Global HR

Global HR

Turn HR into a strategic lever

Transform your HR knowledgebase into a system of record

Delivering the broadest feature set in the industry, Infor Global Human Resources provides you with the foundation on which to build your talent strategy. Free up your global teams from time-consuming transactional tasks and enable them to be more connected, proactive, and effective for maximum productivityanytime, anywhere.

Eliminate the need for customer interfaces between point solutions. Quickly deploy prebuilt, reusable, and scalable integrated components that provide timely, accurate, and insightful employee data to all of your relevant HR and business applications.

Global HR at a glance

  • Maximize your international workforce outcomes
  • Leverage 17 pre-built translations and 25 localizations
  • Align HR processes to business goals
  • Establish performance standards and identify competency weaknesses
  • Centralize employee information on a single platform
  • Empower employees to find information free of HR

The Infor Difference

It's an ongoing conversation in business, and it gets louder every year. With a fast-paced, socially connected economy flattening the world around us, talent continues to be a significant competitive differentiator; managing its evolving landscape requires companies to be agile and explore a dynamic approach that drives growth by optimizing their employees. Most organizations can identify with internal challenges of change, complexity, heterogeneity, skepticism, risk, and economic constraints in their fluid HR business models.

To meet these evolving demands, Infor delivers comprehensive and flexible HCM solutions that transform every facet of your HR operations enabling you with direct visibility that measures the effectiveness of your policies, procedures and practices across all lines of business for making better decisions.

With the new Infor GHR core human resource set of configurable, simplified, flexible and personalized capabilities for the person system of record, absence management, time entry and benefits administration workflows; HR organizations can unify both data and processes that enables your total workforce to drive desired business results while providing a 'beautiful' experience.

Childrens health

What we're doing with Global HR in the context of the overall Human Capital Management Suite, moving to Talent Management was an important strategic move for us.

Chris Leadoff Senior Director of Business Applications, Children's Health,

Address the needs of your complex domestic or global organization

By offering pre-built reusable components, enabling continuity across all HR processes, and providing seamless web-based user experiences and expedited deployment of HR applications and services, Global HR can help you drive successful business outcomes anywhere in the world.

Experience comprehensive functionality
Experience comprehensive functionality

With knowledge-based business processes, value-add modules, and Infor Talent Science innovation, Global HR provides the comprehensive breadth and depth of functionality and technology you need to analyze your workforce strengths, establish performance standards, and identify competency weaknesses.

Streamline customizable processes
Streamline customizable processes

Tap into Infor Global HR's interoperable capabilities through configurations of user content, data, security, fields, and on/off features to control the extent of functionality your business requires. Eliminate the need for custom interfaces between point solutions thanks to prebuilt, reusable, and scalable integrated components to provide timely and accurate employee data to other HR and business applications.

Maximize your international workforce
Maximize your international workforce

Take advantage of Infor Global HR's 17 pre-built translations and 25 localizations to maximize your international workforce outcomes. Create a tailored and meaningful user experience that addresses the needs of your complex domestic or global organization.

Reusable foundational components and extended modules

Analyze potential bench strength

Establish performance expectations and analyze potential bench strength with this full-scope human resource foundation competency model. Learn more about your people and the processes around them to turn your human resources into a strategic asset for your business.

Modernized benefits enrollments and plan management

Experience this easy-to-use set of flexible, and compliant administration features that support configuring complex health, spending accounts, insurance, disability, retirement, savings plans and the employee's enrollment experiences.

Monitor impact of resource movements against budgets

Keep close track of the impact of resource movement against your budgets. Track the resource movement against the planned budget through hiring requisition and employment lifecycles to automatically monitor your position budget.

View absence data in real-time

This flexible and robust absence and time management system seamlessly integrates to payroll. With unlimited numbers of accrual rates, you can balance and control payment all within a single absence plan, so you can quickly assess the impact of individual absences on the greater team to help manage absence costs more effectively.

Improve on-boarding and off-boarding processes

Quickly and smoothly integrate new hires (on-boarding) helping them to navigate the administrative needs while getting acclimated to a new organization. Ramp up employees changing work assignments (cross-boarding) to speed up engagement and productivity in new work tasks. Aid terminating and retiring employees (off-boarding) as they transition from your organization to a different opportunity in a helpful yet compliant manner.

Take control and stay compliant

Take control while staying compliant by regulating costly workplace issues through the administration of workforce health programs and execution of employee safety programs.

Easy, mobile, and secure

Increase revenue and profitability by capturing employee time via any mobile device or desktop. Decrease costs through payroll integrations, as well as consolidating and predicting time entry projectsanytime, anywhere.

Replace paper-based processes

Streamline employee-relations processes by improving accessibility of information. Replace paper-based processes to foster better outcomes by reducing the time and effort human resources spends mitigating issues and managing grievances.

Role-based self-service functions for employees and managers

Leverage this new on-demand standard across all human resources functions to empower managers and employees to quickly and easily find, review, create, and modify reports of pertinent HR information—all from a single online access point.

Infor Global HR 11.0.1

Learn about the latest features in the newest release of Global HR, including Transition Management, which allows you to manage your employees' employment lifecycle from pre-boarding to on-boarding, and cross-boarding.  With Transition Management:

Managers can:

  • View transition programs for new hires and employees and monitor status (pending/in progress/completed).
  • View summary of tasks assigned to new hires or employees.
  • Communicate with new hires by email.
  • View and complete tasks.

Transition employees can:

  • Access and complete transition programs directly from employee space.
  • View relevant and informative content, watch welcome videos, view instructions, policies, and documentation prior to their first day.
  • Validate personal data collected as part of the online application process.
  • Keep track of required tasks in their transition program with automatic status updates.
  • View PDF versions of completed forms for printing or saving electronically.

Designed for your industry

With Global HR, you get a best-in-class human resources management solution to address all of your human resources needs. Core capabilities and rich functionality combine to provide you the tools to address the specific HR needs of your industry.


Leverage Global HR to tackle administrative processes more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before, allowing your staff more time to focus on patient care.

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  • Improve employee workflow and autonomy through a paperless environment
  • Minimize redundancies to improve performance
  • Address regulatory compliances with pre-configured rules-based processes
  • Provide a more appealing format for your employees to track and view personalized data

Public sector

Give your staff and faculty the power of online, self-service access to human resources information to ultimately streamline your HR processes.


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  • Transforms and modernizes how services are delivered for public use
  • Enables technology to reduce the bureaucracy and paper-based approaches
  • View and manage personal and benefits information quickly and easily
  • Ensure your organization is complying with standards and rules concerning waste, fraud, abuse, and accountability by having easy accessibility to key information
  • Tie together existing information systems, financial system and other data to eliminate information siloes
  • Supports employee relationship programs i.e.; diversity initiatives


Deliver more functionality, more flexibility to personalize and engage your diverse workforce with a broad set of configurable features and services that improves compliance, reduces costs and improves acquiring and retaining employees all from a single source of personnel information.


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  • Gain full-scale modern HR processes for all your people, full time, part-time and contingent employees to support your businesses
  • Develop, deploy and monitor benefits, absence and time-entry plans that are integrated to payroll
  • Mitigate risk by being able to track employee relations as well as health and safety issues all from the same location
  • Empower your staff with employee and manager self-service tools to foster a collaborative workforce


Shift your workforce from an operational and transactional system to one that has more time to focus on transforming your business strategy to stay competitive and close the generational skills gap.


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  • Turns your core HR from record-keeping to streamlining business processes to help attract the right talent
  • Streamlined benefits, health and safety programs, employee relations and labor law compliance reduce costs and eliminate redundant information
  • Deftly manage language barriers and country-specific requirements with translation and localizations capabilities
  • Robust graphic interface modeling tools
  • Provide proper communication and encourage employee adoption and embracement of company, government and union regulations policies


Help employees adopt your corporation's view and mitigate disruptive trends of consumer branding, quest expectations, and non-integrated HR applications that limits growth and interfere with operational excellence.


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  • Alleviate back-office HR distractions so that employees can spend time building a transformational guest experience
  • Maximize employee efficiency through self-service centers
  • Utilize a comprehensive risk-management program to provide HR compliance and workplace safety assurance
  • Remain compliant across all HR, payroll and benefit platforms to protect against indemnity
  • Leverage a cloud platform to integrate payroll, benefits, and HR administration, freeing up employee time to focus more on customers

Financial Services

Global HR helps streamlines regulatory reform and controls cost to simplify the workforce process infrastructure to be more responsive to strategic people needs.


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  • Increases visibility and transparency of HR activities to increase workforce productivity
  • Free HR to focus on more strategic activities
  • Save time consolidating data from disparate sources
  • Share common master data and infrastructure for all HR capabilities
  • Gain personalized self-service views of HR data relevant to roles

An easy and enjoyable experience

Global HR delivers on our beautiful, next-generation interface, and offers users a familiar, consumer-grade software experience that's designed to help them work smarter and faster.

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Experience Global HR powered by Infor OS

Future-proof your enterprise with Infor OS—the foundation for a connected, intelligent network that automates, anticipates, predicts, and informs your stakeholders in everything they do.

  • User-centric operating service
  • Cloud-based delivery
  • Conversational, intuitive UX
  • Automated multi-step execution of complex tasks
  • Networked analytics and business intelligence
  • Open business process integration
  • Secure at the core
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Extend your Global HR implementation

Your core Global Human Resources solution easily extends to best-in-class applications that are unified by a common platform and stunning user interface.

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