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Exploring the secrets of the universe

With 21 member states, CERN is the world’s largest research center for particle physics. Their goal is to provide 10,000 visiting scientists from top universities worldwide with the tools to study the fundamental particles of the universe. The tools built and housed at CERN are some of the most complex machines ever created. The Large Hadron Collider, for example, consists of millions of high tech components installed in a circular tunnel that is 16.7 miles (27km) long and situated 330 feet (100m) beneath the border between France and Switzerland.


Centralized processes, bottom-line results


Through its partnership with Infor, CERN sought to minimize unscheduled accelerator downtime by effectively maintaining high tech equipment. The organization also needed a solution for maintaining technical infrastructure, including tunnels, caverns, roads, parking lots, electricity, water, cooling and ventilation systems, access control, machine tools, lifting equipment, and more.


Infor and CERN worked together to centralize both detailed records of a wide range of maintenance activities and procurement processes across an organization the size of a small town, including retail- and employee-centric stores, hotels, and restaurants.


CERN was able to achieve 50 percent less maintenance with a 5 percent increase in availability. The organization also reduced the time required to process temperature-sensing electronic cryogenics cards from 30 minutes to 2 minutes per card, accelerated response time to equipment failure alarms, and increased the efficiency of its radiation protection group by eliminating paper-based processes.

Infor’s asset management software helps CERN manage all maintenance activities for a wide array of equipment, from the Large Hadron Collier’s magnets, to everyday infrastructure like elevators and fire extinguishers.

David Widegren Head of Engineering Processes Support, CERN

Key facts



98%+Uptime of Large Hadron Collider

15% -- Increase in staff efficiency

15%Increase in staff efficiency

15.2 weeks – Employee workload reduction

50%less maintenance, 5% increase availability


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