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Infor Library and Information Solutions

Smart solutions for libraries, archives, and museums

The next frontier in library automation

Infor Library & Information Solutions provide end-to-end automation for your library. The system helps libraries, archives, and museums market services and engage staff and customers in interactive ways, providing access to both digital and traditional materials. Our format-agnostic solutions support multiple databases, formats, or locations, and provide key performance data and metrics to give decision makers actionable insights. Infor Library & Information Solutions are built to meet the needs of integrated library systems, consortia, individual branches, special libraries, and visually impaired users.


  • Manage operations, including circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, and serials
  • Streamline inventory and reporting
  • Mobile-enabled
  • Unify materials under a single system and manage any metadata format
  • Supports industry standards and protocols

Efficiently expand services and engagement with library patrons

Lambton County Library implemented Infor’s Vubis Smart product in 2005. Due to its confidence and contentment with Infor products, the library upgraded to Infor V-smart in 2012 and added the Iguana web portal in 2016. Showing continued commitment, Lambton County Library have recently extended its Infor suite of products by adding the Iguana Mobile app.]


increase in usage of the app from the first to second month


annual circulation managed with Infor Library suite


increased load on library or IT staff required to provide additional services to patrons

The Iguana Library mobile app offers our patrons more flexibility to access our library’s collection on their own devices. Two months after the implementation, the number of self-service transactions via the Iguana Mobile App has increased by 250%. Patrons seem to be very pleased with the app.

Brian Bowley
Technical Services Supervisor, Cultural Services Division
Built for business

Explore Infor Library & Information Solutions

V-smart is an integrated library system (ILS) that incorporates all standard modules including circulation, cataloguing, acquisitions, serials, and reporting. Your staff can use the dynamic, engaging, and customizable interface to access all system functions.

  • Integrated modules for cataloguing, circulation, acquisitions, and serials management
  • Open platform architecture with ODBC/SQL compliance and web services support for access to core data
  • Easily deployed and maintained

V-insight is a statistical portal that provides libraries with key performance data and metrics. Library directors, marketing staff, circulation desk managers, selectors and others use V-insight to gain actionable insights for effective decision making.

  • Web-based statistical analysis of canned and customized dashboards
  • Easy access to accurate data upon which to base decision making
  • "Pick and click" functionality
  • Schedule-based dashboard creation, updating, and data processing

Iguana is an online platform that combines website and collection in one environment. The application delivers the online experience that your increasingly savvy web-based audience expects, and offers the tools you need to promote collections and services via widgets, mashups, animations, personal interest profiles, lists, alerts, social sharing, and a mobile app.

  • Flexible user interface
  • Mobile-enabled and responsive design
  • Web accessibility for the blind and visually impaired
  • Supports right-to-left scripts

V-smart Air is a flexible, browser-based interface designed to run on desktops, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. It provides web accessibility for blind and visually impaired users and supports right-left scrips such as Arabic and Hebrew.

  • Integrated website and catalog
  • Interactive animations
  • Support for widgets, mashups, wikipedia links, maps, and more
  • Personal interest profiles, lists, alerts and social sharing
  • Android app and mobile profile

V-eyeQ stimulates collection usage, helps to avoid overlap, enables an integrated view, promotes a “rational” approach, and helps to avoid budget waste. This complete tool for collection management includes planning tools, detailed performance analysis, advice on what to purchase, weed, or transfer, and detailed selection support.

  • Collection development and planning
  • Recommendations for purchasing and purging
  • Performance analysis based on authors, titles, genres, keywords, etc.
  • Benchmarking between library branches

V-link provides users with a structured interface to search and access a variety of information resources and retrieve the most relevant search results. Users can enjoy seamless access to a range of journals, movies, books, audio, and more.

  • Context-sensitive linking to external information resources
  • Easy customization through cascading style sheets and flexible profiles
  • Integrated statistics for usage data

V@school is an Integrated Library System (ILS) that helps public libraries share information and services with elementary schools. The application is tailor-made for children and volunteers. The library and the schools share the same database and server infrastructure, yet each has access to only its own “private” section of the shared data and services.

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