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Gain a 360o view of your customer
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  • Integrated CRM powers a 360˚ customer view

    Unify front-office CRM with back-office ERP for access to a wealth of actionable data

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Drive leads, close more deals and deliver an enriched customer experience

Today's industrial manufacturers and distributors are challenged to meet diverse customer requests amid unpredictable global economic conditions. At the same time, customers and third-party stakeholders demand deeper and more varied information on orders and accounts.

Meeting these expectations requires the combined support of advanced CRM and ERP solutions. Integrating data from disparate systems, you get not only detailed customer information, but also key details on invoices, orders, and more—giving you the visibility you need to have a real conversation with your customer.

Unique capabilities

Ease of implementation, robust functionality, and high deployment flexibility make Infor CRM the platform of choice for manufacturing and distribution companies strategically focused on customer engagements.


Business process automation

Powered by ION®, Infor's purpose-built middleware offers an innovative framework to accelerate automation of business processes, drive better decision-making, and dramatically improve exception management.


Access to mission-critical data

By integrating your ERP and CRM solutions, you gain access to key customer information including order status, receivables, returns, shipments, and purchase histories. The combination delivers actionable insights, coalescing systems and data sources into a single view.


Unparalleled flexibility

With cloud, on-premise, hybrid, and mobile options to accommodate your business needs, you can buy, finance, or subscribe—while maintaining full control of your data. Select from and mix multiple license types to lower TCO and align diverse user requirements.

We find out about projects three to five years in advance and we get those into
Infor CRM so we can track and gather information, develop proposals, and plan ahead for our teams and resources.

Jason McDonald Principal, Hermanson

Flexible deployment options

Choose from single- and multi-tenant cloud options using Microsoft tech stack and MS SQL database, or deploy on-premise with Microsoft tech stack and either MS SQL or Oracle database.

Powerful integration capabilities

Implement easily and integrate with your ERP and third-party software applications through Infor's Intelligent Open Network (ION).

Highlights and core functionality



Identify opportunities and drive results

Effectively manage your sales pipeline, drive opportunities to a close. Rich customer profiles and sales productivity tools help users identify opportunities and streamline sales activities. Simultaneously, sales management tools, analytics, and proactive alerts drive accurate forecasting as well as effective team and territory management. Best-practice process automation recommends and performs winning actions that drive results.



Improve supply and demand management

Maintain a comprehensive database of vendors and suppliers to enable your organization to effectively manage supply and demand and improve overall inventory management.



Give your mobile workforce a strong competitive advantage

Leverage purpose-built applications for the mobile world and access rich CRM functionality across multiple mobile platforms through a customizable, browser-based application that is easy to deploy and manage. Interactions with native device features such as mapping, dialing, and email further streamline the mobile user experience.


Customer service

Gain visibility into key customer data

Unify your front-office and back-office systems to provide customer-facing personnel with a complete customer profile that includes ERP-managed information. Help your customers target additional revenue streams and execute growth strategies, and strengthen your relationships with customers as well as suppliers.


Analytics and reporting

Make informed decisions across the enterprise

Leverage advanced analytics to make informed decisions with real-time visibility into your CRM-related data and actively manage correct inventory levels at your customer's in-site locations.


Combining contextual business intelligence, common reporting and analysis, streamlined workflow, and business monitoring in a single, consistent architecture, Infor ION simplifies integration between Infor CRM and a variety of ERP systems, including the following:

Infor CRM Wins ISM Top 15 award

ISM Inc. names Infor CRM as a Top 15 CRM Enterprise Award winner for 2015/16. Selections are based on intensive testing of 179 selection criteria.

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A stunning new approach to user experience

Infor's next-generation applications replace confusing workflows, disorderly interfaces, and complicated screens with a beautiful, consumer-grade interface. By leveraging HTML5, users can securely access information from a wide range of browsers and devices.

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Infor CRM for Manufacturers and Distributors

In complex industries like yours, trying to make critical decisions without a full view of the customer account can deeply damage the relationship—and your profitability. See how Infor CRM turns the respective challenges of distribution and manufacturing into competitive advantage.

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Faced with global competition and ever-tightening margins, distributors must ensure efficient and strategic operations throughout their ecosystems. Infor CRM helps you increase productivity and keep pace with the evolving distribution landscape, allowing you to manage thousands of transactions, suppliers, and customers while tracking millions of inventory items.


  • Offer complex as well as traditional value-added services
  • Actively manage correct inventory levels at your customer’s in-site locations
  • Help your customers target additional revenue streams and execute growth strategies


For manufacturers, lack of visibility can lead to operational decisions on the factory floor that are hazardous to your bottom line. With Infor CRM, maintain a comprehensive vendor and supplier database that you can share across departments to support a more strategic, agile workflow. Easily track transactions to improve sales engagements, integrate with back-office systems to access manufacturing data, and leverage advanced analytics to manage supply and demand.


  • Quickly and easily access company data managed in multiple systems
  • Enable seamless cross-functional collaboration with your teams
  • Make changes to information and have the updates synchronize across systems

Customer Stories

  • CRM-ERP_CustomerStories_unifirst_HEX16ac8f_110x122.


    With insights from the customer data provided by their Infor CRM integration, UniFirst has driven improved performance in the field—and attained a 20% increase in sales.

  • CRM-ERP_CustomerStories_Independent-Stave_HEXe51837_110x122.

    Independent Stave

    See how Infor CRM helps the world's largest whiskey and wine barrel manufacturer modernize its infrastructure to get visibility over global operations.

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