Education Alliance Program

Succeeding in business is tougher than ever before. The Infor Education Alliance Program (EAP) helps talented students and professionals get an edge on the competition.

Participants get access to specialized software packages, training materials, and customized, hands-on learning experiences using groundbreaking technology that is already transforming work for more than 70,000 organizations worldwide. By developing proficiency using these industry-specific business tools, students and professionals at every level can gain critical skills that will set them apart in the job market.

Education Alliance Program Brochure

For Institutions

Tap into the power of the same technology that's helping businesses around the globe accelerate their work processes and make smarter decisions, faster. How? By using real business tools as part of a hands-on learning experience that will accelerate positive outcomes among faculty, research staff, and students.

For Professional Associations

Professional associations work to strike a balance between expanding the practice of an occupation or industry, and supporting their members who are working to advance in their industry and increase their standing in the workplace. Participation in the Infor Education Alliance Program can help associations attract new members and retain current members.

How It Works

  • Solution Endowments - Provide a competitive edge in the marketplace with access to proven industry-specific software and innovative social collaboration tools, courseware, and learning projects that build and enhance skills.
  • Product Accreditation & Certification - Build product, functional, and professional skills proficiency through Infor Campus.
  • Skills Marketplace - Leverage Infor accreditation to facilitate connections with global, market-leading brands, customers, and partners to support the discovery of potential employment and partnership opportunities.
  • Centers of Excellence - Collaborate on research-driven thought leadership initiatives in alignment with current and emerging business trends, as well as projects that develop analytical and technical skills using the Infor technical stack,
  • Infor Scholars - Intern with teams such as Infor's sales, marketing, consulting, development, support divisions, and its internal R&D lab.
  • Joint marketing and public relations (PR) - Develop joint program offerings and campaigns that further respective goals, and receive support for annual events and other activities of shared interest.

Partners in Education

The Partners in Education (PIE) initiative connects members with leading educational institutions, regulating organizations, and professional councils in order to address gaps in access to skilled talent and help develop partners' and customers' Infor practices. The EAP supports Infor's 70k+ partner and customer organizations in building a local pipeline of top-trained talent to help drive business growth and meet success goals.

As an EAP Partner in Education, you have the opportunity to build and influence talent development at educational organizations, and in the process, create the skilled talent pool you need specific to the industries and solutions you care about. Take advantage of a built-in pipeline of experienced, ready-to-hire Infor industry- and solution-trained talent looking for employment or project work.

  • Collaborate with education organizations and Infor to identify and create learning opportunities for students
  • Engage directly with students in the classroom as mentors, guest lecturers and more
  • Build a worldwide pipeline of skilled talent that's trained on Infor solutions and technologies
  • Connect this skilled talent with your company's departments or even customers that need interns and new hires
  • Grow and build your own Infor practice and gain access to cost-effective, trained employees
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