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Infor Talent Management

Align people, initiatives, and strategy

Unlock the potential of your organization's talent

Effective talent management is more than just finding and keeping the right people. It's also about knowing which employee have the highest potential and recruiting more talent like them. By using predictive data to create workforce insights, you can make better decisions for your staff and organization.

Infor Talent Management is an integrated set of applications organically built to support organizations' strategic people initiatives. Infor Talent Management unlocks the potential of your organization's talent by letting you identify, hire, develop, reward, and retain the best of the best, all using a single, unified user experience that people love.

Infor Talent Management at a glance

  • Performance management
  • Goal management
  • Development planning
  • Succession management
  • Compensation management
  • Talent acquisition
  • 25 countries
  • 17 languages

Position employees for success

Infor Talent Management is one of several core solutions that comprise the Infor Human Capital Management suite system. The solution helps you link your people and the work they do with your business strategy, empowering you to make an immediate and lasting impact on your organization’s success.

Infused talent science
Infused talent science

Infor Talent Management combined with Infor’s Talent Science-Behavioral DNA® changes the game: Use a patented scientific approach to analyze individual behaviors and identify the right people for the job at hand, maximizing performance and workforce ROI with fact-based, predictive data analytics. With customized job profiles you can key on specific cognitive and cultural preferences to "naturally" match employees to positons to optimize all of their potential.

Unified experience
Unified experience

Streamline and centralize talent processes to address increasing global demands and generate revenue. Share unified data, talent profiles, and analytics from one single source. Manage the right talent in a comprehensive, configurable personalized suite to meet each client's unique needs to empower employees and business leaders.

Personalize developement
Personalized development

Deliver personalized, optimized learning powered by science. With Infor Learning Optimization you can identify behavioral disconnects and deliver content (books, courses, personalized coaching) to improve employee performance, while simultaneously reducing the costs associated with indiscriminate training. Employees will learn to be aware of, and compensate for, behavioral disconnects to the benefit of their organization and themselves.

Deeper employee engagement
Talent engagement

Drive desired outcomes by keeping talent engaged by matching an individual's personality, beliefs, and values with the culture, norms, and values of an organization. Help employees stay engaged with behavior science that provides "best fit analysis" insight and reports (when combined with Talent Science), manage performance and drive team initiatives collectively and collaboratively towards successful group goals, and develop a deeper employee/manager relationship to drive desirable outcomes.

Strategic planning
Organizational strategic planning

Use the Talent Science approach to change the game from "gut feel" to "evidence-based" data decision-making when combined with Talent Management. Incorporate predictable behavior data to help individuals perform in a manner that supports your business strategy. Objectively select, hire, develop, retain, and award top performers who will perform better; stay longer, and achieve desired results.


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Powerful integration capabilities

Infor's Intelligent Open Network (ION) and Infor Ming.le™ enable cross-application process flows, intuitive social collaboration, and more.

An open technology stack

Infor TM gives you options with respect to database, hardware platform, or operating system, offering maximum flexibility for how you choose to deploy and manage your talent operations.

Highlights and core functionality

Assess employee performance while recognizing and rewarding top performers. Take advantage of behavior data profiles to arm employees with additional insights and learning resources that enable performance at optimum levels towards business result achievement. Tailor appraisals that automatically flows through areas, groups, positions to provide immediate feedback to your employees. Use employee evaluation data and 'best fit analyses' to assist individuals and teams fine-tune expectations and improve future performance.

Design and track development plans based on employee, management, and strategic planning inputs.

Maintain competitive pay levels while managing payroll costs; manage pay-for-performance, compensation planning and awarding. Provide your teams with all the HR data required for making budget decisions without the manual intervention of piecing data together. Manage equity allocation correctly and accurately—from budget creation, to award equity approval, to lower cost. Eliminate manual cumbersome compensation performance pay processes; automatically include performance, goals, and compensation data into a streamlined process that syncs HR systems (promotions/pay/job changes) and avoids employee overpayment and underpayments.

Align employee goals with business objectives by cascading goals and results throughout the organization so everyone—from top executives to individual employees—can see how they impact overall organizational success. Leverage the at-a-glance graphical view to build time-bound actions, manage and monitor individual employee goal attainment, and increase manager and employee accountability.

Identify and track critical positions, high performers, and talent gaps. Create plans to fill both expected and unexpected vacancies; plan employee progression; reduce attrition and flight risk to ensure business continuity success. Integrate talent acquisition capabilities into succession planning to gain a comprehensive view of potential successors, including new or internal resources to monitor your skill bench strength.

Beat the competition to the best and the brightest talent. Help find top performers, engage them and get them on board faster and more cost-effectively. Uncover characteristics and patterns to provide insight into individual personal success criteria. Profile key cognitive and cultural preferences to naturally match employees to positons aligned to the beliefs, norms, and values of your organization.


What our customers are saying

From knowing which employees have the highest potential to recruiting more talent like them, we’re helping organizations get the most from your talent.


Infor Talent Management

“Expanding our relationship with Infor was an easy choice, as we strive to provide our teams with innovative, modern tools to make day-to-day tasks more efficient. We will retire more than a dozen mission-critical systems into a single, cloud-based offering from Infor that will drive the digital transformation critical to our business.”

Mike Rodgers
Senior Vice President of Digital and Technology Solutions, Pilot Flying J
Pilot Flying J
Infor Talent Management

“We run an extremely lean HR department and have gained tremendous efficiencies with Infor solutions. Infor solutions allow us to successfully manage our business.”

Lorie Semmel
Director of HR Operations, Community Bank System, Inc.
Community Bank
Infor Talent Management

“We needed to take a holistic approach to our entire HR system in order find, develop, and retain employees best suited to our unique culture of care at Presbyterian Healthcare Services. Infor offers a flexible solution that depends on science-driven technology, which is best suited to our needs.”

Becky Rafferty
Compensation and HRIS Director, Presbyterian Healthcare Services

A stunning new approach to user experience

Infor's next-generation applications replace confusing workflows, disorderly interfaces, and complicated screens with a beautiful, consumer-grade interface. Users can securely access information from a wide range of browsers and devices.

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Infor Talent Management: Designed for your industry

With Infor Talent Management, you get a best-in-class human resources management solution designed to support strategic people initiatives. Extensive integration and functionality around specific business processes help you address the HR needs of your industry.


Infor Talent Management applications that are developed specifically for the healthcare industry are designed to help nurture top talent, engage employees, and foster a community aligned to an organization's mission of safe and quality care.

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  • Determine which candidate is best suited to a specific nursing modality, such as emergency room, operating room, labor and delivery, or intensive care
  • Reduce staff turnover, particularly in the first-year nursing population
  • Plan a career path for each nurse that drives success at every level


Infor Hospitality solutions let your employees focus on improving guest service and enhancing your bottom line. Talent management helps you upgrade your workforce with experienced team members and deliver high-quality service to budget-minded customers. Decrease costs, raise profits, grow your business, and build the loyalty that keeps guests coming back for more.

Learn more about Infor solutions for hospitality ›


  • Reduce employee and management turnover
  • Streamline the hiring process to accumulate a large candidate pool
  • Make better hiring decisions using a science-based process


Get talent management tools designed to help your teams easily adapt to new manufacturing methods, changing customer requirements, and evolving business strategies. With Infor Talent Management, manufactures can manage talent profiles using high-potential indicators to identify critical skills and succession planning.

Learn more about Infor solutions for manufacturing ›


  • Easily customize training for each user role within industry specialization
  • Automatically document employee develop and learning data to define expected contribution and growth
  • Effectively manage language barriers and country-specific requirements with Infor GHR translations and localization capabilities

Public sector

Fulfill your agency's mission and effectively serve constituents through smarter hiring decisions. Match employees to critical-skill roles that typically incur abnormal rates of turnover. Drive performance by becoming more adept at predicting candidate success and retaining employees who more closely align with your organizational role requirements.

Learn more about Infor solutions for public sector ›


  • Improve hiring decisions using the objective Talent Science process when adding adjunct faculty members or recruiting students
  • Use the new approach to Behavioral DNA to hire qualified replacements that fulfill organizational mandates and mission; use data benchmarks and key indicators to better assess employees' competencies against job profiles; ultimately to identify, develop and retain top performers


Know everything about your people, processes, and the skills that surround them. Increase hourly and managerial employee retention well beyond traditional hiring methods and make better hiring decisions to build teams of employees that naturally drive sales.

Learn more about Infor solutions for retail ›


  • Decrease voluntary/involuntary turnover
  • Improve achievements in sales percentage to goal
  • Ramp up to full productivity more quickly

Financial Services

Regulatory reform, rising competition, and growing stakeholder expectations have prompted financial institutions in banking and securities, investment management, insurance, and other related areas, as well as financial and professional services firms to reconsider how they approach business, operations, and talent. With Infor Talent Management, you can get the most out of your talent's capabilities.

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  • Improve service and loyalty from skilled talent
  • Drive accurate strategies for growth and service profitability
  • Optimize talent budgeting and planning
  • Provide increased visibility into performance and risk

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Now infused with Infor Talent Science Predictive Talent Analytics®, Infor Talent Management unlocks the potential of organizations' ability to identify, hire, develop, reward, and retain the right people to achieve a higher return on their workforce.

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