Infor Rhythm for Civics

Infor Rhythm for Civics

Civic engagement platform

One platform. Multiple services.

Offer citizens and companies in your community a complete view of relevant and related information-regardless of your agency structure. Our integrated platform retrieves citizen data from multiple departments and delivers it in a single beautiful interface. 


Businesses and property owners now have a single centralized place to view project and plan review tasks. From reviewing planning condition details to uploading digital plans and documentation, customers can track reviews and receive automated notifications when feedback is posted. The self-serve detail views save customers time and reduce frustration in a process that would normally require one or more trips to city hall.


  • Upload digital plans 
  • Planning condition status
  • Record association
  • Condition details


Make it easy for citizens to submit permit applications quickly and accurately while tracking progress. They don't even need to know the agency structure to feel like professional permit expeditors. Step-by-step discovery wizards, status dashboards, and accessible notification systems help citizens remain in compliance with less frustration and confusion about the process.


  • Discovery Wizard
  • Fee estimation
  • Permit Lookup


Facilitating straightforward inspections with real-time status updates is now possible through inspection detail views. Contractors may view inspection results as they are posted along with photos and comments. Automated notifications will help reduce call volumes as citizens gain more visibility into the process and overall progress.


  • Request inspection
  • Reschedule inspection
  • Record inspection results
  • View code violations
  • Comments

Code Enforcement

Ensure the health, safety, and resilience of all residents by boosting compliance of local codes and regulations. Customers can now track reviews and conditions in real-time, receive notifications for violations, and gain a better awareness of what actions to take. This will result in speedier approvals, as well as greater confidence and trust in your agency’s policies and process.


  • Review results
  • Violation status updates
  • Condition status updates
  • Detailed logs

Professional and trade licensing

Professionals in your community can access a single dashboard to view and manage all of their licenses regardless of what department issued them. Customers can check activity status, apply for renewals, look up licenses, and pay fees in fewer steps all through an intuitive interface.


  • Renewals and reinstatements
  • Status monitoring
  • License database lookups

Service Requests / 311

Deliver quick and easy access to non-emergency services and information about government programs with service requests. Citizens can benefit from improved customer service and visibility, helping to encourage greater community feedback and building of overall trust.


  • Anonymous complaint submission
  • Service request status notifications
  • GIS-based research tooling

Geographic information systems (GIS)

Applying for and looking up permitted projects, cases, and requests in and around your community is now easier to find through map-based visualizations. Citizens can access and interact with your spatial data layers on any record for greater transparency into neighborhood developments. 


  • Map based license, permit, utility account, and service request lookup
  • Spatial and geo data layer application
  • Faceted searching
  • Interactive map and data visualization

Create beautiful citizen experiences

Partner with our team of creatives to build elegant, citizen-centric experiences that best represent your agency’s mission to serve the community.

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Integrated Products

Used by more than 100 municipalities nationwide, Infor Public Sector Community Development Regulation (CDR) enables government agencies to operate efficiently and transparently while reducing costs and increasing citizen satisfaction. 

Infor's best-in-class rules engine enables guided experiences, taking into account customer-specific business logic and constraints. Automatically generate bills of materials (BOM), routings, computer-aided design (CAD) models, and more. 

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Enrich the user experience for customers, citizens, patients, and partners. Infor Rhythm provides tailored content and industry-specific configurations, offering an unparalleled personalized business platform that incorporates beautiful design with out-of-the-box back office integrations.

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Who benefits

All members of your community benefit from citizen portals deployed on the Rhythm for Civics platform. Learn how improved user experiences can impact:

For Agencies

Be perceived as a business friendly community–
Deliver simple online access anywhere anytime to your services.

Build trust with digital citizens–
Meet expectations through beautiful, easy-to-use citizen-centric web experiences.

Lower cost of ownership–
One product with simple pricing that works with your existing investments.

For Citizens

Designed for first-time users–
Easy-to-use interfaces mean non-technical citizens can apply online with confidence from any device.

Applications done right, guaranteed–
Guided wizards walk citizens through step-by-step so they are confident their submission is right.

Personal data fully secured–
Citizens can feel fully safeguarded that their information is never at risk.
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For Businesses

Fastest possible approvals–
Filling applications electronically guarantee paperwork makes its way to the right department every time.

Applications on the go–
Businesses can access government services from any device anywhere.

Real-time status updates–
More visibility over application status is available with real time notifications via SMS, email, and in browser channels.

“The hard thing is that we don’t know what the big thing is going to be in 10 years, so the solution is to use tools that are adaptable.”

David Raths “The Big Redesign: What’s Next for Government Websites?”, Government Technology, September 2016
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A technology stack that offers flexibility

Infor Rhythm for Civics enables you to lower the total cost of ownership and implement a more flexible solution that can better adapt to future advancements in web technology.

Open-source compatible

The platform supports an open-source infrastructure alternative including:

  • Backbone
  • Marionette
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL

Your success is our mission

Infor builds complete industry suites and deploys software that puts the user experience first, leverages data science, and integrates easily with your existing systems. Find out why more than 90,000 organizations worldwide rely on Infor to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.