Infor Professional Services Automation

Infor Professional Services Automation

Greater visibility for project-based businesses

Gain visibility into resources, projects, and margins

Many leading professional services firms are looking to build stronger competitive advantage with new service offerings and a service methodology that requires more complex use of ERP technology. To deliver client satisfaction, while also meeting financial, strategic, and operational objectives in a unique project-based market, these firms need to realize the full value of their ERP solutions.

The Infor Professional Services Automation Suite (Infor PSA) is an end-to-end professional services suite and a flexible project portfolio management solution for managing tasks and resources required for client projects. From people and processes to the technologies and finances that fuel their efforts, Infor PSA is an innovative and fully-integrated software solution that bridges the work of client-facing project managers and internal accounting and staffing managers.

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Infor PSA at a glance

  • Assign the right resources to client opportunities
  • Manage work-in-progress delivery costs, timelines, and project execution
  • Capture employee time and expenses promptly and efficiently
  • Deliver seamless billing, revenue recognition, and margin analysis

Solution strengths

This innovative platform supports all the demands of service required to keep your clients happy, while also keeping costs in check and giving you visibility across your business.

Streamline service delivery

Streamline service delivery

Enable both project managers and project accounting managers to access project information for real-time decision making, while also allowing data to flow back and forth seamlessly from account management.

Maximize resource utilization

Maximize resource utilization

Give your staffing, resource, and project managers the tools and resource visibility they need to achieve higher utilization and realization for all billable and non-billable hours.

Improve client billing

Improve client billing

Optimize your client billing process, from time card to client invoice. By linking your critical project billing data to key financials systems, you can reduce billing errors and your time for collecting cash, which can help improve your cash flow.


Infor offers more than technology or a tool. They have a team of business and technology experts who are helping us leverage and adapt their technologies along with our entire family of ERP tools to become a more innovative and efficient business.

Matt Henry Director of Technology
Duff & Phelps

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Highlights and core features

Identify the best opportunities, generate competitive business proposals, and deliver what you promise. Infor PSA lets you take advantage of flexible project pricing models, so you can quickly estimate potential costs and resource requirements. It also provides a view of your existing commitments, so that you can check for available resources and estimate delivery dates before closing business. Its focus is on tracking progress and measuring revenue-based engagement proposals, helping your organization chase "good" versus "bad" revenue in the context of your capacity and backlog.

Manage engagement projects and other work across multiple projects. At the organization level, Infor PSA streamlines the work approval process; takes advantage of best practices; integrates reported time and expense information; and supports project-based reporting across departments and customers. In essence, it provides a place to see the big picture—all work and resources—so you can lead the workforce.

Project budgets can be created manually or from best-practice templates that use past project performance to provide stronger estimates. Budgets can also be created at any level within the project plan with hours, costs, and revenues based on resource assignments or manually estimated time and materials. Forecasts are tracked as a separate entity, with visibility into costs and revenues. You can maintain multiple versions of both budgets and forecasts, so users can adjust to the ever-changing world of project management.

Better monitor your relationships with outside contractors associated with your billable engagements and improve visibility and collaboration. You can use statements of work and incorporate the negotiated rates you have established with your vendors. Additionally, you can track your third-party consultants with a new level of detail around roles and skills. You can use this information to perform weighted resource searches across your vendors, to assure you have best resources for your projects and can keep your customers happy.

Optimize your workforce proactively to meet future demand. With Infor PSAa fully-integrated work and resource management systemyou can view capacity, estimate delivery dates, and even reserve resources when work is requested. And, resource managers can view the services pipeline and procure, train, and deploy resources in a way that maximizes productivity.

Boost productivity, improve labor cost control, and eliminate redundant time or labor capture with one streamlined solution. Our "one timecard" philosophy lets you to capture time by employees, contractors, and managers for their assigned work projects and payroll via a single entry, supporting multiple processes and controls simultaneously. Hours for invoicing, payroll, and leave reported only once, coupled with powerful configuration capabilities and an extensible rules engine, make it enterprise-ready for all employee groups.

Accelerate reporting and time to reimbursement, increase cost control and visibility, and promote higher employee and manager satisfaction. Infor PSA allows you to track, analyze, and control employee travel expenditures. Project expense fully integrates with projects, engagements, time, and financials to help employees, contractors, and managers, enter travel expenses to their assigned work or projects. Efficient and easy to use, Infor PSA helps your employee focus on solving business challenges, not expense reporting, reimbursement, and cash flow.

Deliver in-context visibility to all opportunitiesplanned and cadence projectswith personalization and flexibility. Rich interactive graphics, tailored to each portfolio, provide quick insight to your project plans and financials, including historical trends and powerful what-if analysis. All portfolios can be personally configured with thresholds and tolerances. And, you can manage and create portfolio teams and portfolio templates.

Windows based and ready for the Infor Xi platform

Infor PSA is a Windows-based solution that takes advantage of Infor’s Xi platform to enable a rich user collaborative experience and open integrations across your mission-critical applications.

Infor PSA solution map

The Infor Professional Services solution map is built on a modern foundation consisting of pre-integrated, micro-vertical suites and cross-industry applications; in-context business intelligence; and an intuitive user experience, available on mobile devices, that empowers meaningful business collaboration.




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