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Infor Marketing Resource

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Flexibility, speed, capacity—and results

The demands on today’s marketing departments are as complex as ever. The drive to keep pace with consumer trends and execute on sophisticated programs not only stretches resources thin, but also makes it difficult to track allocation and budgeting.

Infor Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is scalable, easy-to-use solution used by marketing departments worldwide. Coordinate all your activities—including omni-channel and direct campaigns—with comprehensive tools for digital asset management, resource management, project management, budget and cost tracking, creative approval processing, capacity planning, and analytics.

Infor Marketing Resource Management at a glance

  • Create marketing plans
  • Track activities
  • Manage collaborative production
  • Control budgets and finances
  • Localize print materials
  • Manage digital brand assets

Unique capabilities

Whether your marketing department is comprised of just a few people, or hundreds spread around the world, Infor MRM can improve how you plan, execute, and monitor campaigns across multiple channels.

Streamline key processes

Infor MRM helps you to rationalize marketing processes that are your key business drivers, establishing centralized automation and best practices to optimize your internal marketing activities and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Gain enterprise-wise control

With Infor MRM you gain mastery over your marketing calendar, marketing financials, marketing workflows, and digital asset library. The solution’s robust business intelligence tools generate contextualized, actionable reporting data.

Speed time-to-value

Designed to be easy-to-use, intuitive, and flexible, Infor MRM accelerates user adoption rates and enables fast implementation in any marketing organization. Your team will be up and running quickly, saving you time, costs—and headaches.

Highly scalable

System access, via Infor’s SAS70-compiant, high-security hosting and maintenance facilities, is scalable to thousands of users.

Deployment flexibility

Infor MRM is a subscription-based product with monthly updates that can be deployed on premise if necessary.

Highlights and core functionality

Monitor performance against goals

Infor MRM helps marketers manage and monitor marketing objectives and KPIs across any data set in the system with a robust business intelligence (BI) tool that features graphical reporting and more.

Integrate budgeting into marketing operations

Manage forecast, vendor commitments (purchase orders), and actuals (invoices), with automatic reporting on funds allocated and funds remaining. By integrating budgeting and financial planning into marketing operations, Infor MRM provides one system of record and gives decision makers on your marketing team better control.

Streamline project oversight

Infor MRM is a true project management solution uniquely geared for marketers, with comprehensive support for hierarchical and templated tasks, activities, and sub-activities, as well as overall campaign management and approvals.

Enhance and accelerate collaboration

Streamlining one of the most critical and time consuming processes in moving content from the creative team to final production and out into the market, Infor MRM provides a virtual creative showroom for collaboration, correction, and approval.

View planned, current, and archived activities

Infor MRM provides one of the most advanced and automated marketing calendars, allowing users to create any number of personalized views, gain deep insights into planned activity, and share calendars across departments, regions, and countries.

Optimize resource utilization

With Infor MRM, users can see all the resources currently being expended on a campaign, including activities and hours being allocated to task completed by key stakeholders.

Get more mileage from your content

Infor MRM lets you quickly upload, store, and retrieve marketing assets—including not only final versions archived in the main digital asset library, but also campaign-specific assets inside each campaign workspace. With seamless access to master assets, you can re-purpose content for different mediums and new campaigns.

Get actionable insights

Take advantage of instant insight into marketing plans, programs, activities, and budgets.

Dueling marketing plans?

Read best practices to ensure your assortment of marketing calendars and tactics don’t create havoc for the customer experience.

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Performance insights drive smarter planning

Infor MRM offers extensive visibility into planning, financial, execution and performance that helps support data driven planning for future campaigns.  The solution’s cloud-based calendar and reporting tools allow users to track work at the task level and categorize projects and reports in a variety of ways.

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