Infor HMS

Infor HMS

Multi-tier hotel property management

Optimize your hotel’s management and operations

You know the importance of maintaining a steady stream of guests. To fill more rooms with high-value clients, you need to find ways that entice them to stay longer, select more services—and come back again and again.

With Infor HMS™ (Hospitality Management Solution) you can give your employees access to actionable information about guests and prospects, allowing them to quickly assess each booking and offer a richer experience.

With integration from your hotel PMS (property management system) to your operational systems, Infor’s suite of solutions also helps to streamline processes such as accounting, revenue management, and work orders.


At a glance

  • Remote check-in/check-out
  • In-context BI
  • Housekeeping services
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Mobile guest services
  • Social media management
  • Guest profile management
  • Accounts receivable
  • Configurable screen design

Unique capabilities

Get a centralized, unified look at your guests and your business performance, with hotel software that offers all the tools and features that your hospitality business needs to reach high-value customers through the right channel-and with the right room at the right price.

Powerful analytics
Powerful analytics

Infor HMS provides tools to help users quickly comprehend statistical information and gain real-world insights through timely data refreshes. Filtering capabilities are available to view specific information at an enterprise level, with the added ability to drill down to a precise time, property, or region.

2. True cloud technology
True cloud technology

Infor HMS is an award-winning hotel property management system that is built for the cloud, as opposed to hotel software solutions that are actually on premise systems, hosted in a data center.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA)

With Infor HMS, screen views and layouts can be customized to fit your hotel processes, and can be modeled around your sales strategies. Settings can be specified by role, or even by individual user, and presented in that user’s language.

Customer video

Eric Baptista, CEO of Temmos Hotels, and his team tackle myriad daily challenges with Infor Hospitality Management Solution as a cloud solution: Increase the average rate, get a clear view on guests' preferences, create package offerings that provide a total experience, work with changing teams that need to get rapidly up to speed with the systems they use and have to be in several places at once.


Infor HMS Demo Webinars

Whether you're part of an independent hotel, a smaller chain, or a global brand, Infor HMS  has the features, capabilities, and flexibility to meet your unique business requirements. These 30 minute live interactive sessions overview the unique features and functions of Infor HMS. Sessions are hosted at different days and times to allow you to select a session that accommodates your schedule. Register to learn how using Infor's leading-edge hotel property management technology to support a high-touch, guest-centric environment can transform your business.

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Flexible deployment

Infor HMS™ is a multi-tenant, cloud enabled solution. Deploy in the cloud or on-premise and take advantage of mobile applications for the ultimate in flexibility.

UX Mobility

  • IPad application – Hotel Mobile services app (via Apple App store)
  • IPod application – Mobile Housekeeper app (via Apple App store)
  • iOS and Android applications – Guest self-service app (Infor Services to work with client to upload to respective Apple App store/Google play once customer completes white labeling solution)

Highlights and core functionality

Modernize and lower TCO

With thousands of cloud customers—and more than 20 years’ experience delivering property management and revenue management solutions—Infor Hospitality supports you with unique expertise in deploying, hosting, and protecting critical industry applications in the cloud.

  • Reduce costs and implementation time by eliminating the need for hardware
  • Expense monthly subscription as an operating cost, freeing up capital for strategic projects.
  • Accelerate implementation and training for faster ROI
  • Optimize system performance and keep your technology current.

Mobile in mind

You and your guests can access information directly from your enterprise application on their mobile devices in real-time. Manage check-in and check-out, housekeeping, concierge, and lost-and-found tracking functions and interact with guests anywhere in the hotel, providing them with the right information at the right time. Infor HMS apps are available with no additional fees on the iTunes app store.

Mobile Hotel Services include

  • Fast posting
  • Credit card swipe P2PE (tokenization)

Mobile Guest Services include

  • Check Room Availability
  • Create Bookings
  • Cancel Reservations
  • Update Profile Information

Gain insights quickly

Infor HMS Analytics brings business intelligence and decision support to the forefront, enabling hotel managers and staff to monitor performance and make informed business decisions.

  • Access specific information at an enterprise level, or drill-down to individual property level, regional level, or time frame.
  • Includes hospitality specific KPIs including property comparisons, market segment, source of business, and range of room data or RevPAR.

Foster strong relationships

As social trends continue to move away from face-to-face interactions, Infor HMS provides online capabilities to pay attention to the needs of a guest via multi-channels, which is important in securing repeat business and increasing loyalty.

  • Manage social communications with guests
  • Track guest’s social media handles for Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor,
  • Strengthen positive online reviews through immediate contact

Keep your systems safe

With infrastructure fully managed by Infor—and the security and reliability of regional data centers managed by leaders in the field of big data management—your properties benefit from best-practice protocols in application, network, physical, and operations security, as well as comprehensive monitoring.

  • Application security best practices built into development
  • Network security with layered defense architecture
  • Monitoring security with restricted access and limited user account permissions
  • Operations security features server authentication through digital certificates

Tailor dashboards by role

Design your own screen layouts to fit your unique business requirements and sales strategies, and improve your workflows, with users only having to access one screen to get the information they need. And, you’ll receive help from the InforXtreme technical support team on any screens you customize.

  • Build workflows that match your business processes
  • Model the system around your sales strategies
  • Present information to employees based on the specific job they perform
  • Add any package item to any rate plan to create a guest-specific package or hotel-stay experience, using dynamic packages capabilities

Know your best customers

Centralized guest profiles significantly enhance collaboration for customers with multiple hotels by enabling them to store and manage a single instance of a unique profile across the enterprise. Hoteliers can look up the enterprise value of the guest in real-time to better serve the needs of highly esteemed guests.

  • Manage global and property specific guest preferences
  • Track guest preferences by “brand”
  • Automated match and merge features for guest data
  • Manage guest profiles with greater efficiency

Streamline billing processes

The Accounts Receivable module features enhanced workflows for accounting tasks by providing the ability to create centralized profiles with separately attached property accounts directly from the reservation screen, and flexible invoicing.

  • Aging reports and native multi-property reporting
  • A/R Ledger screen similar to hotel ledger to show all transactions posted to the ledger by date
  • Linked profile tab to show organizations and booking agencies linked to A/R Account
  • Post credit card payments directly on the A/R account and process payment through the hotels’ credit card interface.

Intuitive and easy to use

Software should look as good as it works. Infor HMS engages your staff with a user experience that's designed to help users work faster and smarter.

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Infor HMS: Designed for your Industry

Infor HMS will benefit your hotel organization, no matter how big or small it is. Whether you’re part of an international brand, or an independent up-and-comer, you can count on Infor HMS to optimize your business, and make your entire organization more efficient.


Rapidly expanding global markets, competitive pressure, and the escalating influence of consumers paired with a loss of brand-loyalty is forcing hotel brands to re-evaluate their technology strategies. To entice guests, manage performance at every property, and deliver service that lives up to your brand promise, you need a technology partner who does business everywhere you do.


  • Global technology platform to align operations against brand standards
  • Rapid scalability to accommodate brand expansion and acquisition
  • Multi-currency and multi-language with powerful performance analysis by region, market, and property
  • Cloud-based technology to standardize franchise operations with minimal expense

Independent Hotels

The power of the independent hotel lies in delivering a differentiated experience that bigger brands can't match. But going toe-to-toe with these powerful corporations means weighing the strategic impact of every decision and dollar. You need cloud-based hotel software that delivers previously unattainable benefits as an affordable operating expense, rather than a capital expenditure.


  • Level the playing field with cloud technology
  • Streamline staffing without sacrificing service through mobile apps and business collaboration
  • Process driven check-in and check-out screens and menus that are customizable
  • Ad-hoc reporting and advanced search functionalities through HMS Dataspy

Management Companies

Operating hotels means focusing on delivering value to the owners and brands you serve. You need property management software that drives cost efficiencies and provides the flexibility to align operational priorities with the owner's objectives for each asset you manage.


  • Consolidated reporting and analysis of multiple entities
  • On-demand reporting to serve various stakeholders
  • Native multi-property with single database for guest profiles, company and agency profiles
  • Muli-property AR functionality with single view aging screens
  • Central reservations support that allows agents to search multiple properties in single data base

Extended stay

HMS provides the ability to create leases for long-stay or short-stay guests, delivering flexible invoicing options and rate plans to better manage leasing and revenue for lease-based customers. Benefits for serviced apartment and extended stay properties include tools to optimize the efficiency of your business.


  • Manage rate plans and service levels for extended stay leases
  • Enable advanced billing for extended stay guests, at intervals you determine
  • Automate revenue recognition of extended stay leases to align with daily rate accounting
  • Offer long-stay inventory through call center operations and central reservations systems
  • Lower operational costs while improving data security with Cloud deployed technology


Owner room rotation functionality enables hoteliers to better support the needs of condominium hotels. Staff can sequence rooms based on an assigned point value to provide equal opportunity for rentals. This feature also delivers capabilities to integrate with a specialized third-party condominium solution, which manages the owner accounting capabilities while Infor HMS handles the room rotation logic.


  • Indicate if a room is part of a rental pool
  • Indicate the owner’s name to a specific room
  • Apply a property “formula” for point calculations based on room nights, stays, or revenue
  • Maintain room rotation rules, reservation data, and folio data

Customer stories


Pechanga Resort & Casino

Pechanga Resort & Casino chooses Infor HMS for measurable bottom-line results.

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Sandals Resorts

Sandals Resorts

Infor HMS helps Sandals Resorts standardize operations.

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Galt House Hotel

Infor HMS assists Galt House Hotel with greater BI and enhanced social collaboration capabilities.

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Get a warehouse of interfaces that are readily available using Infor ION integration platform, web services, and industry standard data exchange based HTNG industry standards that have already been proven at companies like yours.

Social collaboration integration

  • Infor Ming.le

ION based integrations exist for the following Infor Apps

  • SunSystems
  • EAM

Web Services based integrations exist for the following Infor Apps

  • Infor EzRMS
  • Infor CRM

Hundreds of integrations with popular industry service solutions.

Device Integrations

  • PBX
  • Call Accounting
  • Video
  • Point of Sale
  • Minibar
  • In Room Entertainment

Distribution Integrations

  • Central Reservations Systems
  • Web Booking Engine Systems
  • Online Travel Agency Portals

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