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Achieve agile, strategic HR

Growing companies like yours need HCM solutions that work, and work well. Your HCM system needs to be useful, flexible, and powerful. As you grow, your business demands a wider range of capabilities—without adding unnecessary maintenance, deployment time, and cost.

You need talent management and HR systems that are strong enough to meet your workforce needs today, but innovative and flexible enough to adapt as your business evolves and grows. With global competition and market pressure escalating, it’s more important than ever to have modern human capital solutions that are up to the challenge. Infor Human Capital Management software empowers organizational leaders with the critical tools and information they need to optimize the workforce and HR.


Infor gives you the flexibility to choose the combination of individual solutions in our HCM suite that best match your business and talent strategy. Or, if your strategy requires a complete HCM platform, Infor CloudSuite™ HCM offers one solution from a single vendor.

HR’s role has drastically changed to include more support for larger business strategy and expanded responsibilities across the organization. To meet new expectations, modern HR requires new capabilities and connected tools. Infor CloudSuite HCM is built to support the modernization of HR with distinct differentiating value.

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  • Optimize the workforce and HR
  • Leverage broad HCM capabilities
  • Apply science-driven tools for better decisions
  • Deploy flexible technology
  • Simplify the user experience
  • Get the service and support you expect

Transform your human resource management organization into a source of permanent strategic advantage with Infor Global HR, the only fully unified solution that encompasses every aspect of the human resource management process. With complete connections to a wide range of other transactional and operational software systems, Infor Global HR frees your HR staff from routine transactional chores to focus on more strategic activities.

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  • Create benefits plans that support your business strategies
  • Pay your workforce
  • Track and manage employee information
  • Make your workforce more self-sufficient
  • Support other people-based events 

Infor Talent Management can help you keep your critical talent engaged and motivated while helping to support your company’s strategic goals. With Infor Talent Management, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In other words, though they can be implemented in a variety of ways, the separate applications work best when they work together to form a robust and efficient talent management system.

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  • Help identify top candidates and enable more strategic hires
  • Perfect compensation levels and benefit plans.
  • Design training plans based on business goals.
  • Create development opportunities for top performers
  • Help reduce attrition and flight risk

Organizations of every size and in every industry around the globe are often under pressure to cut costs and at the same time, boost efficiency, productivity, and their bottom line. Cutting specific line items can save money, but quick fix, short-term reactions can't guarantee enduring business success. The key to sustainable, long term growth isn't about cutting back; it's about investing smarter—especially in your people.

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  • Behavioral content you can leverage throughout the employee life cycle
  • Customized Performance Profiles for each of your roles
  • One online, objective assessment optimized for desktop and mobile
  • 39 behavioral dimensions weighted to support your custom metrics
  • Over 80 integrations compatible with your third party solutions
  • Currently deployed in 24 countries and available in 14 languages

Controlling labor costs is a key concern for organizations of every size, and in every sector. But focusing merely on cost reduction can result in diminished productivity and service levels, or even put your company at risk for failing to meet compliance requirements.

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  • Streamline and automate planning
  • Manage costs and compliance
  • Extend the reach of workforce solutions with mobility
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Optimize transactional user experience
  • Elevate visibility into workforce performance

Infor Learning Management is the most robust end-to-end solution on the market for creating, delivering, and reporting on learning throughout your internal and extended organization. It accelerates the rate at which you can help employees achieve their full potential by improving productivity, enhancing compliance, and contributing directly to the success of your enterprise.

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  • Advanced certification and compliance
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Social collaboration and community learning features
  • Learning content management and creation
  • Supports classroom, virtual, online, and mobile access
  • Available in 35+ languages

Every organization wants to get the right information to employees faster and maintain effective processes that are in alignment with corporate goals. Yet administrative details hinder real progress, disengaging new hires and making it more difficult for HR to expediently provide service and focus on what matters most. As a result, productivity goals fall short.

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  • Secure, self-service environment for routine transactions
  • Searchable, browsable information accessed through a personalized portal
  • Convenient 24x7 anytime, anywhere access
  • Intelligent tracking of employee inquiries
  • Reduces onboarding administrative costs and risks
  • Communicates total compensation to attract and retain talent~

Customer stories

See how our HCM applications help organizations like yours optimize your workforce and HR. For more stories from Infor HCM customers, visit our customer success center.

Sutherland Global Services

Sutherland Global Services

Global call center provider uses Infor HCM to increase agent conversions and drive sales.

Penn State Milton
Having processes in place that streamline transactional processing is important. This frees our team up to be able to go out and really manage our human capital.

Lisa Abbott Chief Human Resources Officer, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Community Bank System
We run an extremely lean HR department and have gained tremendous efficiencies with Infor solutions. Infor solutions allow us to successfully manage our business.

Lorie Semmel Director of HR Operations, Community Bank System, Inc.

State of South Dakota
Infor Talent Acquisition allows us to effectively attract talent through increased involvement of managers in the recruitment process. Infor Talent Management ensures they are aligned to the strategy and adequately rewarded which leads to increased retention rates.

Colin Keeler Director of Financial Systems, State of South Dakota

CKE Restaurants
We began hiring at the crew level for front-line and back-line crew members, then
built profiles for the general manager and district manager positions. We now have
better-qualified employees interacting with our customers.

Jim Sennott Vice President of Field Human Resources, CKE Restaurants

Volume-based planning is our major issue, and we wouldn't have been able to implement it without Infor Workforce Management.

Mari Hirvonen Development Manager, Posti

Infor Learning Management allowed us to directly contribute tens of millions of dollars in revenue to the company. The greatest impact is the training department's ability to help every employee to do their job better with greater satisfaction.

Matt DeFeo Sr. Vice President of Sales, Training, and Recruiting, Techtronic Industries Company Ltd.

HR Service Delivery has been a win for everyone: Employees help themselves to get information more quickly, HR performs less administrative work and more value-add tasks, and the business is more efficient and effective, saving time and money.

Dwain Stevens Senior Manager HR Shared Services, Nissan NA

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

Healthcare organization chooses Infor to consolidate applications for faster reporting and to reduce bottom line expenses.

Industry specialization

Every industry has unique HCM needs that, when addressed with the most effective solutions, can be alleviated and help establish workforce quality as a competitive advantage. The industry profiles below highlight how leaders in your industry are harnessing the power of HCM software solutions to integrate processes into a single tool, increase savings, reduce labor hours, and elevate the productivity of the workforce.


Driving quality care

Healthcare organizations like yours face unique human capital challenges, such as rising labor costs, a shortage of skilled labor, changing regulations, and turnover of highly trained personnel. We partner with hospitals, healthcare systems, and extended care providers to deliver adaptable human capital solutions that support your need to provide quality patient care.

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Strategic HCM helps healthcare leaders:

  • Find quality talent to drive quality care
  • Reduce errors and increase accuracy
  • Increase number of patients cared for
  • Adjust to marketplace and regulation changes
  • Decrease turnover and loss of critical knowledge

Public Sector

Providing elevated community services

The public sector is facing new and challenging issues. Budget cuts, hiring freezes, and a decrease in available skills all add pressure while new public expectations of services and financial accountability expand. We help local and state governments, education stakeholders, and others in the public sector reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and plan ahead.

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HCM for the public sector supports:

  • The ability to tailor solutions across units
  • More visibility into labor issues and costs
  • Compliance with labor laws and regulations
  • Greater workforce efficiency through technology


Creating brand experiences

Guest experience is a primary driver of traveler choice for hospitality providers. And great service comes from great people that allow hospitality companies to cut costs and maximize revenue potential. We help hotels, resorts, casinos, and other related enterprises produce results that drive revenue through informed workforce decisions, reduced turnover, improved performance, and reduced operating costs.

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HCM for hospitality helps:

  • Control payroll and manage various roles
  • Attract and retain service-driven talent
  • Increase net room revenue and profit per room
  • Identify and correct unproductive activity
  • Maintain compliance with employment laws

Financial Services

Managing reform and change

Financial institutions in banking and securities, investment management, insurance, and other related areas are working to control costs and evaluate restructuring across the organization. Regulatory reform, rising competition, and growing stakeholder expectations in the financial services marketplace have prompted institutions to reconsider how they approach business, operations, and talent.

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financial services ›

Optimizing the workforce in financial services aids:

  • Compliance in response to changing reform
  • Insight for better strategic decisions
  • Cost reduction with acquisition and retention
  • Service and loyalty from skilled talent
  • Lower expense ratios through efficiency


Improving business margins with talent

Being flexible and responsive to customer needs is a daily challenge within the manufacturing industry. What if you could build better relationships with your extended supply chain? And what if you could reduce costs and increase capacity while delivering higher-quality products with a stronger workforce? You can save time, labor, and money while growing your company with new solutions designed specifically for manufacturing's HCM needs.

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HCM support for manufacturing includes:

  • Developing talent to support business goals
  • Controlling labor costs, payroll, and scheduling
  • Forecasting business and talent needs
  • Compliance with safety issues and other regulations
  • Utilizing global, connected systems


Optimizing talent for service

The services industry is dependent on consistent service, and today's customer is more informed and expects faster delivery of complex requests at a lower cost. Understanding talent capabilities and matching labor to demand with the right people at the right time is essential to success. Infor HCM solutions understand and support your need for a complete view of the workforce.

With HCM services companies can:

  • Optimize talent and time to productivity
  • Align the workforce with business demand
  • Decrease cost of goods and services
  • Generate greater recurring revenue
  • Empower employees to perform better


Transforming the work and the workforce

To provide the best customer experience, both brick-and-mortar stores and the ever-growing online outlets need the tools to maximize staff productivity. Infor's HCM solutions can help you optimize your in-store and online staffing, streamline your hiring process, increase sales per associate, reduce turnover, deliver career-spanning development programs, and improve employee satisfaction and engagement by aligning team members’ personal attributes with the role best suited to them.

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With HCM services companies can:

  • Maximize sales and business value from store teams
  • Automate key workforce management processes across regions and districts
  • Comply with complex regulations and rules around the workforce
  • Schedule the right coverage around seasonal needs
  • Deliver development and succession planning strategies
  • Process enterprise-wide payroll

Explore topics in HR

Talent optimization requires alignment between talent and business strategies, and connection with people and roles.

Companies must focus on a clear picture of their talent capabilities to understand gaps between the desired skill set needed to achieve goals and actual abilities.

The key is to leverage your entire workforce, release talent potential, plan for future organizational performance needs, and understand how talent behavior can drive performance.

All companies strive for growth, and doing so requires top performance from the workforce. When employees are fully engaged with the organizational vision, they are more committed to seeing their company succeed.

You can also expect engaged employees to drive better business results, reflect a higher retention rate, and contribute more energy and productivity than disengaged peers.

Creating an environment that fosters authentic employee connection can be a challenge and it's crucial to get it right since the attributes of an engaged workforce produce elevated service and profits. You can encourage top performance by aligning talent and business strategy, communicating effectively, and empowering employees.

The desire to maximize HR's role in mission-critical areas is propelling efforts to increase workforce effectiveness. By extracting employees' full potential and improving performance, you can help shape financial growth. In doing so, HR becomes a valued contributor that generates competitive advantage and demonstrates labor ROI.

HR has successfully used technology to help reduce costs and improve operations, but efforts to quantify contributions have fallen short. If HR aligns strategy with business goals and continues to place the right people and systems in place, then the ability to influence and measure better business performance will only grow.

The demographic shift in the workforce is creating HR challenges in addressing succession planning, productivity gaps, attracting and retaining the best talent, employee training and development, and balancing both technological resistance and expectations from a multi-generational workforce.

One of the key issues surrounding the exit of nearly 70 million workers is the transfer of knowledge to a new generational workforce. Companies are already working on efficient ways to capture, store, and share information to maintain and grow competitive advantage.

Meeting these challenges and mitigating associated risks during transition requires long-term, comprehensive plans and tools that align with organizational strategy.

Along with swift market changes, cloud-based technology is significantly influencing HR. Cloud computing, like software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems, have the ability to offer lower upfront costs, quicker deployment, and more comfortable implementations and maintenance.

Better adoption to change is also an important benefit. The flexibility of the cloud allows organizations to meet fluctuating requirements while avoiding traditional investment costs like new infrastructure, training, and additional software licensing. This powerful environment creates opportunities to expand your agility and better align HR with organizational strategy.

HR can utilize the cloud to increase its overall contribution by redefining service delivery and impacting talent, operational, and revenue strategies. Understanding and embracing cloud-based solutions and the capacity to support changing organizational priorities, a global workforce, and social and mobile access is positioning companies for success.


Predicting future employee success

Read key findings on how to predict and improve employee performance through talent, learning, and development HCM science.

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