Product Lifecycle Management solutions

Product Lifecycle Management solutions

Turn products into profits

Integrated PLM solutions for enterprise-wide insights

Faster time to market is essential to stay competitive. But without insights and collaboration across the global supply chain—and the power to instantly respond to unforeseen fluctuations—“concept-to-consumer” may seem impossible. Infor product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions leverage data from across a manufacturer’s enterprise to drive better decision making in everything from development and design to management and production.

Through the combined power of next-generation PLM technology, modern machine learning, and the Infor GT Nexus Commerce Network, Infor’s industry-specific software solutions go beyond accelerating time to market, integrating with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to provide real-time, actionable data and help optimize every step of the product lifecycle—so you can create higher quality products, launch new products in less time at a lower cost, and maximize profits.

End-to-end product lifecycle capabilities

If your product data resides in silos, you have to focus on gathering, re-entering, and validating data instead of developing your next new product. Infor’s industry-specific product data management (PDM) solution ensures accurate product data and knowledge transfer in a collaborative, distributed environment with secure access through powerful search engines. You're able to not only capture more relevant data but also context, status, relationships, and information. As a result, you'll gain a single source of the truth about your product data, expedite approvals, and accelerate new product introductions. Infor's PDM solution for manufacturing and retail enterprises is tightly integrated with CAD/CAM, ERP, SCM, and demand planning systems, and includes functionality to manage source data, version control, and status—and turn data into knowledge that you can leverage seamlessly and securely across all aspects of your enterprise, supply chain, and partners to speed development of the right products.

  • Capture more knowledge
  • Reduce the time to knowledge from days or weeks to minutes
  • Eliminate redundant databases and data silos
  • Reduce the risk of knowledge flight
  • Ensure data consistency and accuracy
  • Improve quality and ensure compliance

Driven by growing customer and consumer expectations, increasing regulatory complexity, and shortened product lifecycles, collaborative product development is essential to developing successful new products while meeting aggressive cost goals. Infor's PLM collaboration solution integrates all aspects of partner collaboration in a seamless, secure, service-oriented architecture—Infor Open SOA. It also includes productivity and workflow tools to model the outcome of new product development before the first concept is ever approved, enabling faster innovation and reduced costs. From simple integration of computer-aided design (CAD), specifications, supplier certification, or test result request or responses with vendors to full-scale integration with ERP and supply chain management (SCM) systems, you'll eliminate redundancies and ensure accurate information. As a result, you'll improve time to market, ensure compliance, and boost product success rates.

  • Reduce time and cost of redundant data entry
  • Improve accuracy and validity of information
  • Mitigate redundant items and drive volume to approved vendors
  • Drive innovation and productivity
  • Speed time to market and improve product success rates

For bid-based or sample-based business, the first response that meets specifications will usually win. At the other end of the spectrum, late launches or products that don't meet expectations are major causes of product failure. With failure rates as high as 40%, companies lose research and development (R&D) capacity, waste sales and marketing dollars, and miss out on customer orders and shelf space. Infor's project and portfolio management scales from basic projects to make-to-order products to a staged or full-market launch, improving project status, risk, and cost transparency to reduce time to market and increase product success rates. Integration with R&D applications puts business intelligence in the hands of decision makers to provide analysis of requirements validation, project status, hurdle rates, and resource re-allocation trade-offs and risks—so they’ll know at a glance whether to kill a project early to minimize loss or reprioritize resources. Eliminating the inefficiency of going to multiple systems for project information, data is captured and projects are updated as they progress, providing critical information without extra cost or time.

  • Reduce time to market by 15-70%
  • Increase R&D productivity 30-60%
  • Improve on-time launch rates to 98% or greater
  • Increase first-time success rates to 85% or greater
  • Improve project and product margins

In an increasingly global marketplace, even smaller companies must contend with WEEE, REACH, ROHS, CFR, TOSCA, OSHA, IFRA, and food and cosmetics labeling regulations. To avoid fines and the risk non-compliance can have on image and revenue, compliance must be designed into all processes and aspects of a product. Infor PLM solutions use PDM to capture compliance attributes and allow companies to act with proof of absence, versus the traditional opportunistic proof of absence. With this visibility, projects can start with compliant materials and processes, immediately minimizing risk. Automation of regulatory documents can eliminate manual reporting processes that add time and risk; integration of compliance stakeholders throughout the process provides another level of assurance. Companies can subscribe to regulatory content and further streamline the resources required to achieve compliance. Infor's integrated PLM solutions are proven to help manufacturing and retail enterprises of all sizes maximize product and project profitability and ensure compliance to industry or geographic-specific regulations and special initiatives such as sustainability..

  • Reduce time to market by eliminating late in the cycle rework
  • Reduce the total cost of compliance
  • Protect brand integrity and company image

Infor PLM applications

Infor’s product lifecycle management solutions turn products into profits in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, personal care and cosmetics, specialty chemicals, discrete manufacturing, high tech and electronics, and fashion. Explore the products below to find the right PLM application for your business.

Infor PLM Accelerate

With Infor PLM Accelerate, discrete manufacturers get a full-featured, highly scalable and secure product lifecycle management solution that can handle high levels of complexity, and quickly adapt to change. PLM Accelerate goes beyond the capabilities of standalone PLM products to unite your entire product lifecycle for a single view of the truth, turning disparate data sets into actionable information—from design and manufacturing to purchasing, quality control, the supply chain, and beyond.

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Infor Fashion PLM

With Infor Fashion PLM, you get the industry's only tool that integrates planning into every aspect of product lifecycle management— from line planning, design and development to sourcing, production, inventory management, customers and distribution. Fashion PLM delivers a single set of accurate, real-time data that helps increase visibility and provides the foundation for closer collaboration and unified teamwork.

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Infor Optiva

Infor Optiva offers process manufacturers a comprehensive toolset to protect brand integrity, dramatically reduce regulatory risk, and bring high-quality, least-cost formulation-based products to market quickly. Optiva also ensures global compliance, helping design and produce labels for package or specification sheets that match formulas and meet government regulations no matter where the respective products are sold.

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