Designed for progress

Designed for progress

Driving significant positive change for organizations, industries, and the world

Technology has become an inevitable part of the equation, but what, how, and when are increasingly difficult to answer, as industries transform seemingly overnight.

With Infor, you get a partner that has the tools and technology to get where you want to go but also the foresight, vision, and expertise to help you first map out the destination. We believe in the power of ideas–ours and yours–to drive significant positive change for your organization, your industry, and the world. Let's get started – read the Infor corporate overview.

Managing the world’s largest machine to be 15% more efficient

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, increased uptime at the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest and most complex particle accelerator. That's progress.

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Enabling workers of all abilities to be 174% more productive

Skills Inc. has increased sales orders, improved on-time delivery, and enhanced productivity for its inclusive workforce. That's progress.

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Delivering better quality patient data for 5,000+ hospitals

Hackensack University Medical Center, one of those hospitals, expects to save 65,000 hours of time in collecting, sharing, and securing data to provide better patient care. That's progress.

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Saving $500,000 for America’s original natural apothecary

Founded in 1868, JR Watkins is a multinational manufacturer and distributor that worked with Infor to deploy a modern technology platform in the cloud, saving over half a million dollars on system costs and completing the project ahead of time and on budget. That's progress.

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Our manifesto

Catch up. Keep up. Get ahead. Stay ahead. This is the challenge for organizations that want to move forward, to grow and evolve. At the end of each work day, we all want to feel like we've accomplished something worthwhile.  We want to know we've made some progress.

That means making choices and taking action. Make a wrong decision and you'll waste time and money. And end up even further behind. Stand still, and the competition will pass you by. Or run you over.

How do you chart a course when the destination—and conditions—keep changing?  Start with prudent small steps? Or close your eyes, hold your breath, and take a giant leap?

No matter where or how far your organization wants to go, any roadmap for success today includes technology. So you need a technology partner that's as invested in your success as you are. A partner like Infor.

We get the ins and outs of your industry—and will do what it takes to get to know your business.

We build applications that are designed with purpose and intent to help you overcome speed bumps and roadblocks.

We have the scale and scope to deliver globally and the agility to respond faster than the market is moving.

We know how to help turn your ideas—for everything from improving efficiency and performance to implementing new business models—into reality.

We bring a human-focus to the user experience of our software for your employees and your customers.

We are designed to help you move forward with your own definition of progress, whatever that might be.

That's how we define progress: helping your company succeed. And we're ready to get started now.

Infor: Designed for progress.

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