Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management

Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management

Financials Overview

Become the finance department you always knew you could be

Infor CloudSuite Financials is a next generation solution that redefines what financial management technology can be. Role-based, data driven, consumer-inspired, mobile enabled, and delivered in the cloud, it delivers end-to-end financial management capabilities built for the needs of those who matter most—your users.

Infor CloudSuite Financials at a glance

  • Global ledger offers unlimited, customizable dimension strings
  • Role-based user design aggregates processes and information by role
  • Embedded analytics, delivered by Birst, put information at your fingertips
  • Industry specialization provides deep functionality without complex customizations

Unique capabilities


Global ledger

CloudSuite Financials features a completely re-invented global ledger. Unlimited calendars, dimension strings, and ledgers give you complete flexibility, while the ability to incorporate non-financial data into the GL allows you to track and analyze whatever industry and company specific metrics you choose – from cost per patient to average spend per customer.


Role-based user experience

CloudSuite Financials is built around the needs of those who matter most – your users. The solution’s Amazon Prime-like experience aggregates processes and information by role to increase productivity, speed onboarding, and improve user satisfaction.


Embedded analytics, delivered by Birst

CloudSuite Financials embeds analytics directly in users’ work streams and serves up relevant information based on each person’s responsibilities and priorities. Your users can finally spend more time analyzing and acting on information than they do searching for it.

Complete deployment flexibility

CloudSuite Financials can be deployed in Infor’s cloud—powered by Amazon® Web Services—or your cloud, leveraging your own hardware, data center, and IT staff. You have the flexibility to choose whatever option is best for your business.

Highlights and core functionality

A flexible, customizable general ledger? Yes, it’s true.

Unlimited financial calendars allow you to accommodate different fiscal year ends and other reporting requirements. Unlimited ledgers and basis reporting allow you to deliver financial information for regional regulatory requirements, management reporting requirements, consolidations, or other reporting needs. And unlimited dimension strings allow you to customize the information you track and report on for your organization, including non-financial data. It’s the general ledger you would design for yourself.

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Get real-time visibility into payments and approval processes

Transition away from manual cash processing to lower cost, higher control automated cash application with CloudSuite Financials. You get comprehensive functionality for managing customer maintenance, cash processing, cash application, dispute resolution, and credit management.

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Make manual processes a thing of the past

Establish a single close process across your entire organization and make manually maintained operational checklists a thing of the past. Built-in process flows for approvals and prebuilt dashboards by period, process, and sub-process increase efficiency and reduce errors, while the ability to easily slice and dice data helps you better support both routine reporting and executive decision making processes. Web-based information systems also mean that anyone with a need to know can access information any time from virtually anywhere.

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Effectively manage the accounting of all types of projects

Get complete, end-to-end project accounting for capital projects, cost, and revenue activities and efficiently manage day-to-day grant transactions. Flexible enough to track many types of both internal and external projects, CloudSuite Financials’ project ledger capabilities help you effectively manage the accounting of all your projects — from inception to completion — on budget and on time.

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Simple, connected, and accurate lease accounting

CloudSuite Financials gives you an entire lease accounting process—from creating assets to making payments—that’s simple, connected, and accurate. You can share assets, reduce purchases, and effectively manage department costs through informed decisions about equipment purchasing and leasing. Real-time access to information allows you to efficiently manage your assets and payment processes, while reducing costs and the risk of fraud.

Single solution, comprehensive cash functionality

Get a single solution with comprehensive cash functionality designed to strengthen your banking relationships and improve the efficiency of bank reconciliation processing. You can monitor cash positions, create cash forecasts, and validate actual transactions against forecasts.

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Streamline labor intensive invoice processes

Move away from manual, paper-based purchasing to lower cost, higher control automated purchasing with comprehensive payables functionality, including vendor maintenance, invoice processing, payment processing, and regulatory reporting and compliance. You’ll be able to streamline labor intensive invoice processes with real-time visibility into vendor invoices and approval processes.

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Easily monitor status, performance, and compliance metrics

Effectively manage, perform, and streamline account reconciliations by easily monitoring status, performance, and compliance metrics. Accounts can be directly imported from your chart of accounts and automatically reconciled based on user-defined rules, or reconciled using a simple and intuitive manual reconciliation option. CloudSuite Financials acts as a central repository for supporting documentation related to your reconciliations.

Get fast, easy access to key asset information

Manage the depreciation calculations and reporting requirements needed to satisfy general ledger tax and all other depreciation books for fixed assets with CloudSuite Financials’ asset accounting features. You get fast, easy access to key asset information such as book value, location of assets, inventory costs, lease cost, and depreciation values. You can configure asset definitions by department, cost center, or location while also complying with current accounting standards and reporting requirements.

Take on your toughest financial management challenges

Infor Treasury Management for Cloudsuite™ Financials is a highly secure, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Our comprehensive product suite is designed to help you tackle many of today's most complex financial challenges by empowering forward-thinking teams to optimize key capabilities for cash and risk management, payments, and working capital strategies.

Role-based, consumer-inspired design

CloudSuite Financials offers personalized homepages that aggregate processes and information by role, delivering everything from analytics to alerts directly to users based on their responsibilities and priorities. Beautiful, intuitive, and as easy to use as personal technologies, it’s designed for the needs of those who matter most – your users.

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Designed for your industry


Over 250 million lives are touched every day by Infor’s healthcare solutions. CloudSuite Financials has the unique capabilities you need to manage your industry built in, not bolted on – from the ability to track non-financial data to calculate cost per patient to healthcare specific analytics.


  • Recall Management
  • Customizable general ledger
  • Point of use
  • Healthcare specific analytics

Public Sector

CloudSuite Financials streamlines financial, procurement, and budgeting processes for public sector organizations, resulting in improved financial discipline, increased internal controls, and reduced costs. Unique industry features include project cost accounting and grant management. The solution can also be integrated with Infor's enterprise performance management solution to help manage budget formulation and planning processes, as well as budget execution.


  • Simplify the overall business of managing government
  • Address citizen concerns faster
  • Get bills posted and paid quickly
  • Improve officials' understanding of important issues
  • Integrate systems across departments for better coordination
  • Improve planning and reporting
  • Maximize revenue and capital investments


CloudSuite Financials provides the core financial management capabilities retailers need to more effectively manage cash flow and increase the efficiency of key processes. Extension solutions, such as workforce management for retail and HR service delivery, support retail workforce scheduling and onboarding.


  • Streamline operations with one end-to-end solution
  • Increase employee productivity with real-time access to enterprise applications
  • Make online interactions a true business advantage
  • Take control of your asset maintenance and operating expenses

Professional Services

CloudSuite Financials seamlessly integrates the front office of service delivery with the back office of accounting and payroll functions. With real-time visibility into your services organization's performance and profitability, you'll be able to optimize resource utilization, reduce engagement costs, and recognize revenue opportunities earlier.


  • One time card
  • Margin predictability
  • Workforce status/location visibility
  • The right resources aligned with the right engagements
  • Streamlined billing processes
  • One source for engagement KPIs


Nonprofit organizations must be able to effectively manage key projects, budgets, grants and spending. CloudSuite Financials delivers encumbrance accounting capabilities, integrated with financial management, purchasing, procurement, projects, and grants, to streamline the management of non-profit funding and spending. In conjunction with Infor's enterprise performance management capabilities, the solution gives non-profit entities powerful analytics and budgeting/planning tools that integrate with their enterprise financial systems.


  • Easily add and manage new locations around the globe
  • Track volunteers, donors, and grants
  • Account for and streamline financial operations
  • Procure efficiently and cost effectively
  • Analyze and audit operations


The insurance industry’s unique challenges include a need to respond to customer demands more profitably and bring new product to market more quickly, along with the increased burden of regulatory governance. With CloudSuite Financials, you can simplify complexity and meet regulatory requirements with speed and accuracy.


  • International deployment
  • Consistent risk management and visibility
  • Multi language and currency reporting
  • Insight transitioning to more profitable, marketable products
  • Optimized capacity utilization across multiple locations

Financial services

Whether you're part of a growing organization or a global enterprise, Infor SunSystems delivers a sophisticated financial management solution. Capturing critical analysis to support strategic decisions, unlock data needed to drive peak performance, and get real-time financial information and reports delivered anytime, anywhere, on any device.


  • Self-service planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting tools
  • Meets local and regulatory reporting requirements in a wide variety of countries
  • Multijurisdictional reporting to accommodate international offerings

Infor OS

The Infor Operating Service powers fully integrated, industry-specific, cloud-enabled solution suites that offer mobile-first design, a consumer-inspired user experience, and science-driven analytics.

Powering next generation applications

  • Support for open source systems
  • Multi-tenant cloud enablement
  • Mobile-first design
  • Advanced data science

CloudSuite Financials

Core solution

  • Global ledger
  • Unlimited financial calendars
  • Basis reporting
  • Unlimited dimensions
  • Embedded, role-based analytics, delivered by Birst
  • Ability to publish country-specific payments and tax requirements
  • Reports for global markets
  • Full drill back capabilities
  • Action requests
  • Ability to follow an object or event

Technology and framework

  • Java technology platform
  • Open source
  • Multi-tenant cloud
  • Mobile enablement
  • Responsive design
  • Data integration through ION API
  • Centralized workflow administration

User experience

  • Role-based, consumer-inspired design
  • Personalized homepages and dashboards
  • Automatic alerts and notifications
  • Analytics embedded in work streams
  • Real-time information
  • Embedded controls

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