Deployment Services

Deployment Services

Getting systems up and running quickly and achieving a standard, upgradeable, and easily supported deployment are the keys to delivering a fast and reliable return on technology investments. The Infor Services team surrounds you with deployment experts who have decades of experience attaining these objectives. From provisioning and system implementation to performance management and tuning, we help you achieve standardized implementations that incorporate best practices, result in a lower cost of ownership, and set you up to be successful for the long haul.

  • Deploy quickly and reliably, anywhere in the world
  • • Accelerate time to value and minimize risk
  • • Achieve a cost-effective, easily supported deployment
  • • Maximize the long-term value of your investment

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The Infor Services team did a great job. They understood the system and our business needs and came up with solutions to meet our requirements. Infor Services provided a good balance with our internal team.

Jim Petkunas CIO, Darice


Infor’s deployment resources help you get the greatest return on your investments by ensuring your implementations are optimized from the start.

Infor Implementation Accelerators leverage our experience to deliver industry-specific best practice content—including pre-defined menus, processes, and structures—accompanied by a finely tuned implementation methodology. To further speed solution deployment and integration, Infor Services delivers high-value functional, project management, and technical offshore services through the Infor Center of Excellence.

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A well-planned data migration is key to the success of your implementation or upgrade. With Infor experts to guide and execute your data migration, you’ll have a far greater likelihood of long-term success. In the short term, you’ll save time and money—and in the long run you’ll position your organization for more efficient performance and better results.

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Infor Services assures quality implementations with governance, quality control, and certified industry-specific best practice procedures through Infor Deployment Method. We prepare our teams to deliver the latest product footprint, delivery leadership and business knowledge to Infor customers via Infor Academy. The resulting Infor Services certifications ensure that our consultants carry out the highest quality projects with the lowest degree of risk.

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Infor Services stands ready to help you successfully migrate to the cloud and start reaping the many benefits this technology has to offer, such as increased flexibility, expanded application capabilities, and lower total cost of ownership. From assessing the potential ROI and planning your migration to provisioning your new environment and helping you transition with minimal risk, we devote the full scope of Infor’s resources and expertise to making you successful.


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The Infor Services team will work with you to continually optimize the performance of your system after go-live. When you deploy in the cloud, upgrades become our responsibility so you’ll always be on the latest version of your solution and able to take advantage of Infor’s on-going technology investments. You’ll also have guaranteed levels of uptime and system performance. In short, we’ll focus on your technology so you can focus on your business.

Fetim Group

Whilst the financial case for any IT investment is very important, the overlying driver for Fetim to go to the cloud was more strategic, with agility, flexibility and focus at the core of our decision-making. Fetim will focus on product innovation and our rapidly developing channels of distribution. Our IT partners will focus on the technology.

IT Director Fetim Group,

Upgrade, simplify, and save

There has never been a better time to upgrade your Infor solution–10 million hours of product development time, 300 new applications, and 11,500 enhancements in just four years. You have access to more innovation, more choice, and more value than ever before. The Infor Services team stands ready to help you find the best option for your business, build a clear roadmap for success, and partner with you to achieve your objectives.

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Infor Services

Focused on customer success

Every Infor Services engagement—in any location around the world and in any industry—begins with creating a climate of success that's specific to your company. Our global team ensures that your Infor solutions are implemented at peak efficiency by using our knowledge, resources, and unrestricted access to the Infor ecosystem. Read below to see how we helped make a few of our customers successful.

Business challenge

The Borgata Casino delivers luxury experiences to thousands of Atlantic City visitors every year. Borgata managers came to Infor for improved workforce management technology that could deliver the most sophisticated features and capabilities available while preserving its existing investment in time clock hardware. Infor Services delivered complete project management and expertise across the entire scope of the implementation.

Outcome: Borgata Casino

  • Achieved implementation in 5 weeks
  • Improved accuracy of employee schedules through integration to its human resources system
  • Gained real-time schedule compliance information for faster management response
  • Reduced effort required to approve time requests
  • Realized lowered overall total cost of ownership and reduced training requirements

Business challenge

Manila-based Century Pacific Food, Inc. is the source of more than a dozen food brands that are popular throughout the Philippines and the surrounding region. The 1000-employee company chose Infor to help it move to cloud-based technology to improve growth prospects and streamline operations.

Outcome: Century Pacific Food, Inc.

  • Migrated in-house applications to Amazon Web Services with limited down time
  • Completed project go-live leveraging Infor Services flexibility, close communication with project team and robust technical skills
  • Reduced manpower and infrastructure costs improving company profitability
  • Eliminated system down time and performance constraints during peak periods
  • Redeployed internal resources for more profitable use

Business challenge

Bison International, a Dutch distribution firm, engaged Infor Services to upgrade Infor M3 to better support current business processes and establish the foundation for the company’s future. Objectives included enhancing customer service by fulfilling more complex customer requests and to realize increased integration with other applications such as warehouse management, EDI and CRM.

Outcome: Bison International

  • Realized a successful upgrade project with strategically aligned delivery teams for logistics / finance and migration
  • Is maximizing the use of Infor M3 out-of-the-box functionality and standard processes and has increased business efficiency
  • Has eliminated modifications as a result of their upgrade to the more recent release of Infor M3

Business challenge

Berkshire Corporation, a leading manufacturer of cleanroom products, engaged Infor Services to plan and perform an upgrade of their Infor M3 ERP system, transitioning to a cloud-based environment while engaging Infor Application Management Services (AMS) to operate on-premise IT functions as well.

Outcome: Berkshire Corporation

  • Achieved a successful upgrade in 6 months
  • Engaged Infor Application Management Services to host current environment during the upgrade
  • Integrated Infor M3 with an on-line store to automate and expedite warehouse processes
  • Raised warehouse process efficiencies
  • Is leveraging new functionality and reporting tools, which is critical to company growth

Business challenge

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District is a California-based, public, non-profit agency created in 1950 under the Municipal Water District Act of 1911. They manage over 43,000 water, waste water and agricultural service connections. Their objective was to upgrade to the latest release of Infor Lawson Financials to improve performance and secure the best system support on current technology. They also wanted to create a one-stop-shop for end users with Infor Ming.le™ and Infor Smart Office ability to allow multiple system integrations.

Outcome: Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

  • Gained efficiencies with ability to monitor condition environment with Landmark manager, mobile financials and inventory
  • Achieved a smooth upgrade project in three months, on-time and under budget with hands-on, readily available resources
  • Leveraging server virtualization to decrease infrastructure load
  • Has improved interface capabilities with advanced process automation

Business challenge

As the sole supplier of electricity in New Jersey, Jersey Electricity PLC serves roughly 50,000 domestic and commercial customers with a core objective of providing affordable, secure and sustainable energy. Their objective was to upgrade from Infor MP2 to Infor EAM to introduce reliable hours and time-based maintenance functionality and reduce the risks associated with verbal communications.

Outcome: Jersey Electricity PLC

  • Used an out-of-the box solution approach with standard functionality and no changes or customizations
  • Leveraged the relevant industry process and configurations to quickly achieve go-live
  • Implemented plant maintenance, asset data base and fault reporting business processes
  • Cleansed, updated and migrated key data in the asset database so they now can clearly identify all assets

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Since the system-wide Infor M3 implementation, Kemin has consolidated five systems into one. The company has 10 manufacturing locations and another 12 locations around the globe using Infor products.

Technology Evaluation Center “ERP for Process Manufacturing Buyer’s Guide” May 2013,


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