Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Integrate functional priorities with business goals

Infor S&OP is a critical element for managing risk and enhancing profitable growth in an integrated business planning process. It requires transforming diverse insights from operations, sales, marketing, and trading partners into a single version of the truth. Infor uses a shared platform, a common planning data repository, and KPIs to streamline analyses of tradeoffs, improve decision making, and align the organization in creating an intelligent response to market dynamics.

Sales & Operations Planning at a glance

  • Multi-enterprise networked collaboration
  • Response planning to operationalize decisions
  • Support for growth initiatives, e.g. new products
  • Predictive financial analysis and reconciliation

Core Functionality

Infor supports S&OP with an intuitive, cloud-based solution. It synchronizes demand and supply imbalances and coordinates stakeholders from across operations and the business unit. Workflow templates, custom alerts, and escalation triggers inform joint reviews on a regular cadence, reconciling meaningful variances. Scenarios guide resolution to capacity constraints, allocation challenges, new product surprises, and performance shifts.

IBP extends S&OP to strategic decisions. Scenario simulations and embedded analytics drive the allocation of critical resources to manage longer-term risk. It provides visibility into potential gaps in business performance, aligning financial objectives with sales, marketing, and operations. Configurable workbenches and multi-dimensional analytics shift the focus to shared growth goals, such as time-to-market and product launch.

While IBP extends time-horizons, S&OE addresses the agility needed in today’s complex, competitive markets. Infor supports workflow to better respond to emerging near-term issues. Using the embedded collaborative capabilities, and user-defined tolerances to key metrics, S&OE helps cross-functional teams track to plan, and course-correct. It supports operational and executional perspectives, linking any changes in plan back to the S&OP process.

Infor S&OP is part of an end-to-end supply chain planning suite. The framework brings together demand planning, supply planning, production, and S&OP processes in a holistic user experience. It includes in-context analytics to drive deep insights at every level—company, product, customer, or market. Native collaborative capabilities allow stakeholders to share data sets and scenarios, review simulations and dashboards, and resolve gaps.

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Unique capabilities

Creating a segmented, demand-driven, coordinated response to challenges that aligns with strategic goals.

Native collaboration
Native Collaboration

Configure your S&OP process on a technology platform that structures collaborative planning across the enterprise. Generate feasible plans based on consistent, accurate, and shared assumptions and metrics in response to opportunities and challenges.

Scenario management
Scenario Management

Provide stronger, more structured coordination between operations, sales, marketing, and finance. Incorporates highly-configurable, intuitive templates with scorecards, dashboards, and in-context analytics. Also includes versioning and socialization of scenarios.

Financial impact analysis
Financial Impact Analysis

Maintaining an unachievable plan, or one that doesn’t align with business goals, can misdirect resources. Infor S&OP brings together disparate, and sometimes conflicting, forecasts, insights, constraints, and assumptions to create a common understanding of impact and tradeoffs.

Customer stories

Quimica Amparo

Quimica Amparo

“Previously, decisions were based solely on volume. Now we have visibility into every step of the sales and operations planning process; are able to take multiple scenarios into consideration in our analysis; and can make more informed decisions based on what level of service we will provide, at what cost.”
- Ulisses Messias, S&OP Manager, YPÊ (Química Amparo).

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Preferred Sands

Preferred Sands

“We need real-time information in one platform to make a good business decision, and Infor provides that ability. It is hard to imagine a business process more collaborative than the sales and operations planning process. Now that the newest version of Infor S&OP is embedded in Ming.le, the back-and-forth conversation around how we are going to drive the future of our business from strategy to execution can easily take place.”
- Luke Rains, Vice President of Business Operations, Preferred Sands

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