Infor Retail Demand Management

Infor Retail Demand Management

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Streamline your inventory with Infor Demand Management

To compete in today's global marketplace, retailers need accurate retail sales forecasting software that can respond to supply chain disruptions with fast, data-driven decisions. Infor Retail Demand Management offers a comprehensive set of cloud-native retail forecasting software solutions that are powered by machine learning.

Taking advantage of advances in data science, this powerful platform provides retailers with a modern and sophisticated approach to demand forecasting, merchandise financial planning, lifecycle pricing, assortment planning, replenishment optimization, and more.

Infor Retail Demand Management at a glance

  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics for retailers
  • End-to-end support for assortment, planning, pricing, supply chain, custom processes
  • Self-service analytics
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Native to the cloud

Unique capabilities

Infor Retail Demand Management enables an omni-channel approach that is cloud-native, predictive, and prescriptive, empowering retailers to build the assortments customers want and shape demand on a global scale.


Infor Demand Management solutions eliminate the stress of having to manually engage with systems for hours on end to manipulate forecasts, manage replenishment parameters, and manually allocate merchandise in arriving PO.

Machine learning and AI
Machine learning and AI

Machine learning has the power to tackle all of today’s retail demand challenges, and is useful in all retail verticals—from fashion and grocery, to pharmacy, convenience, electronics, DIY, and mass merchants. With improved forecast accuracy, any retailer, wholesaler, or franchisee can experience increases in sales and margin, with a decrease in supply chain costs and improved user productivity.


The Infor network of solutions provides a real time picture of where inventory is, when it will arrive, and how the supply chain is performing. Participants across multiple functions can access information that combines updates from supply chain partners to provide continuous visibility into inventory, from source to customer delivery.

A holistic system for better decision-making

Infor demand management incorporates machine learning and network demand management into your supply chains, helping you improve customer experiences, operate more efficiently, and boost your bottom line.


The brain that drives next generation omni-channel networks

  • Instantly align and configure demand based on thousands of attributes in the cloud
  • Determine both baseline and promotional demand with lift based on multiple offer mechanics
  • Machine learning evolves over time, incorporating new insights to improve output

Real time order and in-transit insights across the entire network

  • Adjust replenishment requests to source sold goods (I.S. levels, OOS, etc.)
  • Pre-empt opportunities, redirect, and react to challenges quicker
  • Reduce manual efforts by connecting the global retail supply chain to allocation and replenishment

Make better inventory decisions, turning inventory investment into margin more quickly

  • More effectively manage scarcity and transitions
  • Ensure seasonal goods launch in a more logical order
  • Real time insights for collaboration

Highlights and core functionality

Drive higher sales, margin, and loyalty

Build your assortments by leveraging consumer-driven insights to grow sales and margins by up to 5%. Understand your customer preferences with a solution that improves the way you plan, differentiates your assortment, and helps you better manage your business.

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Harness the power of machine learning

Your customers aren't just numbers; your forecasts shouldn't be either. Know what motivates your customers so you can draw them to you. Through a unique approach to demand forecasting driven by the power of machine learning, you can improve the most difficult forecasts of promotions and new items by up to 50% and realize sales and margin expansion that considers the impacts of assortment, pricing, allocation, and replenishment decisions.

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Identify core drivers to profitability

With all of the information, meetings, and insights that are commonly available to retailers, it is critical to move beyond planning just a small portion of assortments at the item level. Today's marketplace demands an expanded view that takes into consideration location and personalization. Infor's modern item planning solution will help you insure all of your assortments contribute to sales and margin targets without creating inventory hang-overs requiring huge markdowns.

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Infor’s Advanced Replenishment solution optimizes replenishment across multiple tiers of stores and warehouses simultaneously, utilizing the latest science advancements of Mixed Integer Programming, and combines replenishment with allocation to manage all product types within one process.

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Approach products the way your customers do

Selecting the right products for your customers has always been at the core of retailing. As consumers are offered infinite choices and information online and in-app, it's more important than ever to quickly create and update assortments your customers want. Our modern approach to category management goes well beyond providing informational decision trees, allowing you to begin thinking about products as portfolios of substitutable items (the way your customers do).

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Align actions with corporate strategies

Knowing how and where profit is made across time is critical to making the detailed assortment, price, space, and fulfillment decisions. Infor Merchandise Financial Planning offers much more than a spreadsheet on steroids, helping buyers and executives to align across your entire organization.

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Infor provides retailers a unique and flexible approach to everyday and rules-based pricing with a cloud native solution that is configurable, extensible, and user-friendly. Easily price items within a single view across multiple stores or store groups. Audit historical pricing, receive alerts for potential conflicts, and with maximize your return on inventory with markdown optimization. The Infor solution is the perfect start for retailers looking to organize and manage prices more efficiently.

The Infor allocation solution works directly with our next-generation replenishment solution to optimize, automate, and simplify traditional allocation approaches into a single process—enabling analysts to focus on exception management for all product types from fashion to basics.

Additional solutions

Infor Retail Demand Management can complement a variety of systems, including enterprise data warehouses, e-commerce platforms, POS systems, and core merchandising systems.

CX & Omni

  • Marketing
  • Omni-channel Campaign Management
  • Personalized Offer Engine
  • Clienteling
  • Service Case Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Segmentation
  • Personalized Commerce
  • Distributed Order Management


  • Merch Planning
  • Assortment
  • Category Management
  • Lifecycle Pricing
  • Promotion Planning & Optimization
  • Product Development
  • Costing
  • Images & Attachments
  • Partner Collaboration

Supply Chain

  • Birst
  • WMS
  • TMS & Transportation Optimization
  • Labor Management
  • Warehouse Mobility
  • Replenishment
  • Allocation
  • Distributed Order Management
  • S&OP


Human Capital

  • Global HR
  • Payroll
  • Talent Management
  • Learning Management
  • WFM
  • HR Service Delivery


  • AP/AR/GL
  • Procurement
  • Invoice Automation
  • Close & Reconciliation
  • Cash & Treasury
  • Budgeting/Planning
  • Consolidation
  • Expense Management
  • GRC



  • Asset Registry
  • Maintenance Planning & Execution
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability

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