Infor Automotive Exchange

Infor Automotive Exchange

Demand management for auto suppliers

Synchronize with your manufacturing network

Infor Automotive Exchange is a demand management solution for automotive suppliers that extends and complements traditional ERP order-to-cash capabilities by normalizing data across all customers.

Automotive manufacturers need to onboard suppliers as quickly as possible, no matter where they’re based, and share electronic data interchange (EDI) documents and details as easily as possible. With Infor Automotive Exchange, your business becomes an integral, synchronized part of your customer’s supply chain. You can direct your supply to reduce risk and improve profitability, know what your customers require immediately, and track and manage transactional information within a single integrated solution.

Infor Automotive Exchange at a glance

  • Built-in EDI trading partner requirements
  • Automatic generation of OEM-specific shipping documents and labels
  • OEM order management across multiple ERP systems
  • Managed export growth
  • Translations available for 14 languages

Unique capabilities

Automotive OEMs continue to refine logistics processes and aggressively implement improvements—with shorter lead times for their suppliers to react. To help you keep pace, Infor Automotive Exchange provides superior EDI functionality and shipping execution to optimize theentire business process of two-way information exchange between suppliers and OEMs.

Quick ROI
Quick ROI

With built-in EDI trading partner requirements, maps, and standard XML business object documents (BODs) that automate the onboarding process, Infor Automotive Exchange delivers value immediately. Integration with multiple customer systems and processes though Infor ION enables quick scalability without requiring manual adjustments to the EDI infrastructure.

Faster response
Faster response

The new face of competitiveness, much like today’s automotive products, requires speed, efficiency, and innovation.
Infor Automotive Exchange streamlines many types of manual intervention and replenishment, automatically generates OEM-specific shipping materials, and delivers more information with less effort, simplifying supplier communications, accounts payable, and receiving.

Global reach
Global reach

The changing global landscape requires OEMs and tier 1 suppliers to re-evaluate their entire supplier base to prioritize speed, effective decision-making, cost, and process transparency. Maintain your edge against global competition and manage export growth with an offering that covers all regions of the world that use X.12, Edifact, Odette, VDA, and emerging XML standards.


Infor Automotive Exchange provides faster and more accurate data collection and analysis, enabling us to make better-informed decisions so we have less overtime expenses and fewer accounting errors.

Jose Carlos De Souza Administrative and Finance Manager, AUNDE

Powerful integration capabilities

Infor Automotive Exchange is a Java-based, thin client solution. ION®-enabled integration provides powerful connectivity to multiple customer systems and processes.

Flexible deployment

Deploy on-premise or as part of Infor CloudSuite™ Automotive, and take advantage of mobile devices for the ultimate in flexibility.

Highlights and core features

Manage complex changes

Comprehensive EDI inbound transmission, transformation, trading partner management, and business rule validation are integrated with order processing. JIT/JIS capabilities include Kanban, delivery orders, and release authorization numbers. Configure automated alerts for net changes, changes in EC levels, or reductions in FAB/RAW.

Support all major protocols

Packaged trading partner business rules establish compliance with EDI transformation and customer-mandated specifications (including label requirements). Supported protocols include HTTPS, FTPS, AS2, OFTP, OFTP2, Van Connectivity, and Point to Point connections, with provisions for all major EDI standards such as ANSI X12, EDIFACT, ODETTE, VDA, and XML.

Achieve automatic integration

Infor Automotive Exchange enables you to achieve integration in production planning, manufacturing, sourcing, costing, and external logistics. Includes customizable business rules for automated release and alerts, and automatic management of EDI release to your planning and shipping schedule, with exceptions managed through defined parameters for alerts.

Reconcile cash efficiently

Supports all key payment methods, including electronic invoicing, evaluated receipt settlement, pay as built, and pay upon receipt. The single technology stack affords a common security model, with the master data controlled via the synchronized ERP. Integrated customer data ensures efficient cash reconciliation. Retro billing for piece price increases can generate detailed datasheets from history to support claims. Built-in business partner rules drive the management of variations in customer processes.

Experience the new Infor Automotive Exchange powered by Infor OS

Future-proof your enterprise with Infor OS—the foundation for a connected, intelligent network that automates, anticipates, predicts, and informs your stakeholders in everything they do.

  • User-centric operating service
  • Cloud-based delivery
  • Conversational, intuitive UX
  • Automated multi-step execution of complex tasks
  • Networked analytics and business intelligence
  • Open business process integration
  • Secure at the core
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Built for the needs of auto suppliers

Today’s production lines rely on a smooth exchange of business documents between manufacturers and their supply chains. Infor Automotive Exchange supports both standard automotive business practices and trading partner variations, easily integrating into a supplier’s enterprise ecosystem.


In recent years the automotive industry has seen hundreds of OEM-mandated business rule changes, including additions and adjustments to EDI, barcode, and shipping requirements. Infor Automotive Exchange provides the complete visibility, effective collaboration, and unprecedented control across disciplines for buy and supply sides to help manage the accelerating complexity of change. 


  • Offers translation capabilities, full trading partner rules, CUM management, in-transit calculations, order rationalization, and release sequencing
  • Includes preconfigured Transformation Services (TFS) translation maps and Sales Release Management (SRM) business rule controls
  • Transaction support features closed loop forecasts, orders, schedules, shipments, and financials

Customer stories

LTH Castings

LTH Castings

Infor’s EDI solution helps simplify logistical processes and customer communications for this complex component manufacturer.

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This leading maker of emission control systems saw immediate ROI in its Infor Automotive implementation.

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The Infor Automotive Exchange offering covers all regions of the world that use X.12, Edifact, Odette, VDA, and emerging XML standards. Infor ION, the intelligent open network, provides integration support for many ERPs, including the following.


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