Infor PLM—product, portfolio and bid management

Build the optimal product and portfolio mix and actively manage projects for improved success

Late product launches or products that don't meet expectations are a major cause of product failures. With failure rates as high as 40%, many companies are losing research and development (R&D) capacity, wasting sales and marketing dollars, and missing out on customer orders and shelf space. The potential impact to their image and brand equity can be devastating.

Infor's integrated project and portfolio management with R&D applications, giving you real-time visibility so you can focus the best resources on the best opportunities and improve project success rates. From requirements validation, project status, hurdle rates, and resource allocation to costs and risks, you'll know at a glance if you need to kill a project early to minimize loss or reprioritize your resources based on trade-offs and risks. Plus, you'll eliminate the inefficiency of going to multiple systems for project information.

For bid based or sample based business, the first response that meets specifications will usually win. With Infor PLM you can model these to order processes eliminate non value added queues or steps that extend time. Integrated applications can cost, simulate performance and compliance. This can eliminate late in the cycle rework, ensure improved margins and higher conversion rates to orders.

Integrated PLM solutions from Infor have helped companies like yours: 

  • Reduce time to market by 15 to 70%
  • Increase R&D productivity 30 to 60%
  • Improve on-time launch rates to 98% or greater
  • Increase first-time success rates to 85% or greater
  • Improve project and product margins 

Infor's integrated PLM solutions are proven to help manufacturing and retail enterprises of all sizes maximize product and project profitability and ensure compliance to industry or geographic-specific regulations and special initiatives such as sustainability. Capabilities include:

Project management scales from basic projects to make-to-order products to a staged or full-market launch, improving project status, risk, and cost transparency to reduce time to market and increase product success rates.

Analytics put business intelligence in the hands of decision makers and improves trade-off decisions from portfolio and collection planning to full lifecycle analysis.

Integrated R&D applications eliminate the cost, risk, and time associated with redundant data from disparate systems. Data is captured and projects are updated as they progress, providing critical information without extra cost or time.

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