Infor SCE

Infor SCE

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Fulfillment in the age of digitally-disrupted warehouses

Next generation, technology-enhanced warehouses offer unprecedented visibility into inventory, orders, equipment, and people. You need a configurable WMS to leverage automation, reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve customer responsiveness, and reduce complexity. Infor SCE is an intuitive solution designed to let you manage DC activities holistically. It combines warehouse fulfillment with embedded labor management, transportation execution, and 3D visual analysis in a unified application.

Warehouse Management at a glance

  • Holistic multi-site warehousing
  • Omni-channel from single source
  • Modern user experience
  • Native in 14 languages
  • Deploy on-premise or cloud

Core Functionality

Streamline operations, from appointment and dock door scheduling to directed put away, and from returns processing to cross-docking. Dynamically configure locations to reflect product characteristics, seasonality, proximity, special handling, or labor requirements. Define zones for optimum replenishment and picking. Includes voice-enabled RF putaway, pallet fit algorithms, and support for mixed, rainbow, and multi-pallet operations.

Reduce obsolescence with configurable rotation rules and LPN controlled tracking. Enhance inventory visibility at the location level, including details such as style/color/size, expiration date, and serialization. Slotting for responsiveness to velocity shifts. System-driven, attribute-based cycle counting improves order and inventory accuracy. Infor also supports multi-site and multi-owner inventory operations for logistics service providers.

Increase productivity and capacity by prioritizing and interleaving activities based on proximity, balancing workload, or travel distance. View outstanding tasks and define release and escalation rules. Optimize throughput and balance workloads with custom waves, grouping orders to schedule picks and build shipments. Highly-flexible queries generate tasks based on business priorities, common carriers, or service requirements.

Improve perfect order and service-level rates, employing a variety of pick methods, including cluster, batch, voice, RF-assisted, and RF-directed processes. Infor SCE drives better stock rotation, and utilization of space and inventory, with 3D visual coding of hot spots, advanced forward pick, and replenishment with dynamic triggering. Also includes substitute logic for item allocation, work order integration, and value-added services such as kitting and light assembly.

Embedded labor planning enables scenario and cost-to-serve analysis. Compare actuals with engineered labor standards to identify bottlenecks, and rebalance available resources. Graphically visualize travel paths, aisles, and locations. Calculate shortest paths based on XYZ, aisle direction, or access points. A collaborative platform and mobile application (Warehouse Director) facilitates coordination and response execution.

Companies must provide more customized orders, tighter delivery windows, and tailored products. Infor facilitates value-added services, from kitting, bundling and light assembly, to labeling and special packs. It supports global operations across facilities with regional features such as interfaces to government fiscal systems, and rules to manage different pallet and bin sizes.

Manage outbound logistics to improve order fulfillment. Includes carrier tendering, rating and route optimization, load planning, and scheduling. Create, modify, split, and cancel shipments. Use RF-directed loading for warehouse-to-store and warehouse-to-warehouse shipments. Generate outbound documentation and maintain freight-rate pricing models.

Maintain inventory at the customer level, with activity-based costing, billing, and invoicing. Incorporate customer-specific workflows, inventory traceability, and services. Supports multi-account, multi-warehouse operations. Functionality can also be used to analyze segment-specific cost-to-serve, including evaluating impact of value-added services. Provides flexibility and accuracy in transactional and accessorial billing, with configurable contracts and rates.

Configurable WMS to synchronize order fulfillment

Infor addresses warehouse complexity with a highly configurable and intuitive solution. Its uniquely unified approach helps coordinate inventory across sites. Eliminate bottlenecks, improve throughput, manage waves, and accelerate order cycles with end-to-end fulfilment and extended capabilities like task interleaving, serialization, and 3D visual analytics.

Labor productivity
Enhance labor productivity

Monitor performance and utilization in real time to identify labor imbalances and throughput bottlenecks. Enhanced 3D visualization and an intuitive user interface empower a changing workforce. Measure activities against engineered and historical standards, evaluating the true cost of services.

Ware house processes
Advanced warehousing processes

Advanced features include cross-docking, web receiving, attribute capture and serialization, multi-sequenced putaway, task interleaving, slotting, and wave management. Concurrent requirements and constraints are considered in targeting utilization of inventory, space, labor, and equipment.


Infor SCE’s mobile application, Warehouse Director, puts the power in the hands of the workforce, anytime, anywhere, in a secure environment. Views include picking heat maps, inventory status, and outstanding tasks. Users move from macro to detailed information to take real-time corrective action.

Architecture to support configuration, not customization

Infor’s warehouse management system is built on an object-oriented distributed platform for independence, reliability, scalability, and security. The architecture supports a variety of hardware platforms and operating systems for deployment flexibility.

Infrastructure options to enable lower total cost of ownership include:

  • Windows®, Red Hat® Linux
  • Microsoft® SQL, Oracle
  • Wildfly
  • Internet Explorer®, Microsoft Edge™, Google Chrome™
  • HTML5 RF

Customer stories

Groupo Phoenix

Grupo Phoenix

“After implementing Infor SCE, we have seen significant positive changes. Currently we have the same amount of products in warehouses but sales and product movements have increased considerably, with an approximate increase of 30% in operation productivity.”
-- Logistic Director, Grupo Phoenix

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Peacebird is a top Chinese fashion company with multiple brands. Using Infor, Peacebird transformed its entire restocking process, linking everything from receiving to counting, from replenishment to loading and shipping. This allowed them to bring product to their retail locations faster and more accurately.

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An innovative LSP, Loginsa has 10 DCs Latin America. It first implemented Infor at a pharmaceuticals center due to the complexity and need to support a large number of clients. By the fourth week, Loginsa was running smoothly, and better utilizing one of their key resources, labor.

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