Infor SmartSeries

Infor SmartSeries

Restaurant management software

Innovative, easy-to-use point of sale (POS), and enterprise solutions

In today’s highly competitive market you need a proven technology partner who understands the restaurant industry and can deliver an innovative, industry-specific software suite to meet these challenges.  

With Infor SmartSeries, you get an advanced restaurant point of sale system that allows you
to improve customer service, automate production, control costs, and streamline data throughout your franchise organization. This proven, feature-rich solution combines a powerful back-of-house module with our sleek front-of house POS modules to exceed the needs of the most demanding table service or quick service restaurant.




Infor SmartSeries at a glance

  • Easy-to-use Point of Sale (POS)
  • Back-of-house solution for your on-site restaurant management
  • Front-of-house solution that gives your on-site staff the tools they need to better serve your customers
  • Optimize key production areas with customizable displays
  • Flexible labor scheduling module that helps ensure your labor targets are met

Highlights and core functionality

Infor SmartSeries is a hybrid solution of premise based, cloud, and mobile applications. It is designed to maximize in restaurant production reliability for restaurant performance optimization, while providing the benefits of cloud solutions enterprise management, and customer facing ordering solutions.

You get all the tools, access, and reporting information you need to operate your business with this back-of-house solution. Your on-site restaurant management staff gets all the information it needs to keep your restaurant running smoothly, including time keeping, payroll interfaces, cash management, and in-store reporting.

  • Cash Management tools
  • Time Keeping alerts for costly labor infractions
  • Alert employees to upcoming events and meetings
  • In-store reporting for sales, forecasting, and auditing transactions

Whether you’re running quick service, table service, bars, hotels, or stadiums, you get the flexibility to serve your customers efficiently while keeping your operations running at peak performance.

  • Intelligent combo and package ordering
  • One-touch upsell ordering
  • Scheduled orders for room service or call-in orders
  • Easy move and split check functionality
  • Use of mobile devices for table-side ordering
  • Real-time analytics show service standards, labor costs, and warnings before they are out of control
  • Kitchen Production tools include configurable kitchen display screens, product projection, and label printers

Quickly and accurately create employee schedules with easy drag-and-drop functionality and interactive features. You can set any number of parameters and configurations, work with user-defined templates, and view historical sales data to ensure that you’re meeting your labor targets.

  • Use historical sales data to forecast number staff needed to meet business goals
  • Copy schedules from previous weeks or days to easily create schedules for like days
  • Be presented with availability, minor and overtime warnings while making the schedule
  • Visual color indicators show if you have scheduled to targets
  • Weekly and daily schedule print outs for posting and deployment charts
  • Scheduling enforcement that require managers to authorize time clock punches outside of employees scheduled times

Connect and view data from anywhere you have an Internet connection to view pertinent information for one or all of your restaurants.

  • Setup roles to determine which file menu options a certain group can view
  • Assign portal users login credentials with a role, assigned stores, and graphical dashboards
  • Restaurants can be grouped by the audience and how they elect to view groups
  • Restaurants can participate in several reporting groups that are utilized by different audiences
  • A collection of reports for sales, service performance, financials, labor, and historical reporting are included as well as customizable financial exporting
  • Auto email and multi-format exports are available to provide users with valuable information right from their email

Proven, feature-rich restaurant management software

Combines a powerful back-of-house module with our sleek front-of house POS modules to exceed the needs of the most demanding table service or quick service restaurant.
Flexible configurations
Flexible configurations

Systems can be configured to meet specific operating solutions allowing each store to maximize their operating efficiency based on restaurant type, kitchen layout, drive-through orders, special menu requests, and customer expectations.

Restaurant management system
Restaurant management system

Powerful back-of-house capabilities combine with front-of-house POS tools to exceed the needs of the most demanding table service or quick service restaurant. You'll have everything you need to more effectively manage your staff and better serve your customers.

Business performance management
Business performance management

Manage your entire enterprise easily and efficiently directly from your corporate office. You'll know your net sales, best performing restaurants, best-selling items, labor costs, and more, so you can make informed decisions quickly.

Solutions designed for the restaurant industry

In the modern, competitive, multi-unit restaurant industry, you need technology solutions that give you an edge. The tools that help you provide excellent customer service also need to help you more effectively manage costs, production, and employees, all with the reliability you demand from a mission critical system.

Infor SmartSeries restaurant systems provide a fully-integrated suite of solutions for operators that want innovative, easy to use point of sale (POS), and enterprise solutions. You'll have advanced computerized systems to improve customer service, automate production, control costs, and provide movement of information within your restaurant, as well as to corporate headquarters and franchisee offices.

With solutions for:

  • Quick Service
  • Fast Casual
  • Table Service
  • Stadiums, and more...

Customer stories


Sonic Drive-In Spokane

“Infor listened and understood our operational requirements. They implemented all of our feature requests into their software set to accommodate us before we opened for business.”

Selina Harner,
Store Manager,
SONIC Drive-in Spokane


Arizona Restaurant Systems

“We're able to work more efficiently now that Infor SmartSeries POS allows us to integrate directly with the SONIC system.”

Clint Kleppe,
Arizona Restaurant Systems

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