Inc.

Quality Solutions, Inc.

Learn how Quality Solutions, Inc. created an industry-leading work order platform with Infor CRM.

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Dunlop Aircraft Tyres

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres

Learn how Dunlop Aircraft Tyres improves communication with Infor CRM
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Infor CRM: Designed for your industry

Infor CRM provides robust, flexible solutions in over 70 industries. Learn how Infor CRM delivers specialized capabilities for your industry from day one.


Increase productivity and adapt easily and quickly to the evolving distribution landscape with Infor CRM. Manage thousands of transactions, suppliers, and customers while tracking millions of inventory items at the same time.

Learn more about Infor solutions for distribution ›


  • Be able to offer both complicated as well as more traditional value-added services
  • Keep control over vast inventory
  • Actively manage correct inventory levels at your customer’s in-site locations
  • Help your customers target additional revenue streams and execute growth strategies


Overcome the challenges of doing business globally by attaining a 360-degree view of your customers. Easily keep track of all customer transactions to improve sales and accurately forecast demand based on seasonal and economic trends. Integrate and share data across departments to support your organization's workflow.

Learn more about Infor solutions for manufacturing ›


  • Maintain a comprehensive database of vendors and suppliers to enable your organization to effectively manage supply and demand
  • Integrate with back-office systems to access key customer information and manufacturing data
  • Centralize service ticket data to create continuity between service and support to help your staff solve problems with speed and ease
  • Leverage advanced analytics to make informed decisions with real-time visibility into your CRM-related data


Manage relationships with clients, contractors, and prospects in one central location. Keep track of all interactions, communications, and documentation throughout the duration of the project. Integrate and share data across departments with one database accessible both in and out of the office, so you can improve productivity and focus on growing your business.


  • Keep track of communications with job leads, subs, clients, and appointments
  • Create, assign, and manage client service issues from initial contact through to resolution
  • Report on bids by client, region, industry sector, and discipline to identify trends and opportunities
  • Work from anywhere

Financial services

Whether for advisors, hedge fund and portfolio managers or other client-facing teams, Infor CRM gives you a 360-degree view of client interactions to help you provide better service, have more meaningful conversations, and anticipate client needs. Increase sales advisor or portfolio manager productivity through the opportunity cycle and drive deals to close.


  • Track important financial information in one consolidated view
  • Receive alerts when thresholds are met based on your clients’ portfolio performance to facilitate quick responses
  • Securely access and work with client data on any mobile device
  • Manage deals with opportunity management and forecasting features

Public sector

Provide quality services to your constituents while dealing with fewer resources and smaller budgets whether at the local, state, or national level. Boost efficiency and reduce costs with better access to information and streamlined communications with constituents, businesses, vendors, and partners. Increase productivity by integrating and sharing data across departments.

Learn more about Infor solutions for public sector ›


  • Create and send sophisticated, compliant emails to your constituents and nurture them automatically using drip engagement campaigns
  • Access all contact information quickly, consistently, and securely by anyone on your team
  • Leverage more than 70 pre-built reports to assess performance around constituent interaction, including communication and support, in order to guide management decisions
  • Create, assign, and manage constituent complaints, such as service and infrastructure issues or social cases, from initial contact through resolution


Manage relationships between patients and providers, referrals, consulting physicians, payers, the community and prospective employees. Secure and enhance these relationships so you can maximize your reimbursements, and reduce patient "leakage" by providing efficient, effective care for patients that helps achieve better outcomes.

Learn more about Infor CRM for healthcare ›


  • Quickly access detailed patient information regarding referrals, account and interaction history, and the current communication they are receiving
  • Keep track of associated medical providers in one place
  • From your database, send health-related messaging and offers based on various demographics
  • Design automated workflows for providers, patients, referrals, administrative support, sales and marketing professionals


Gain deeper insights into your customers and vendors to help make better-informed decisions for your business. Take advantage of cross-selling opportunities, build customer loyalty, and reach new audiences. Take advantage of capabilities to help you gain a competitive edge with the knowledge you need to improve visitor experiences, expand services, and increase repeat business.

Learn more about Infor solutions for hospitality ›


  • Leverage customer data to build promotions, incentives, and packages to improve sales opportunities
  • Draw from historical data to create proactive communications and secure repeat business from vendors
  • Offer flexible payment options to your customers, such as debit and prepaid cards, and integrate Infor CRM with other back-office systems
  • Streamline marketing campaigns by automating standard tasks
  • Track campaign success with real-time response and revenue data


Deliver relevant, timely information so you can build meaningful connections with customers. Gain the insight you need to create a personalized shopping experience, improve customer service, and build long-term loyalty. Access your customer data wherever you are with Infor CRM mobile.

Learn more about Infor solutions for retail ›


  • Understand your customer and increase your wallet share
  • Develop a more personalized approach to marketing and advertising by using the intelligence gathered from the tracking of your customers' behavior
  • Tailor merchandise and inventory based on the buying preferences of your most valuable repeat customers
  • Anticipate and meet customer demand for product or quality improvements—as well as customer shopping preferences—through detailed analysis of customer information


Get the tools you need to drive successful marketing campaigns, find new distribution opportunities, manage the sales pipeline, and optimize customer service and support. Streamline your business processes and workflows to deliver exceptional customer experiences, reduce operational costs, and drive growth and profitability.


  • Increase the visibility of key account activities to negotiate discounted volume-based shipping contracts with your top customers
  • Ensure the most competitive pricing for your customers by enhancing collaboration to streamline warehousing, dispatch, and delivery services
  • Use real-time advanced analytics to make informed decisions about your routes, fleet, and delivery service


Infor CRM and the Crusaders

Learn how adopting Infor CRM has helped the Crusaders execute multi-channel campaigns, gain the most relevant view of its customers, deliver new experiences, and create personalized messages.

Infor CRM product demo

See award-winning Infor CRM in action. Watch how this state-of-the-art technology platform can empower you to maximize the value of your most important corporate assetyour customer data.

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