Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management Software

Optimize scheduling and time and attendance

Time and attendance software that drives labor optimization

Time and attendance software is key to controlling labor costs, and it is the top priority of companies of every size, in every industry. Infor's Workforce Management (WFM) solutions offer a comprehensive suite of modules that align labor management with corporate strategy. Integrated schedule optimization, absence management, and time and attendance modules address every aspect of labor performance. Infor WFM increases efficiency, while encouraging employees to focus on activities that generate more value.

Infor Workforce Management at a glance

  • Compliant time and attendance tracking
  • Shift or demand-driven optimized scheduling
  • Mobile-first workforce management
  • Improved employee communication
  • Real-time labor analytics
  • Industry-specific with last-mile functionality

What our customers are saying

From balancing talent needs, to labor tracking, timekeeping, and scheduling, we're improving the way organizations approach workforce strategy.
Infor Workforce Management

"Infor WFM has been our go-forward enterprise solution for timekeeping at Albertsons for many years. Given our future acquisition strategy, a ULA makes the most sense in the short term, while we finalize our plans to move to the cloud and expand."

Rita Patel
Director IT, Albertsons Companies
Albertsons companies
Infor Workforce Management

"With this new and extended recommitment to Infor WFM, American Airlines is securing its employee and workforce future with a solution that has become an ingrained and integral part of our standard operating procedures."

Brian McCutcheon
Manager, Employee Technology, American Airlines
American Airlines
Infor Workforce Management

"Given that our legacy WFM solution was heavily customized and costly to maintain, Infor provided a path for us to accelerate a cost justified project that will retire legacy 3P applications and deliver a standardized global cloud solution."

Paul Chapman
Chief Information Officer, Gap
Infor Workforce Management

"Coming off of both homegrown and manual solutions for time and scheduling, WSI had some very unique requirements. We needed a partner that understood the retail space and what we were trying to accomplish as an organization."

Tina Ghielmetti
Vice President, Williams Sonoma
Williams Sonoma
Infor Workforce Management

“Within two months of signing our contract we had a pilot up for 1,000 associates. Four months later we had deployed on a rolling every week schedule to the remaining 49,000. The returns have been more than we had ever hoped.”

Kassidie Light Menoni
Senior Vice President, Group Operations Manager, Bank of America
Bank of America
Infor Workforce Management

“From a day-to-day business perspective, the ability to deliver a mobile solution to our managers and associates in our theaters has improved our operational efficiency.”

Scott Winters
Vice President, Theatre Systems, AMC
Workforce Planning

“Workforce planning enables our strategic supply chain planning to ensure we have the right quality and quantity of talent to service our worldwide customers. The strong people analytics help us to balance our talent needs for growth and efficiency.”

Francois Barbier
President Global Operations, Flex
Infor Workforce Management

“The power of a single workforce management solution to administer all labor collection, scheduling, and labor costing is directly related to the reduction in process costs.”

David Bohl, PMP, HR PIM
Project Manager, International Paper
International Paper
Infor Workforce Management

“As a long-time Infor customer and one of Infor's first Workforce Management customers in the cloud, we have seen significant momentum, not only in the product offering, but the management of our deployment... We are excited about Infor's digital efforts and increased product breadth.”

Aaron Tovar
IT Manager, Exelon
Exelon Corp
Infor Workforce Management

“We reviewed several of the leading vendors. Only Infor provided a comprehensive solution with broad functionality and significant configurability.”

Scott Zamer
CFO, GD Bath Iron Works
General Dynamics
Infor Workforce Management

“We have been using Infor WFM for many years within our manufacturing facilities at Phillip Morris. No other system would allow such efficiency and handle our complex rules as easily as Infor.”

Joe Barker
Manager IT, Altria
Infor Workforce Management

“The value associated with automation extends well beyond simply paying people correctly and maintaining accurate records. Our approach is implementing a strong labor tracking foundation inclusive of scheduling, task and activity tracking, and labor and productivity analytics.”

Pamela Siech
Manager Corporate IT-HR & Legal Systems, Kohler Corporation
Infor Workforce Management

“We can now automatically create schedules to address complex labor challenges that stem from government regulations, union requirements, business rules, and customer demand.”

Karla Younger
Vice-President Shared Services, The Coca-Cola Company
Infor Workforce Management

“With Infor Workforce Management for Manufacturing, we've reduced costs by automating several employee processes. We can now ensure the equitable distribution of available overtime to qualified employees, in accordance with union and regulatory policies.”

Robbi Anne Wendel
Director IT Resources and Applications, Nissan North America, Inc.

Industry specialization

Every industry has unique needs that, when addressed with the most effective solutions, can be alleviated and help establish workforce quality as a competitive advantage. With our industry-specific functionality, you can increase your profits, reduce labor costs, cut down on admin task completion time, and support more users without compromising performance.

Industrial Manufacturing

Being flexible and responsive to customer needs is a daily challenge within the manufacturing industry. What if you could build better relationships with your extended supply chain? And what if you could reduce costs and increase capacity while delivering higher-quality products with a stronger workforce? You can save time, labor, and money while growing your company with new solutions designed specifically for manufacturing's workforce management needs.

Learn more about Infor solutions for industrial manufacturing ›


  • Develop talent to support business goals
  • Control labor costs, payroll, and scheduling
  • Forecast business and talent needs
  • Comply with safety issues and other regulations
  • Utilize global, connected systems


To provide the best customer experience, both brick-and-mortar stores and the ever-growing online outlets need the tools to maximize staff productivity. Our workforce management solutions can help you to ensure you have the right staff in the right roles, while also keeping a close eye on your operational budget.

Learn more about Infor solutions for retail ›


  • Automate key workforce management processes across regions and districts
  • Anticipate workforce demands and schedule the right coverage around seasonal needs
  • Better analyze and report on workforce data whether peak times or when things are slow
  • Comply with complex regulations and rules around the workforce
  • Maximize sales and business value from your workforce


Guest experience is a primary driver of traveler choice for hospitality providers. And great service comes from great people that allow hospitality companies to cut costs and maximize revenue potential. We help hotels, resorts, casinos, and other related enterprises produce results that drive revenue through informed workforce decisions, reduced turnover, improved performance, and reduced operating costs.

Learn more about Infor solutions for hospitality ›


  • Control payroll and manage various roles
  • Attract and retain service-driven talent
  • Increase net room revenue and profit per room
  • Identify and correct unproductive activity
  • Maintain compliance with employment laws


Financial institutions in banking and securities, investment management, insurance, and other related areas, as well as financial and professional services firms are working to control costs and evaluate restructuring across the organization. Regulatory reform, rising competition, and growing stakeholder expectations have prompted institutions to reconsider how they approach business, operations, and talent. With Workforce Management, you can understand your talent capabilities and match labor to demand with the right people at the right time.


  • Maintain compliance in response to changing reforms
  • Improve service and loyalty from skilled talent
  • Lower expense ratios through greater efficiency
  • Drive accurate strategies for growth and service profitability
  • Improve timely and accurate consolidation of financial reporting
  • Optimize talent budgeting and planning
  • Provide increased visibility into performance and risk

Public Sector

Budget cuts, hiring freezes, and a decrease in available skills all add pressure while new public expectations of services and financial accountability expand. Our solutions help local and state governments, education stakeholders, and others in the public sector reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and plan ahead.

Learn more about Infor solutions for public sector ›


  • Streamline payroll operations with our core HR, benefits, and payroll capabilities
  • Gain greater visibility into labor issues and costs
  • Maintain compliance with labor laws and regulations
  • Improve workforce efficiency through technology


For healthcare organizations like yours, workload rarely matches the forecast, schedules can change in the days and hours before a shift. The Infor Healthcare Workforce Management Suite simplifies and automates processes so your entire staff can focus on delivering safe, quality care. You gain a comprehensive solution to reduce staffing complexity, control labor costs, boost staff morale, and improve patient care. Valuable data collection and analysis identify process improvements, helping you make better-informed decisions in real time.

Learn more about Infor solutions for healthcare ›


  • Decrease the number of hospital-acquired conditions and increase revenue
  • Reduce data entry labor costs and improve savings
  • Refine processes, maximize efficiency, and increase profits
  • Reduce staff turnover, decreasing hiring and training costs
  • Better predict patient procedure costs

Aerospace & Defense

Infor's solutions for A&D can help you optimize your workforce operations and improve quality. You'll have the tools to maintain regulatory compliance and manage supplier challenges as it relates to your workforce more easily across your entire supply chain.

Learn more about Infor solutions for aerospace & defense ›


  • Manage manufacturing, engineering, service and program resources in a single solution
  • Increase resource usage and inventory level reductions
  • Better monitor project cost tracking according to performance and the most stringent A&D standards


Aggressive schedules, globalization, cost challenges, and increasingly complex components require a more agile and modern workforce management solution for automotive manufacturers. Innovative capabilitiessuch as enterprise search, configurable user interfaces, and personalized dashboardshelp position you to meet the expectations and needs of today's automotive workforce.

Learn more about Infor solutions for automotive ›


  • Build templates to represent budget and necessary skill mix
  • Create one-time schedules to pre-assign employee shifts for the current scheduling period
  • Empower employees with the ability to self-schedule
  • Access robust schedule planning and management views

Food & Beverage

As a food and beverage manufacturer, you face challenges that are forcing you to rethink the way you do business. From meat and poultry manufacturers to dairy, bakery, and beverage manufacturers, food and beverage companies need agility and speed from your workforce management systems to drive down costs, increase innovation, and boost efficiency.

Learn more about Infor solutions for food & beverage ›


  • Experience a modern user interface and tools for greater workforce productivity
  • Manage your scheduling and budgeting needs to stay on top of seasonal or regular production orders
  • Gain visibility and compliance across your business whether you run one site or multiple sites

A suite of modules to extend your tech investment

Infor Workforce Management has extensive integration capabilities for both Infor and non-Infor sources, reflecting Infor's commitment to delivering solutions built on a best-in-class model and integrated in a single platform for enterprise-wide monitoring.

Workforce Management

  • Time and Attendance
  • Labor Forecasting and Scheduling
  • Multi-View Scheduling
  • Leave Management
  • Task Management

Workforce Capture

Workforce Planning

Optimize your workforce

Workforce Management is an integrated, comprehensive solution that aligns labor management with corporate strategy, automates processes, and streamlines operations.

Workforce Budgeting and Planning

Infor Workforce Management streamlines and automates the workforce planning process so you can accurately plan your workforce deployment. The Workforce Budgeting and Planning module helps eliminate costs, time, and errors from the budgeting and planning processes by allowing top-down and bottom-up collaboration on both short and long-term budgeting activities. It also integrates annual and periodic forecasting activities with weekly workforce management execution. The module features both budget creation and budget management features, and uses historical data to generate bottom-up budgets.

Workforce Leave Management

The ability to properly account for any type of employee leave situation is critical to high quality staffing plans. This includes vacation, sick, FMLA, and other unpaid leave events. Any type of employee absence has a productivity, cost and compliance implication that must be properly accounted for. Workforce Leave Management gives your employers the tools to automate and maintain employee balance accruals and time off requests while also producing an accurate staffing schedule throughout the organization.

Workforce Scheduling for Manufacturing

Manufacturers with large workforces must not only efficiently deploy their people, but also keep employee initiatives in line with business objectives. The key to meeting this challenge is a proven solution that helps ensure appropriately skilled employees are available when the workload demands they should beat the optimal cost to you. The scheduling solution helps you develop schedules mathematically, edit complex or temporary schedules, and automate schedule creation with multiple tools that help you meet operational demands.

Workforce Scheduling for Healthcare

No two healthcare organizations face the same combination of patient census, union rules, government regulations, and corporate policies driving their nurse scheduling processes. With Workforce Scheduling for Healthcare, you can create and edit sophisticated schedules by assigning nurses to meet required demand, manage your scheduling process from demand planning, to schedule creation, to day-to-day staffing, easily find appropriate replacement employees when necessary, access real-time workload coverage indicators and key workforce summary statistics, easily book employee time off, and standardize scheduling practices across your organization, while maintaining flexibility for unit-driven staffing processes.

Workforce Attendance Control

Maintain attendance history for each employee, set notifications for violations, automate leave entitlement processes, and assess the overall business impact of unscheduled absences. Whether your policy is points or occurrence based, Workforce Attendance Control can automate escalated matters for employee documentation and discipline. With the Workforce Attendance Control module, you can also recognize individual or group patterns and proactively notify supervisors as necessary, and have more consistent rules applied.

Workforce Analytics and Business Intelligence

With the integrated Workforce Analytics and Business Intelligence module, managers get real-time visibility into key workforce performance indicators, including labor spend, overtime, and attendance across all regions. The WABI module includes management dashboards for at-a-glance views of workforce performance with real-time alerts, and it includes reporting to support decisions, perform ad hoc queries, or create customized reports to drill down on specific business needs. With a production-based analytics and BI solution, you can import data sets from other systems, and be assured that your data is real-time and actionable.

Workforce Activity Based Costing

Create and track all labor tasks and subtasks and measure actual labor productivity to optimize reconciliation of paid time to labor. Workforce Activity Based Costing empowers you to make better business decisions based on deep insight instead of guesswork and make accurate commitments to your customers. You no longer need to struggle to access labor information that is often fragmented and located across multiple disparate systems. Customers can combine project, work order and production metrics with actual labor utilization to gain a holistic view of production costs. Information is available as soon as it's captured on the shop floor module, not hours later, so production can recognize constraints and delays in real time, identify idle employees, and redeploy resources to proactively align capacity with demand. The one-view at-a-glance dashboard provides visual clues about which activities need attention, so you can proactively improve workforce performance.

Workforce Time and Attendance

Infor Workforce Time and Attendance is designed with the most powerful pay rules and work standards library in the industry. Couple this with consumer grade user experiences and the portability that employees enjoy with mobility, your organization will experience unmatched productivity and cost savings. Infor automates 100% of your time and attendance processes. This helps reduce payroll costs, increase compliance with government and union regulations, and motivate employees by empowering them to manage their time at work and during time-off. The Time and Attendance module also allows you to validate time and labor data collection in real time, helping to control related processes and reduce overpayments and other errors.

Workforce Task Management

Workforce Task Management is an enterprise tool that properly accounts for both fixed and variable activities that need to be accomplished during an employee shift. When coupled with other Workload attributes, Task Management accurately allocates activities to resources and predicts high quality staffing plans. This includes task creation and communication, task execution and consistency, task tracking, and facility compliance.

Workforce Scheduling for Retail

All retailers are challenged by seasonal shopper demand, employee considerations, union rules, government regulations, and corporate policies driving their workforce scheduling processes. Workforce Scheduling for Retail offers several forecasting and scheduling templates, all of which are integrated with the core Time and Attendance and Task and Leave Management modules. You can confidently manage schedules, even with a temporary workforce or during the fluctuating demands of cyclical business peaks and valleys.

Workforce Scheduling for Banking

There is a delicate balance in forecasting and scheduling employees at banking branches from a cost perspective, and meeting projected customer service demand. It's critical to not overstaff and negatively impact a branch's bottom line. With Workforce Scheduling for Banking, the ability to analyze historical trends and relevant branch KPIs, coupled with predictive analytics, automates employee scheduling in an end-to-end fashion giving branch managers confidence that they will always have the right number of people, with the correct skillset, on their branch floor.

Workforce Labor Standards and Workload

One of Infor's guiding principles is specialization by industry. This approach to application design is evident within the integrated Workforce Labor Standards and Workload module. Infor understands that companies track and manage workload, and then measure effectiveness based on labor standards, in unique and highly specific ways based on the industry in which they do business. Whether that information is imported from other systems, such as POS in retail or MES in manufacturing, or inputted and managed in Infor WFM, we utilize this data to design highly effective scheduling, staffing, and resource plans.

Workforce Contract and Billing

Workforce Contract and Billing manages labor metric details relevant to a uniqueor group ofmanaged customer contracts, including wage rates, bill rates, premium charges, supplemental categories, and other bill formats to help streamline workforce management decisions. Effective administration of these contract details leads to more accurate employee scheduling, time and attendance capture, payroll distribution, and contract billing. This unified approach gives you real-time insights into workforce deployment, gross payroll, and both actual and expected revenues. Real-time KPIs and a highly robust rules engine help eliminate errors in both wage calculations and bill rate calculations to maximize revenue and ensure employee compliance.

Plan for changing labor needs

Infor Workforce Management helps organizations of all sizes meet the complex challenges of labor management. By helping you adhere to payroll best practices, increasing labor cost visibility and control, and improving compliance, the solution can increase net profit margins by 15 to 40 basis points, reduce labor costs by up to 6%, and cut administrative task completion time by as much as 60%.

Lower costs and improve profitability
Lower costs and improve profitability

Make sure your staffing meets the needs of your business, with tools that facilitate long-term planning connected to shorter-term forecasting to improve profitability. Eliminating costs, time, and errors from the budgeting and planning cycle, Infor Workforce Management boosts operating efficiency and increases agility in how you deploy your workforce.

Labor and regulatory compliance
Labor and regulatory compliance

Ensure that the people with the necessary skills are working where and when they're needed most, with monitoring capabilities that allow you to spot performance issues early, avoid compliance violations, and improve productivity with greater visibility into how you can make better staffing choices throughout your organization.

Deeper employee engagement
Deeper employee engagement

Increase margins while enhancing employee satisfaction by empowering workers to define their availability and collaborate to set schedules. Ensure pay compliance through automated wage and hour rules, improve transaction times and information access through an optimized user experience.

Business process efficiencies
Business process efficiencies

Align workforce management processes with corporate strategy to improve bottom-line business results. Address critical workforce management requirements, including planning, time and attendance, workforce mobility, employee transaction manager, performance management, and compliance.

Maximum deployment flexibility

Available on-premise or through a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model, the solution lets you choose how you want to manage your operations.

An open technology stack to run on any infrastructure

Infor Workforce Management is a browser-based Java solution that can run on a variety of databases and hardware platforms.

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