Infor Cloverleaf Integration and Information Exchange Suite

Infor Cloverleaf Integration and Information Exchange Suite

Healthcare Interoperability

Cloverleaf for interoperability, integration and data aggregation

Cloverleaf Integration and Clinical Exchange Suite helps streamline the exchange and aggregation of clinical data within an organization, its partners and across a community of care to improve patient outcomes.

Cloverleaf provides the foundation for healthcare providers, HIEs, ACOs, ISVs, application vendors, medical technology and other organizations such as OEMs, and IDNs to help control, manage and process data to solve complex interoperability challenges while utilizing the latest standardsincluding  the HL7 ® FHIR® standard. 

At a glance

We work with:

  • Accountable care organizations
  • Healthcare providers
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Medical device and application vendors
  • Payers

Cloverleaf offers:

  • Trusted reliability for 25 plus years
  • Leader in delivering interoperability standards
  • Reliable, scalable platform that processes millions of transactions daily
  • The heartbeat that connects data, doctors and communities

Designed for your Industry

If you're faced with the challenges of limited resources, cost constraints, keeping pace with healthcare interoperability standards, dealing with diverse vendor standards or meeting government mandates, Cloverleaf offers a single source of truth, regardless of whether you're looking to embed it in your own systems or serve as a reseller.

Healthcare Providers

As a healthcare provider you need fast, reliable access to all sources of clinical, financial, and operational data. This data often resides in separate, disparate enterprise applications across multiple locations, including local electronic medical records (EMR) systems in physicians' offices. Cloverleaf serves as the heartbeat to facilitate the movement of this data.


  • Reduced days in accounts receivable by 30%.
  • Improved point-of-service collections by 33%.
  • Decreased days not final billed by 32%, and reduced Medicare denials and rejections.
  • Improved clean claims rate from below 70% to 90%.

Application Vendors

Reduce risk, complexity, and uncertainty with Cloverleaf by rapidly connecting your system to labs, billing centers, hospitals, cleaning houses, long term care facilities, and more. Leverage local and international standards as well as new and emerging standards, including HL7®, HL7® FHIR® standard, X12, CCD, CDA, and web service.


  • Reduced hospital readmissions for heart failure patients by more than 50%.
  • Helped educate chronic care patients about how to better care for themselves.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Focus on your core business while Cloverleaf focuses on interoperability. Improve speed-to-market with your medical devices through enhanced and seamless integration to clinical, claims and operational systems.


  • Integrated with more than 300 EHRs across the market's leading systems.
  • Reviewed service lines and multiple registries to expand client relationships through added value.
  • Helped clients identify new service lines for revenue generation.


Focus on your insurance business while Cloverleaf focuses on aggregating data from internal and external systems. Improve claims turnaround through enhanced and seamless integration to clinical, claims and operational systems.


  • Gained flexibility to translate X12 and other data; eliminated the use of a third party for data translation.
  • Saved costs associated with outsourcing X12 file translations.
  • Reduced time IT spends interpreting X12 data for claims and enrollment staff.
  • Refocused IT team's attention on more strategic tasks with accurate, streamlined data translations for claims and enrollment processes.

Public Sector

For healthcare services within public sector, such as emergency responders and federal healthcare agencies, you need a fast, reliable way to share patient data both inside and outside your organization. Cloverleaf serves as the heartbeat to facilitate the movement of this data.  


  • Quickly and accurately convey patient information to and from physicians and other care providers.
  • Coordinate care for patients in and out of the hospital.
  • Boost efficiency of medical treatment.
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance.

Unique capabilities

Scalability and flexibility

Cloverleaf scales to serve your organization, regardless of size. For example, one single Cloverleaf deployment manages 20,000+ connections and processes 22 million+ transactions daily.

Another IDN deployment entails 30,000 integration interfaces and delivers 50 million messages per day. Cloverleaf also supports multiple options for centralized and distributed interoperability architectures.

Reliability and durability

Supports virtualization for private and public cloud implementations and leverages leading fail-over and availability mechanisms. Cloverleaf is the first to: implement FHIR ® in US production offering, offer a GUI for a healthcare interface engine, support XML and web services for healthcare interoperability, and offer a mobile application for monitoring and controlling a healthcare integration engine.

Robust development and rapid deployment

Delivers portfolio of powerful UX tools for configuration, testing and run-time to address any of your interoperability challenges. Offers a Buildable Object Exchange (BOX), a migration tool that packages and deploys interfaces across Cloverleaf sites. Offers backwards compatibility to earlier versions, as well as intuitive drag & drop enabled configurations.

Cloverleaf Integration Suite highlights

Cloverleaf allows you to share latest practices and ideas about interface creation through Clovertech online collaboration. Remove the burden of creating interfaces from scratch with our BOXed interface capability or easily create them with the Cloverleaf Wizard.

Need the ability to quickly make connections to various systems? Cloverleaf Adapter Factory and Infor Clinical Bridge is the answer to linking clinical, financial, and operational systems with pre-built connections between Infor business applications and key clinical systems.

Cloverleaf Security Server can assist in addressing the challenges of ensuring access to and maintaining security standards for personal health information.

Cloverleaf Secure Courier provides secure connectivity to share data between a centralized Cloverleaf Engine in a hospital (or organization) and a remote endpoint. It deploys across multiple clients to connect, translate, standardize, route and securely deliver patient information to the correct providers.

Secure Messenger leverages Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide secure mechanisms to ensure entity identification and authentication.

Cloverleaf supports new interoperability standards, including HL7® FHIR®, and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM™), and allows for data exchange via various formats: IHE, Web Services, Direct, FHIR® or DICOM. Cloverleaf is in the forefront of interoperability standards, including standardizing JDBC integration, enabling healthcare organizations to create their own IHE document exchange through the use of Cross Document Sharing (XDS), securely sending email directly to clinicians and potential patients, and enabling environments to publish and consume web services.

Cloverleaf's integration management provides clients with the ability to reduce cost by hosting in the cloud. Connect, aggregate and share data among HIEs, ACOs, physician offices, laboratories or pharmacies with the Infor Cloverleaf Clinical Exchange. Or improve the accuracy of patient information and eliminate duplicate patient records through an Enterprise Master Patient Identification.

Monitor and manage the health of Cloverleaf environments through Cloverleaf Global Monitor, a web based application that customizes views to monitor all interfaces of single or several Cloverleaf engines.

The uptime of clinical systems is prudent. Cloverleaf High Availability provides redundancy and resiliency to Cloverleaf production or disaster recovery environments.

Who relies on Infor Cloverleaf?

  • 1 in 3 hospitals in the US
  • 197 hospitals in Canada
  • More than 270 hospitals in France
  • 81 of 98 hospitals in the Netherlands
  • 3 out of top 5 regions in Denmark
  • 5,000+ healthcare customers in over 30 countries globally


Cloverleaf fast stats


Unique customers

22 Million transactions processed per day by one deployment

Customer sites

660 Million messages processed on average per month with zero loss

Million users

17 Sites monitored simultaneously from single IDN ops center console

Petabytes of data

22,000+ connections managed by one deployment

Opportunities provisioned

8+ Years of continual Cloverleaf availability at one hospital


Cloverleaf offers a powerful interoperability platform for connecting the entire health ecosystem via standards, devices, applications and communities.

Community connectivity

  • Supports public and private exchange development.
  • Connects within and outside of your four walls.
  • Enables IHE, direct and secure email and replaces VPNs.

Device connectivity

  • Connects the Internet of medical thingsmonitors inpatient and home.
  • Connects the Internet of healthy thingsconsumer wearables data to EMRs.

Interoperability standards

  • Supports legacy health interoperability standards such as HL7® v2, X12, H-PRIM, NCPDP and CDA.
  • Supports emerging health interoperability standards such as CCD, CCDA and HL7® FHIR®.

Application connectivity

  • Connect business appsconnects operational systems with EMRs.
  • Connects clinical and HIS apps for care coordination and data sharing.

Extendable platform

  • Offers powerful user points of control for customizations.
  • GUI driven with multiple options for expanding and extending.
  • New Cloverleaf API for programmatic access.

When we asked hospitals where their confidence was with integration engines, Cloverleaf always came up. By using Infor to connect to provider data systems, we are able to help providers make smart choices about allocating resources.

Chip Grant, M.D. President, Watershed Health

Customer stories

Hackensack transparent


Hackensack University Medical Center uses Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite to aggregate disparate patient information.

HealthLink_175x95px_al_060717 (002)

HealthLink NY

Cloverleaf helps HealthLink NY exchange patient data that leads to more informed medical decision making, better patient outcomes, lower healthcare costs and overall enhanced care coordination.


Yale New Haven Health System

Yale New Haven Health System integrates patient information with Cloverleaf Web Services Adapter.


Hackensack University Medical Center (Hackensack UMC)

Hackensack UMC has FHIR®-enabled its organization, giving patients and physicians more time to discuss care options.


Alpena Regional Medical Center

ARMC created a patient ID matching system using Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite and Infor Cloverleaf Secure Courier.


Boston Medical

BMC chose Infor Cloverleaf Global Monitor's web-based interface to generate alerts and emails to simplify the monitoring of multiple sites.


Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association (GRIPA)

GRIPA automates secure patient data transfer and simplifies data integration with Infor and DataMotion.


Polaris Health Directions

Polaris Health Directions OEMs Infor Cloverleaf to exchange behavioral health information for patients between medical systems to achieve better patient outcomes.


St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital

St. Luke's reduced maintenance requirements, reduced amount of time needed to develop an interface, and eliminated the need to turn off the interface to make changes with Infor Cloverleaf.


Virginia Premier Health Plan

Virginia Premier selected Infor Cloverleaf to save costs associated with outsourcing X12 file translations, gain a higher level of accuracy with translated data files, reduce time IT spends interpreting X12 data for claims and enrollment staff, and refocus the attention of the IT team on more strategic tasks.

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