Infor Fashion PLM

Infor Fashion PLM

Support collaborative product innovation

Get new fashion ideas to consumers quickly

Infor Fashion PLM delivers a single set of accurate, real-time data that helps increase visibility and provides the foundation for closer collaboration and unified teamwork.  Seamlessly link vital areas of the fashion value chain to your business—from line planning, design, and development to supply chain sourcing and in-season consumer-driven design changes.  Infor Fashion PLM helps fashion brands, manufacturers, and private brand retailers develop and change styles quickly and efficiently.

Fashion PLM at a glance

  • Mass creation and updating of material and requests
  • Real-time data from contextual panes
  • Adobe® plug-ins to create new styles quickly
  • Serves apparel, footwear, accessories, textiles, and luxury goods

Highlights and core functionality

The Infor Fashion PLM Product Development module is the core tool for designing and developing style-based and discrete fashion items, including finished merchandise, components, trims, and materials such as fabrics and leather, as well as other raw materials. Designers, developers, buyers, and product specialists focus on the right information and notifications can be configured around partner updates, deletions, and updates for use in dashboard widgets, alerts, and email.

The Infor Fashion PLM Merchandise Planning module provides the ability to refine your budget based on product and market attributes, enabling you to create the right mix of lines and products within a collection. Merchandise Planning helps you remain focused on developing your product mix, ensuring you have the right product, at the right time, with the right margin.

The Infor Fashion PLM Partner Collaboration module allows your designers and developers to collaborate with your supply chain partners or remote users and share specifications for styles and receive feedback from sample measures, quotations, performance tests, and comments.

Unique capabilities

Infor Fashion PLM offers a full suite of tools to help you achieve faster, more accurate, and more profitable product innovation.

Synchronize planning and execution

Infor Fashion PLM enables a more responsive business by supporting concurrent line planning, style design, technical product development, and manufacturing sourcing. Work on multiple collections at the same time and have the flexibility to change directions and fine-tune individual styles at any stage, without disrupting momentum.

Work smarter and faster

Combining a beautiful design with an intuitive interface that’s similar to Excel®, Fashion PLM offers simple drag-and-drop functionality, task-driven approach, and a customizable homepage.  An industry-leading user experience helps speed up adoption, lower training requirements, and shorten time to value.

Connect design with data

Featuring a bi-directional Adobe® Illustrator® plugin, Infor Fashion PLM helps creative teams work with the tools they know and love. They can upload new concepts directly into the system and quickly bring those concepts to life through a set of visual libraries, pre-configured templates, and mass-create and update tools.

Integrate with existing infrastructure

Built on open standards technology, Fashion PLM can be seamlessly incorporated into any IT environment. Highly flexible integration capabilities ensure less disruption and smoother implementation for a more rapid return on investment.


Infor Fashion PLM offers standard integration with Cloudsuite Fashion to help support processes, from concept to consumer, in the cloud; and with M3, supporting the creation and maintenance of styles. Fashion PLM can also be integrated with any ERP or relevant business systems, and comes with an Integration Toolbox.

CloudSuite Fashion PLM

A beautiful and intuitive user experience

Software should look as good as it works. Infor Fashion PLM engages your entire organization with a user experience that's designed to help employees work faster and smarter through the production process, to get goods to consumers quicker.

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Reduce time from concept to consumer with Infor Fashion PLM

Specifically created for the fashion industry, Infor Fashion PLM is a complete solution that helps reduce time from concept to consumer—from line planning, design, and development through to sourcing and production.

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