Infor User Adoption Platform (UAP)

Infor User Adoption Platform (UAP)

Content authoring & management

Manage training & support materials with Infor UAP

Infor’s User Adoption Platform (UAP) is a powerful content authoring and management tool. It records your keystrokes to instantly create custom learning content that directly reflects your organization’s experience with new technology as your teams use it to step through your business procedures. Authors can rapidly create and publish everything from procedural documents to eLearning courses. Infor UAP provides both current and future employees the knowledge they need to master your new applications, ensuring that your organization maximizes ROI on its technology investment.

Infor UAP at a glance

  • Empower your workforce and increase productivity
  • Document business processes with consistent messaging
  • Create multiple deliverables from a single recording
  • Deliver context-sensitive help within the application
  • Available in the cloud
  • Supports 31 languages

Create content. Deliver eLearning. Manage content.

Infor UAP delivers high-quality software learning content to employees right when they need it most—on-the-job and within the application. It allows subject matter experts to quickly create, edit, and publish procedures, simulations, and eLearning courses, and then distribute that content to the entire workforce via the web.

Infor UAP enables SMEs to easily and rapidly create content by recording a process flow in business applications.

Content developers turn on the UAP recorder, conduct their business processes, publish the single UAP source file into all desired formats and languages, and organize the published content for immediate user access. Content owners can easily make updates as needed and republish for user access. The time to develop content is as rapid as executing the tasks.

UAP content can be embedded in all Infor solutions providing user support right at the point of need, with just one click.

All content generated by UAP is customized to your business processes and software configuration. When users request help or search for online support content, they are presented with information that is specific to them and what they are doing. The format of the content can be diverse and matches how they must and want to consume it.

UAP enables you to store, deploy, and manage all your learning and support content for users regardless of its source.  

Check-in existing content to complement what is developed by UAP. Everything is organized by projects and folders to facilitate scalability across the enterprise and access by users; and everything is available through context-sensitive help and portal search.

SMEs can use Infor UAP to develop procedural and conceptual learning content available in a classroom or on-demand and online.

Users need conceptual, procedural, and transactional support to be successful. This learning can occur in a classroom or on-demand. With UAP you can do both: SMEs can develop learning content that can be delivered by an instructor as well as accessed online as needed on the job. Anyone can be a learning developer.

Infor UAP provides access to all content organized the way it makes most sense for users—whether by role, business unit, or process.

Users need constant access to relevant content to support their performance. By accessing the UAP learning portal, users can search for whatever they need based on their roles, organizations, and language. All content can be accessed from any device workers use—desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Infor UAP provides a comprehensive dashboard and discrete reporting about all content development activity, maintenance efforts, user access, and effectiveness.

Data drives all our business decisions. UAP offers a platform to manage data that can grant key insights into content development efforts, content access, user assessments, and much more. Stakeholders can always know vital information about their UAP content, the effect it has upon the workforce, and additional content to be developed.

A full set of capabilities to elevate performance

Rapidly create content
Rapidly create content

Record virtually any Microsoft Windows- or web-based application to create a single-source document. UAP content can be used to document system business processes, create user acceptance test scripts, end user training, and performance support materials.

Publish to multiple outputs
Publish to multiple outputs

Instantly publish content from the single-source document or schedule for batch publishing later. Multiple formats are available for various uses including Simulations, Business Process Procedures, Test Scripts and Online Help using a variety of file types such as HTML, PDF, PPT, and MS Word.

User adoption
User adoption

Deliver training and performance support to end users, and provide context-sensitive help directly within your applications. Users can access role-based content from a personalized homepage and tag favorite content for easy identification again later.

Rapid Translation
Rapid translation capability

Task-based content created in one language can be quickly translated to over 30 languages. Create your own library of commonly used terms or phrases in multiple languages to augment translation capabilities.

Content management system
Content management system

Leverage content management functionality such as versioning, workflow, collaboration, search, and reporting. Content created by or imported into the system can be managed the same way and accessed by users via the performance support portal or context-sensitive help.

Create eLearning courses
Create eLearning courses

Quickly develop and deploy eLearning courses using pre-defined page formats, interactive media, and integrated quizzes. Recorded task-based simulations can be easily incorporated into courses. Courses can be launched via the performance support system, linked to an LMS, or imported into an LMS as a SCORM object.


Infor User Adoption Platform (UAP)

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