Infor Public Sector Transit & Rail Asset Management

Infor Public Sector Transit & Rail Asset Management helps operators manage and maintain moving and linear assets: buses, rail vehicles, service vehicles, fleet vehicles, aircraft, track, and roadways. Designed for the unique needs of moving and infrastructure asset maintenance, Public Sector Transit & Rail Asset Management offers a faster return on investment than software designed for plants and facilities.


What it is

In today's rapidly changing operating environment, transportation operators face constantly rising costs and decreasing revenues. To keep more vehicles in revenue service and improve employee productivity, operators need an agile, creative solution offering quicker time to value and lower total cost of ownership.

Infor Public Sector Transit & Rail Asset Management solutions from Infor help you track and maintain your assets, evaluate associated costs, and manage your assets smarter in order to:

  • Increase asset utilization.
  • Extend asset lifecycles.
  • Increase worker productivity.
  • Improve safety.
  • Minimize inventory.
  • Increase warranty recovery.

What it does

Infor Public Sector Transit and Rail Asset Management helps operators achieve a faster return on investment by:

  • Managing full-lifecycle preventive maintenance (PM) programs for fleets
  • Integrating road incident recording with work management
  • Improving campaign management, tracking, and reporting
  • Driving usage-based inspections and PM programs
  • Managing fleet configurations across facilities to meet operational requirements

Our enterprise asset management solutions are "off the shelf" products, designed and implemented for bus, rail, fleet and multimodal passenger transportation authorities and fleet operators that require no costly customization. Our solutions support some of the largest bus, commuter rail, and light rail properties in the US.

We focus on achieving results by providing flexible and creative software solutions for your asset and work management needs.

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