Infor EAM for Chemicals and Life Sciences

Infor EAM for Chemicals and Life Sciences

Safeguard FDA validation through OEE and regulatory compliance

Every pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturer understands the criticality of FDA validation to their continuing operations. Facilitating overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and ensuring safe, streamlined operations is an important part of the validation process. Finding a cost-effective way to simultaneously meet the challenges of product innovation and quality while adhering to strict government regulations is made more complex by the need for easy, user-friendly technology systems.

Infor EAM for Chemicals and Life Sciences is a powerful but user-friendly asset management software that helps companies conquer these challenges and meet 21 CFR 11 requirements with electronic signatures, complete audit trails, electronic records, tamper detection, employee certification, and calibration. With Infor EAM, life sciences companies can deploy mobile technology on the plant floor for faster, more efficient completion of maintenance tasks. Automation of the tracking of asset warranties and processing of warranty claims increases warranty savings.


“Using Infor EAM Enterprise, we’re reaping the benefits of real-time accurate data that we can analyze, make changes, and develop a lean maintenance system. EAM is so flexible, and even in the heavily regulated pharmaceuticals industry, we can apply innovative approaches while maintaining database integrity in a validated environment.”

Anthony Cantwell Maintenance Manager, Takeda Ireland
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Infor EAM for Life Sciences brochure

Infor EAM for Life Sciences

Learn how to improve regulatory compliance and operational efficiency with Infor EAM for Life Sciences

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