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With Infor System21 and the IBM System i platform, you can optimize every aspect of your complex, global mixed-mode or distribution business, whether it's in apparel, food and beverage, automotive, electronics, industrial equipment, general manufacturing, or distribution.



What it is

You may be running a large and complex mixed-mode manufacturing operation, or a similarly sized distribution company. Regardless, one thing is clear. You can't be successful without an enterprise resource planning solution that helps you automate core processes to save time and money, and reduce risk.

With Infor System21 and the IBM System i platform, you can optimize every aspect of your complex mixed-mode or distribution business. Infor System21 helps apparel, food and beverage, automotive, electronics, industrial equipment, and general manufacturing and distribution companies:

  • Improve profits and reduce margin pressures.
  • Manage highly customized products.
  • Address the challenges of manufacturing and sourcing in low-cost countries.
  • Manage a complex supply chain to increase efficiency and reduce risk.
  • Achieve a low total cost of ownership.



Innovation in manufacturing from three expert perspectives.

Innovation in manufacturing from three expert perspectives

Manufacturing’s great debate: idea or execution? Which is most important to innovation success?

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Investing in the Power Platform


Infor CEO Charles Philips describes the major investments by Infor to solutions that run on the Power System from IBM.

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The future of ERP on IBM i


Watch how running your ERP on IBM i helps create a work experience that people love.

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System21 and Infor Ming.le™

This is a high level overview of Infor Ming.le™ working with System21.

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System21 working with Inforce

Learn about real-time integration of System21 and Inforce.

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What it does

Infor System21 delivers the manufacturing, financial management, procurement, customer service, logistics, and after-sales service management capabilities you need to:

  • Automate key manufacturing processes.
  • Develop and implement accurate production plans.
  • Respond with speed to changing requirements.
  • Compete globally.
  • Manage by exception.
  • Reduce administrative costs.

The result: Your core business processes function at high levels of efficiency despite the complex challenges you face.

What it means

You'll have the power to:

  • Increase efficiency in design, sourcing, manufacturing, outsourced manufacturing, sales, merchandising, accounts, and business reporting.
  • Substantially reduce time to market.
  • Improve the coordination of shipments, orders, and deliveries.
  • Manage the complexity of your product lines and supply chains for sustained business success.
  • Scale from a few users to thousands of users.
  • Monitor, control, and optimize all your business processes.
  • Make more strategic decisions, because you'll get business information that is timely, accurate, and comprehensive.

Join forward-thinking manufacturing and distribution companies in the apparel, food and beverage, automotive, electronics, and industrial equipment industries that are dramatically improving their business performance with Infor System21.

Find out what Infor System21 means to these customers:


New Workspace user interface combined with Pulse and Activity Deck

Delivers a dramatically modernized user experience and will change the way people work.

ION Enabled

Extends the core footprint to include high value extension applications quickly and efficiently.

Extended applications

Adds new capabilities to deliver significant business value with little disruption on top of core, proven ERP.

Flexible global deployment

Delivers single instance for improved total cost of ownership.

Reporting and Analytics

Provides a single version of the truth across the enterprise. Drives greater value from core ERP solution and makes data available across the enterprise.

Core features


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