Infor Global Financial Controller

Infor Global Financial Controller

Unify accounts with Infor Global Financial Controller

If your financial data is in disparate systems, getting an accurate view of accounts can be like trying to hit a moving target—or several of them.

Consolidate data with an easy-to-use system that pairs global compliance capabilities with sound financial governance. Infor Global Financial Controller, part of Infor™, is a corporate accounting framework that’s designed to help financial departments define consistent and centralized rules, harmonize accounting data, and standardize processes.


Infor Global Financial Controller at a glance

  • Corporate accounting framework
  • User-configurable rules engine requires minimal programming skills
  • Integrates with third-party and Infor apps
  • Deploy and extend without needing to modify existing apps

Unique capabilities

Bring agility and consistency to your business with a platform that allows you to easily build and manage centralized corporate accounting rules while arming controllers and decision makers in your organization with global evaluation and governance capabilities.

Synchronize information and processes

Transform accounting data with far less effort than is required with complex middleware or point-to-point systems. Once a corporate standard rule is defined and activated, the rule is simultaneously applied across all connected systems, creating a single source of truth with traceable and auditable transactions—and compliance for corporate, local, and government standards.

Lower costs and improve profitability
Reduce operational costs
By generating general ledger journal entries from standard purchase orders, supplier invoices, and other transactional business object documents, the platform automates manual processes with no modification to existing systems. The intelligent, user-configurable rules engine leverages English-like syntax and requires only minimal programming skills.
Close faster and gain global insights

The platform provides extended multi-book functionality, allowing users to merge or split General Ledger transactions as needed and manage proper allocations to cost centers, including account dimensions for analysis and reporting, simplifying end-of-period closes processes. Controllers can easily manage exceptions, monitor account balances, and keep up with ever-changing government requirements.

Flexible and secure deployment

Infor Global Financial Controller is a cloud offering hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing unparalleled protection and reliability.

Open source architecture

The platform runs on an open source infrastructure that includes Apache Tomcat™, Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS), and PostgreSQL.


Through Infor ION, you can connect Infor Global Financial Controller with Infor and non-Infor applications to achieve near real-time financial integration.

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