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If your organization is like most, energy is managed in a highly fragmented manner, with no clear owner responsible for accountability.  And you're faced with aging assets, harsh operating conditions, more government oversight than ever, and really tough market conditions. Costs are up, margins are down, and spending is at an all-time low. To stay competitive, you need to understand the energy behind asset management.  After all, energy typically accounts for 50% or more of your operating costs.


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What it is

Infor EAM Energy Performance Management is one of the most comprehensive end-to-end energy and environmental technology platforms available today. It delivers the financial and physical controls an enterprise needs to be in full control of their sustainability, energy consumption, and the asset and operating infrastructure that underpins them.

With Energy Performance Management you now have the ability to establish sustainable energy policy and programs, monitor and measure your energy performance to determine the causes of energy waste and expense in a timely manner, and enact the activities and programs that allow you to mitigate or prevent these issues.

This module with integrated energy and environmental management, gives you end-to-end control over energy-from energy and environmental policy to how you use energy- and provides the ability to continually monitor asset health and behavior, analyze data to detect key trends and anomalies, forecast performance issues, make decisions, and drive action.

Developed by experts in asset and energy management, Energy Performance Management has more than 30 years of experience built in.

Energy Performance Management tackles the toughest asset challenges, from preventative maintenance for discrete manufacturing, to predictive maintenance for food and beverage companies, emissions and energy demand management in pulp and paper, risk-based maintenance in life science organizations, fleet management for transportation companies, linear asset management for oil and gas, asset tracking and condition-based maintenance for public sector organizations, and more.

And it helps you measure and manage your business performance against your energy reduction and sustainability goals.

With Infor EAM Energy Performance Management, you can:

  • Enable energy monitoring, measurement, analysis, and communication at any level of your enterprise.
  • Monitor the energy usage and cost of your assets.
  • Make better decisions with a more complete picture of your operating and maintenance expenses, including the environmental impact.
  • See, automatically detect, and prevent energy waste. Send automatic notifications and escalations to ensure timely response.
  • Pinpoint where and how to reduce environmental impact.
  • Replace the right assets at the right time with complete financial justification, including energy usage.
  • Perform better with EnergyStar benchmarking.
  • Manage your carbon emissions.

What it does

Infor EAM Energy Performance Management provides the enterprise capabilities to enable on-going enterprise energy and sustainability management; performance and reduction planning; energy conservation; and demand management. It includes capabilities for establishing enterprise energy policy and programs, setting targets and objectives, and managing the deployment, performance, energy efficiency, and maintenance of company assets, helping to prevent operational surprises and uncover hidden profits. Asset and Energy Management and our intelligent operations capabilities with alarm management put built-in predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition-based maintenance (CBM) to work for you, without incurring the costs, complexity, and uncertainty of third-party software. It delivers equipment alarms, as well as the data and real-time intelligence you need to take quick and precise action, and escalate problems, when necessary, to the appropriate resources.

With Energy Performance Management, you get:

  • Analytics and action engine. Define multi-condition rules to predict failure and drive specific action. You get alerts and notification when you need them, giving you plenty of time to respond and avoid disruption.
  • Real-time performance data. Unlike traditional EAM systems that give you generic alarms and passive notifications, with Energy Performance Management's real-time performance data analysis, you get a precise understanding of the nature of the problem, what's wrong, and how to fix it.
  • Knowledge base. Continually expand and refine your analytics to really home in on specific problems, and then refine precise solutions. Over time, you can build up that knowledge in Energy Performance Management, so it's available to everyone, and you're driving the right actions.
  • Combined maintenance and production. Energy Performance Management lets you see all your maintenance and production requirements in one place, so you can more easily coordinate schedules and act at the optimal time for the organization.
  • Continuous monitoring.  Energy Performance Management continuously monitors asset health, analyzes performance data, and generates alerts based on precise diagnosis, so your predictive maintenance programs drive response at the right time.
  • Intuitive, customizable user experience. You get a single sign-on, simplified navigation and a consistent user interface across applications. Plus, the ability to tailor the user experience.
  • Multiple ways to find information. View assets hierarchically. Search for assets with a map. View work from your geographical information system (GIS). Create work orders from a map. You get the information you need to do your job, when and how you want to see it.

What it means

With Infor EAM Energy Performance Management, you'll have the power to:

  • Establish an enterprise energy policy.
  • Enable energy monitoring, measurement, analysis, and communication at any level of your enterprise.
  • Predict asset failure, perform maintenance when and how it's needed, and protect your operation.
  • Detect and eliminate energy waste to reduce energy usage, costs, and environmental risks.
  • Adjust your maintenance strategy based on performance, costs, impact, and benchmarking intelligence.
  • Perform maintenance at the right time, not when the time is right, due to coordinated production and maintenance schedules.
  • Know when to replace or extend asset life with a complete cost picture, including energy, in mind.

Get to know the energy behind your assets with Energy Performance Management.

The Infor EAM Energy Performance Management difference

Unlike other EAM systems, Infor EAM Energy Performance Management uniquely delivers the ability to:

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