Infor Interaction Advisor

Infor Interaction Advisor

Customer touch point optimization

Optimize customer interactions in real time

Brick and mortar retailers have long known that buyer behaviors can change quickly. A rehearsed spiel isn’t sufficient to close a sale, and won’t elevate the customer’s experience. In the digital world, customer interactions require the same attention to individual behavior.

Infor Interaction Advisor is a real-time decision making application that identifies the next best and most relevant campaign to present at any integrated customer touch point. With this easy-to-use application, you can maximize every customer interaction with the highest impact message or offer.

Infor Interaction Advisor at a glance

  • Intelligent cross-sales
  • Real-time campaign updates
  • Retention of most valued customers
  • Maximum enterprise scalability
  • Reduction of marketing fatigue
  • Full brand integration for seamless customer experience

Unique capabilities

Using industry-leading analytics, Infor Interaction Advisor is a best-in-class solution for real-time decision making. The solution ensures that the right campaign is delivered to the right customer, at the right time, resulting in improved return on marketing investment (ROMI) and customer experience.

Drive intelligent interactions

Each Infor Interaction Advisor server can drive hundreds of thousands of interactions per hour. Factoring in the different available channels, this self-learning application is able to suggest the best campaign to present to the customer at any integrated touch point, including next best action, cross-sell, and retention offers.

Make real-time decisions

Through dynamic profiling and split-second determinations, including qualification and governance decisions, ensure that appropriate campaigns are presented wherever the customer is on their journey. In e-mail, for instance, the next-best campaign is updated at the time mail is opened—not when the email is created—so that the customer sees the most relevant message.

Democratize your data

Infor Interaction Advisor’s predictive models are continually updated with customer-specific information as well as data learned across all customers, in order to help form the next best action for future decisions. Closed-loop analysis enables the self-learning system to retain all information for future use.

Flexible deployment options

Implement Infor Interaction Advisor in almost any environment—in as little as six weeks—using one of many integration options including JavaTM, COM, IBM, MQSeries®, HTTP, and SOAP.

Enterprise scalability

Infor Interaction Advisor provides near-linear scalability on symmetric multiprocessor systems—deploy across multiple distributed servers for maximum reliability.

Highlights and core functionality

Determine the right message at the right time

In real time, Infor Interaction Advisor is able to suggest the best campaign to present to the customer at any integrated touch point. By asking your customer the right question or providing the next best cross-sell and retention offers, you’ll strengthen the relationship—now and in the future. Determining the right message for the right customer at the right time also saves you from the unnecessary expenditures and marketing fatigue that come with stale communications.

Understand and execute

Predictive models are continuously updated with customer-specific information—as well as information learned across all customers—in order to help inform the most relevant next best action for future engagements. The solution’s self-learning engine generates campaign results that remain available for closed-loop analysis and further reference.

Take advantage of activity on all your channels

Infor Interaction Advisor is able to differentiate the different channels the customer may be at and recommend the next best action based on that channel. Take a strategic approach to every customer interaction and improve your cross-sell or upsell on self-serve, face-to-face, and ear-to-ear channels.

Optimize on the fly

Infor Interaction Advisor servers can drive hundreds of thousands of intelligent interactions per hour, making split-second determinations of which offer characteristics are most predictive of customer acceptance. With real-time performance, you can use the solution to optimize your marketing and communications strategies—and even perform multi-variant testing—on the fly.

Rich, actionable data

Infor Interaction Advisor combines historical, personal, and contextual information, as well as real-time analytics capabilities and business rules to help customer-facing channels present the most attractive offers.

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Infor Interaction Advisor’s self-learning engine can be overlaid onto any website, contact center system, interactive voice response, or point of sale system. Integrate with other products in the Infor Enterprise Marketing suite to provide a consistent experience across all customer channels.

Operating systems

  • Microsoft® Windows®
  • IBM®
  • AIX®
  • SunTM
  • SolarisTM
  • HP-UX®
  • RedHat® Enterprise Linux®


Infor Interaction Advisor

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