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PLM Accelerate

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Infor PLM Accelerate is a scalable and secure product lifecycle management solution for discrete manufacturers that supports high levels of complexity while adapting to your company’s business needs.

The solution integrates with ERP and CAD systems and unifies the product development process across mechanical, electronics, software, and firmware. It enables management of more complex configurations of the bill of materials (BOM), brings data together from across the product lifecycle, securely enables global supply chain access, and provides systems engineering functionality.

Infor PLM Accelerate at a glance

  • Coordinate new product introduction more efficiently
  • Optimize design reuse from qualified suppliers
  • Streamline hand-offs between departments
  • Flexibly adapt to company-specific competitive processes

Highlights and core functionality

Unified data

Manage and synchronize multiple sources of information in a single database in order to create and maintain structured, multilevel bills of materials for each stage of the product lifecycle.

Instant, complete access

Simplify electronic component selection, approval, sourcing, and compliance process. Infor PLM Accelerate provides a complete overview of current technical data, as well as obsolescence and compliance information.

Global tracking

With Infor PLM Accelerate you’ll have the ability to easily manage new product development and engineer-to-order processes for complex projects that require global collaboration. Have access to the tools that will allow you to view dashboards that include project completion status, deliverables, stage-gate management, and Gnatt charts.

Graphical workflows and alerts

Using Infor PLM Accelerate, you’ll be able to fully manage the configuration of a product or system by using graphical online business process workflows. These workflows feature email notifications and reminders for identification, control, and more, so that you can fully run your hierarchical sets of information.

Governance, risk, and compliance

Seamlessly manage risk, improve quality, and attain environmental, regulatory, safety, medical, and other forms of compliance via failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) processes for TS/16949, AS9100, FDA QSR, and more.

Content creation

Provide component content for topics-based, modular documentation. You can allow users of various disciplines to author, visualize, share, and publish information within an open environment that fosters teamwork.

Streamline approval processes

Effectively manage approvals by taking charge over the lifecycle of parts, including automated workflows and permissions. Take advantage of additional functionality—like automatically maintained links to CAD models, drawings, and documents—to streamline the processes and drive even greater efficiency.

Unhindered visibility

See everything that you need to see in the change status of a product or system. Change histories are automatically captured, providing upstream and downstream traceability for a complete look at the implementation of upgrades in a system.

Defined benchmarks

Create a single, multidiscipline requirements hierarchy for managing complex engineering systems, including planning, development, and realization. Through Infor PLM Accelerate, your requirements will stay in sync as a system or product evolves.

User access controls

Allow users across multiple teams and locations to access critical information required for projects. Have the ability to author, visualize, share, and publish information—all within a central, controlled, and collaborative environment.

Product design

Manage the lifecycle of complex multidisciplinary products from requirements through development, manufacturing, and support. With Infor PLM Accelerate, you’ll be able to achieve systems-level product design, such as functional blocks and model-based design, through cross-discipline and cross-functional team collaboration.

Development acceleration

Gain control of your day-to-day product development discussions by being able to easily and securely view and comment on parts and documents. You can graphically comment on and add relevant context to all file content, including 3D models, drawings, and Microsoft Office documents.

Solution strengths

Built on industry best practices, Infor PLM Accelerate helps you manage products and related documents at every stage of the lifecycle, delivering key process efficiencies throughout your organization.

Advanced capabilities
Advanced capabilities

Infor PLM Accelerate offers out-of-the-box capabilities that extend beyond product data management to provide end-to-end product lifecycle management throughout the enterprise and extended supply chain.

Adaptable templates
Adaptable templates

Adapt ready-to-use solution templates to your specific business needs through a highly configurable modeling engine, so you can implement and optimize your own business processes, business logic, data schema, and user interfaces.

Designed for change
Designed for change

When your business needs change, Infor PLM Accelerate empowers you to meet them. Scale up and scale out to keep pace with global growth and expanding requirements—while staying on top of your business.

Configurable secure
Configurable and secure

Protect your business from the pervasive threat—and increasing cost—of a data breach. Infor PLM Accelerate’s built-in compliance-grade security is highly configurable, allowing you to decide who sees what—and under what circumstances.

Comprehensive suite
A comprehensive suite

Address the complexity of discrete manufacturing from a single suite that includes applications for product engineering, program management, requirements management, component engineering, technical documentation, and quality management.

Experience the new PLM Accelerate powered by Infor OS

Future-proof your enterprise with Infor OS—the foundation for a connected, intelligent network that automates, anticipates, predicts, and informs your stakeholders in everything they do.

  • User-centric operating service
  • Cloud-based delivery
  • Conversational, intuitive UX
  • Automated multi-step execution of complex tasks
  • Networked analytics and business intelligence
  • Open business process integration
  • Secure at the core
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Easy and enjoyable to use

Software should look as good as it works. Otherwise, nobody's going to use it. Infor PLM Accelerate engages your entire organization, not just core PLM users, with a user experience that's designed to help users work faster and smarter.

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Infor PLM Accelerate: Meeting the demands of your industry

Infor PLM Accelerate adapts to your business needs, fostering collaboration, shorter development cycles, and improved coordination in a secure environment. We write industry-specific best practices into the core, eliminating the need for costly customizations.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and defense companies face industry-wide manufacturing concerns, including globalized product design and development, increasing product complexity, reduced cycle times, and cost management in a challenging economic environment. A&D companies must also address rigorous geographic regulatory requirements, complex security issues, and stringent quality standards.


  • EBOM/MBOM management
  • File vaulting and document management
  • Multi-CAD data management
  • Standards, quality, and regulatory compliance, including ITAR, APQP/CAPA, CMMI, AS9100, and CMII configuration and change management (Level 5 support)


The automotive industry has undergone unprecedented change in recent years. Manufacturers and suppliers are under immense pressure to reduce costs and increase profits while developing innovative, technology-driven products with globally dispersed teams and incredibly tight cycle times. Infor PLM Accelerate delivers specific capabilities designed with automotive in mind.


  • Global product development
  • NPI process
  • EBOM/MBOM management
  • Enterprise change management
  • Standards, quality, and regulatory compliance, including APQP/CAPA, ISO/TS 16949, QS 9000, and international EVL standards

Industrial Manufacturing

Today's industrial manufacturers have to meet diverse customer demands amid unpredictable global economic conditions. To keep a competitive advantage and bring higher quality products to market faster, they must be equipped to handle increasingly complex product design, fierce pricing competition, and a constant flux of suppliers, regulations, materials, and components.


  • Project management
  • EBOM/MBOM management
  • File vaulting and document management
  • Enterprise change management
  • Quality planning
  • Standards, quality, and regulatory compliance, including APQP/CAPA and global safety and environmental requirements

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