Infor Omni-channel
Campaign Management

Infor Omni-channel
Campaign Management

Digital and direct contact marketing

Business-specific marketing program management

Today's marketers have to manage more communication channels than ever. Individual customer preferences and frequently changing consumer privacy regulations make it even more difficult to achieve a unified strategy.

Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management serves as an integrated database marketing solution for planning, executing, and monitoring permissions-based marketing campaigns across multiple touch points. Nurture your customer base and build loyalty with an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution that allows you to take action from any device—with real-time results.

Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management at a glance

  • Simultaneously manage high-volume communications across multiple channels
  • Analyze customer data
  • Create actionable strategies
  • Implement business rules to reduce risk and respect customer preferences
  • Available for nine languages

Unique capabilities

Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management is built to generate fast returns on investment by improving efficiency in the planning, production, distribution, and reporting for all acquisition, retention, and cross-sell initiatives.

Intelligently segment offers
Intelligently segment offers

This comprehensive solution delivers full campaign management functionality, including multi-segment, omni-channel, and multi-ware support. Build precise customer targeting, creating queries and segmentation schemes that apply demographic and transactional data, campaign history, model scores, and other filters.

Put your data to work
Put your data to work

Through advanced data mining science, the solution uses profiles, influences, trends, Bayes probabilities, and cluster analysis to provide scoring. Analytics are available for future use in an easy-to-use interface, with drill-down capabilities that allow the user to get detailed information in an OLAP reporting environment.

Keep customers engaged
Keep customers engaged

Customer actions set off real-time triggers and events to ensure that targets receive the right combination of content, using permission-based, single-use or multi-wave campaign execution. Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management also supports triggers that have been created from outside of the product to create highly personalized campaigns.

Be more relevant to each customer

Learn about best practices you can utilize to ensure you're sending personalized campaigns
on the platform most relevant to your customer.

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Flexible deployment options

Implement Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management in almost any environment using one of many integration options.

Enterprise scalability

Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management provides near-linear scalability on symmetric multiprocessor systems—deploy across multiple distributed servers for maximum reliability.

Highlights and core functionality

Be wherever your customers are

Campaigns can be made available at any customer touch point—direct mail, email, telephone, SMS/wireless, website, POS terminals, IVR, and more, complete with multi-message support.

Create precise, targeted campaigns

Using a wide variety of criteria, identify the customers most likely to be interested in your offer and set up a series of campaigns to drive action from their customer base. Drag-and-drop functionality and updated segment counts at each step help to generate optimized segmentation. Once a customer has been split off into a campaign branch, they can easily be reintegrated back into the core group of customers.

Gain real-time insights for long-term impact

Monitor email campaign results in real time and maximize the ability to respond to changing market dynamics. Through closed-loop analysis, information learned is available for future use. Drill-down functionality allows the user to pursue further analysis and gain a deeper understanding of specific events.

Plan, produce, distribute, and report—with one solution

Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management is a unified solution that provides comprehensive tools for:

  • Developing the campaign concept
  • Determining and preparing target audience lists
  • Designing, writing, and editing materials
  • Creating, testing, and measuring plans
  • Auditing and ensuring quality control
  • Executing the direct cross-channel campaign
  • Monitoring results
  • Measuring your success

Respond appropriately to customer actions

Based on the action a customer takes, new triggers and events are kicked off to keep that customer engaged. Appropriate delays can also be incorporated in the customer journey in order to reduce marketing fatigue.

Democratize data with personalized views

The new campaign home page offers a consolidated view of existing campaign functionality, presented in modular sections, or tiles, that can be repositioned by each user in order to prioritize the information in a way that is most relevant to their role and purpose. Through a single click on the tile header, users can easily access more detailed information and direct navigation.

Experience the new Infor OCM powered by Infor OS

Future-proof your enterprise with Infor OS—the foundation for a connected, intelligent network that automates, anticipates, predicts, and informs your stakeholders in everything they do.

  • User-centric operating service
  • Cloud-based delivery
  • Conversational, intuitive UX
  • Automated multi-step execution of complex tasks
  • Networked analytics and business intelligence
  • Open business process integration
  • Secure at the core
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Get critical insights fast

Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management has a new campaign home page with a user defined layout, real-time email campaign data, drag-drop segmentation functionality, and drill-down capabilities.

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Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management 10.1

New features from the latest product release.

Campaign workflow

  • Ability to pause, cancel, and restart journey at any given time
  • Ability to modify creative/offer details during any stage of engagement
  • User-friendly email notifications provide marketers with updates on customer's progress
  • Capability to sequence multiple campaigns with multiple channels-within same journey
  • Visual display of campaign counts at every stage

External List Management

  • Manage usage limits
  • Compare external list count against existing customer data
  • New visual, powerful user interface

Campaign segmentation

  • Third party external list management
  • Define filter criteria to create targeted customer lists
  • Drag/drop functionality
  • Search capability to find exact communication and segment name within a deep nested marketing strategy
  • Safe undo
  • Visual counts for each segment and offer
  • Vertical and horizontal display of filters for any segment
  • Easy display of financial KPIs
  • Multiple list supported for inclusion/exclusion within any segmented target audience
  • Support of multiple third party lists within campaign with easy count comparisons
  • Easy-to-use control groups for test market campaigns

New campaign home page

  • Modular tiles can be repositioned to prioritize relevant data
  • Drill-down functionality

Email Content Editor, Personalization and Reporting

  • Easily create, edit or view the email content
  • Improved user interface, drag and drop functionality and tool bars create relevant email messages
  • Personalize your communication by including customer-specific content
  • Monitor campaign results in real-time

Improved Filter Functionality

  • Define customer segments based on defined criteria
  • Drag and drop functionality and visual interface
  • Display count at every filter level

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