Infor Demand Management

Prevent supply chain disruptions with AI sales forecasting software for omni-channel retailers

Infor Demand Management

Omni-channel retailers and fashion brands need sales forecasting software that empowers quick response to supply chain disruptions with fast, data-driven decisions. Powered by machine learning, Infor Demand Management brings precision to every point of the supply chain with AI that can sense, predict, and fulfill demand based on real-time market data. Infused with the latest innovations in data science, this powerful demand planning platform provides retailers with a modern and sophisticated approach to demand forecasting, merchandise financial planning, lifecycle pricing, assortment planning, replenishment optimization, and more.


  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics for retail and fashion logistics
  • End-to-end support for assortment, planning, pricing, supply chain, and custom processes
  • Self-service analytics
  • Intuitive, beautiful user interface
  • Cloud native
  • Seamless integration with the Infor Nexus™ commerce network
  • Smart demand forecasting powered by machine learning

Optimize your retail inventory

Infor Demand Management eliminates the stress of manually manipulating forecasts, managing replenishment parameters, and allocating merchandise in arriving PO. It's all automated based on real-time data from across the enterprise.


return on investment


improvement in forecast accuracy


concurrent cores working for a single customer

What we have now is better and completely different from what was envisioned during the waterfall requirements effort. We have learned as we have added functions to the assortment tools and processes—providing a better result. Once we reached this ‘ah-ha’ moment, we were all in on the agile process, coupled with intense planner adoption efforts.

Aaron Surasky
Sr. Dir, Assortment, Planning and Analysis, The Home Depot

A powerful retail planning platform

Stop building assortments based on last year's data. Infor Demand Management senses real-time demand for optimal forecast accuracy and supply chain efficiency, enabling faster data-driven decisions to increase sales and margin.

End-to-end visibility and insights

  • Integration with Infor Nexus, the largest supply chain network on the planet
  • Real-time picture of inventory location
  • Make data-driven decisions faster
  • Predictive intelligence for proactive sense and response

Machine learning and AI

  • Sense and respond to real-time demand
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Reduce supply chain costs related to store and warehouse labor, holding, transportation, and logistics

Process automation

  • Eliminate the stress of manually manipulating forecasts
  • Easily update replenishment parameters across the enterprise
  • Allocate merchandise in arriving POs

Cloud flexibility and scalability

  • Instantly align and configure demand based on thousands of attributes in the cloud
  • Optimize the balance of inventory across the supply chain
  • Seamlessly introduce new products to consumers across channels

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