Infor Advanced Planning

Optimize operations across the supply chain with Infor Advanced Planning software

Adapt to a constantly changing supply chain

Infor Advanced Planning software helps improve performance and profitability by optimizing an organization’s manufacturing and supply chain plans. This solution adjusts the utilization of constrained resources while synchronizing production and distribution activities to match real-time demand—resulting in measurable and rapid business process enhancements that allow faster, more informed decision making.

Infor Advanced Planning easily adapts to evolving business requirements, whether it’s planning across multiple sites, considering shelf-life constraints in build-ahead strategies, balancing product mix, or choosing the best product recipe or formula based on availability of materials and demand.


  • Synchronize production with demand
  • Consider cost and constraints across the entire supply chain
  • Reduce implementation time and lower total cost of ownership
  • Solve problems before they slow or halt the fluidity of the supply chain
  • Respond to market changes more quickly and confidently
  • Evaluate and revise plans with built-in scenario modeling

Optimize manufacturing and supply chain plans

Simplify strategic, tactical, and operational planning with Infor Advanced Planning. Projected savings in supply chain, raw materials, and wastage costs are just a few of the benefits that can result from implementing this innovative solution.


reduction in supply chain costs


reduction in raw materials costs


reduction in wastage costs

We are able to create 'what if' scenarios now. What if we opened or closed a plant or a distribution center? In a current market of constant change, this has proven extremely useful.

Álvaro Caballero
planning and systems corporate manager, Minsa

Infor Advanced Planning details

An integral part of the Infor Supply Chain Planning suite, Advanced Planning is a highly configurable solution that can adapt to the unique business requirements of any supply chain, enabling faster and more accurate decision-making.

Increase supply efficiency

  • Optimize the use of raw materials and cut costs
  • Increase current production levels at a decreased cost per unit
  • Align labor plans to demand

Create accurate sales forecasts

  • Modeling capabilities enable adjustments to the demand and supply plans in real time
  • Synchronize production and distribution activities with market demand
  • Correctly determine proper balance of product types to avoid production shortfalls and overages among them

Improve supply chain sustainability

  • Optimize water efficiency
  • Reduce waste to lower your carbon footprint
  • Transport raw materials and finished goods more efficiently

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