Service Management

Service Management

Speed, quality, and value

Next-level service operations

When it comes to providing responsive services and controlling costs, efficiency is key. Infor Service Management empowers your organization to provide a wider breadth of services, delivered faster and at higher quality. Whether in the office or out in the field, your service technicians can solve challenges faster with access to accurate and timely information about warranties, contracts, and equipment lifecycles. Deliver better services on time, mobilize your field service technicians, adjust schedules as new orders arrive, and fine-tune information systems on the fly with Infor Service Management.

Increase efficiency with industry-leading capabilities

From your top executives down to your contact center agents, everyone throughout your organization can benefit from time saved, increased efficiencies, and greater productivity with Infor Service Management.

Unified system
A single, unified system

Eliminate the need to enter data multiple times into disparate systems. Working with common data means that everyone is working from the same, real-time data. Service technicians can complete more service orders, employees can spend more time building relationships with customers, and managers can analyze data to look for strategic growth opportunities.

Best practices
Best practices

Easily implement service management best practices with workflows, escalation alerts, role-based workbenches, KPI gauges, automatic reporting, and customizable data views. Everyone from back office managers to field service technicians can make more informed decisions with access to accurate insights into contracts, warranties, customer order tracking, and aftermarket service agreements.

Service lifecycle management
Service lifecycle management

With full visibility into the entire end-to-end quotation process as well as your equipment lifecycle, warranties, service contracts, and more, you’ll be able to identify and convert more opportunities. Your customers will be able to look to their field service technicians as trusted advisors on performance and industry issues, and you’ll be better positioned to build long-term relationships that go beyond just price.


No matter your current size, the flexible solution along with our mobile capabilities can grow along with your service management business. Add new companies to your organization, turn field service technicians into experts, open new locations, and even expand into different countries with different currencies—while still providing the services and solutions your customers expect.

Mobile and remote access
Mobile and remote access

Have information you need, when you need it. Optional modules give field technicians online and offline access to customer and equipment details; service technicians gain flexibility with on-demand estimates, up-sell opportunities, and more; and employees, contractors, franchisees, dealers, and customers can all access online, remote self-service.

Service management designed for your industry

From mobile access and social technologies to industry-driven analytics, Infor Service Management delivers a suite of products and innovative tools that are especially suited for your industry.

General manufacturing

Easily analyze data down to the detail level, thanks to integrated real-time data, total visibility, and accurate tracking. Flexible reporting aids in decision making and planning, while also providing engineering with valuable information needed to adapt product or part designs.

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  • Understand your costs, so you can provide customers with accurate project quotes.
  • Streamline processes to ensure as-promised delivery and services to customers.
  • Track customer orders through production cycles to provide accurate updates on status.
  • Manage and schedule the use and availability of equipment for field service technicians.


Schedule preventive maintenance for income-generating assets to prevent unexpected downtimes, extend the lifecycle of equipment, and maximize warranty cost savings.

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  • Gain a complete 360° view of service level agreement management, complete equipment history, warranty recording, project management, and financials.
  • Connect field service technicians with accurate, real-time information using social and mobile applications.
  • Monitor warranties and track crucial warranty details, so you don’t pay for repairs unnecessarily.
  • Bring disparate information together in one place in an intuitive, user-friendly way.

Field service

Gain visibility into accurate and timely information—whether your field service technicians are online or off. Your field service personnel will consistently deliver on your promise of first-call resolution, so jobs get done better and faster, and you can generate and close more business.

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  • Quickly process assigned activities with instant access to job details and contact info.
  • Accurately track materials and costs with full visibility into your spare parts inventory.
  • Easily access relevant manuals, service reports, and service contracts
  • Combine individual details about time worked, costs, and parts into a single report.


Track and manage service level agreements with maximum efficiency. Visibility into contract details, unit, and service history improves decision making and creates opportunities to upsell or extend service agreements.

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  • Expedite sales process by quickly finding the right product, linking non-stocks and special orders.
  • Manage warranty and service on parts efficiently to build your bottom line.
  • Always know whether you hold enough inventory to supply your customers as the seasons change.

Hospitality and facilities

Track and manage work orders for faster completion of service requests, more accurate billing, and greater customer satisfaction.

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  • Track equipment according to compliance guidelines to satisfy regulations and mandates.
  • Connect technicians and staff with mobile apps and social collaboration tools to enable immediate communication of key data.
  • Improve service levels by better planning and managing work and more effectively scheduling preventive maintenance.

Contract service organizations

Efficiently track the specifics of every customer's ongoing requirements so that you always deliver top-quality service profitably. Ensure that you're currently satisfying service level agreements and can continue to do so in the future.

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  • Deliver on your commitments as promised by efficiently monitoring key terms in the contract.
  • Draw comparison to similar contracts in order to support informed decision making.
  • Quickly assess proposals and maximize values throughout the contract lifecycle, without having to review each document individually.
  • Track values, monitor dates and commitments, and set up alerts and notifications for more efficient contract management.

Explore our service management solutions

Backed by years of industry knowledge and experience, Infor Service Management gives you the tools you need to be a world-class service organization. You’ll be able to do much more than just focus on completing service requests; you’ll be able to take a strategic approach to parts availability, workforce readiness, scheduling optimization, sales opportunities, and more.

Infor CloudSuite Field Service

Provide fast, responsive service by empowering your field technicians to improve customer service and loyalty with Infor CloudSuite Field Service. Enable your field service personnel to consistently deliver on your promise of first-call resolution with visibility into accurate and timely information, so you can generate and close more business.

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Infor LN Service Management

In a world of digital transformation, Infor LN Service Management helps global enterprise-size companies improve, accelerate, and streamline complex processes. You can manage a global field service organization with complete visibility into the components of every installed product. Offer and maintain service plans, schedule preventative maintenance, identify upgrades/upsell opportunities, and manage MRO facilities and warranty claims.

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Infor M3 Service Management

Get seamless, end-to-end equipment service management with Infor M3. For manufacturers, distributors, and dealers who want to streamline after-market service, maintenance, and equipment rental operations, you get real-time visibility into the availability, utilization, and reliability of your assets, so you can manage their entire lifecycle.

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Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Field Service Plus

This service-specific module for Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) provides an integrated manufacturing-specific solution for managing after-market service. Collect more accurate field service data. Give technician access to accurate information about your parts inventory, unit history, and repair instructions. And, solve problems faster.

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